Thursday, September 13, 2012

Having one of those days...

You know the kind of day I am talking about. You try to do something simple and it turns into a major event. I wanted to set up a separate email for Mr H... do you think it was an easy task? took over an hour and a phone call to Cox. In the end I think I have it now. Part of the problem is websites keep making changes for the "better" and we all know what that means. I sent a test email and it arrived so maybe it is correct now. Of course he, Mr H, does not know that he has one, but occasionally it is needed... for example, our pharmacy, Walgreen's needs an individual email when you set up an account with them.
As a result with this morning's kerfuffle, my needle has not been in hand. I am working today, so that limits that. I will have a picture tomorrow of how My Lady is progressing.... can not show the exchange piece, but it is also coming along. It is a beautiful morning.. always nice when I can open the slider and hear the goldfinches talking. Of course this morning they are asking why the feeder is empty so I best get a move on and fill the one in the back as well as the one in the front.Welcome to a new friend . Sorry there is no blog/email so that I can return the visit... thank you for the wonderful comments and email...hugs to all of you. Have a great day.


butterfly said...

Hope your day gets better.
I love to hear those birds singing we have a wonderful world .

Nancy said...

Wishing you a better rest of the day! Love to have the windows open to hear the birds!

Vickie said...

We have a feeder for the goldfinches as well. Our parakeet talks to the goldfinches. I think they think he's very strange.

cucki said...

oh deary..i hope your day get better soon..
i love my time in my garden with birds and my maloo..
lots of love for you xx

Woman Seeking Center said...

Gracie I hope your evening is proving to be better :-) And I agree, I've learned to despise 'new/improved' as it generally leads to more headache/bother lol...

Still I try (sometimes not easily) to think of such frustrations akin to being physically under the weather briefly - were it not for such annoying moments (tech or cold etc) it'd be difficult to remember how GOOD days are when all goes well :-)

(remind me of that the next time I'm tearing my hear out or feeling under the weather my friend)!

Hugs x many

Fiore said...

Opening the slider and listenig to birds talking?
What a nice moment!
Better spending it with needles and threads in your hands. Anyway ... all's well that ends well.
Hugs, dearie.

rosey175 said...

How nice to hear the birds talking (even if they're complaining about the feeder, haha). We had the lovely sounds of meadowlarks this spring; I miss them!

Glad the email kerfluffle is sorted out. I just use gmail for everything anymore, even though I have about 6 different emails, hah.