Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Postman Always Rings Twice----

~~~~~"A married woman and a drifter fall in love then plot to murder her husband......."
No No No...first of all I do not like my mailman and secondly  I would never plot to murder Mr H. I would have to find a few good men to replace him or one very good man then break them/him in all over again. I am not as young as I once was --- oh never the mind.   But, I did have 2, count them 2 days of wonderful finds in my mailbox. The first was a RAK from Jodi...
All set for Valentines Day with sweets and heart trimmed ribbon and fabric too.... and 2 very nice patterns. Thank you Jodi...

The next day --- another RAK, this time from Carolyn. Thank you my friend---- I always meant to buy both of these, but they just seemed to remain on my wish list. Now I have them! This new blog group is the best. Have you visited and seen the lovely RAKs traveling about? We are a sharing people.
We had another busy day at work and I think today maybe also. People are in the Valley for the PR Chang Rock N Roll Marathon which is this Sunday. I really admire those who participate. The temps for the race are going to be excellent... starting with mid 40's then by 1 PM when many will finish it is going to be in the 60's. I will keep track between stitches from one of my corners. A big play-off game on Sunday...The NE Patriots vs The team the Pats and Susan (Plays With Needles) The Ravens.... anyone else out there for one of these 2 fine teams?
I have been stitching a bit on my Winter Humbug, but until the weekend, there is only slow stitching. I am hoping to finish the stitch part this weekend so I can move on with a few other things. I am trying to stay on one project at a time like I used to do.... let's see if I have restraint. If I were a bettor, I would have to bet against myself! Anyway, I wish you all a wonderful day and happy you stopped by.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Having a heat wave....

Well, not exactly. The temps are going back to normal...should be around 70 today and that will feel like a heat wave for sure. The one thing you can count on, not matter what the temperture is or the winds, is the Gold Finches....
Their bright yellow sparkles in the sun... before you know it everyone joins in and then the bickering starts and the flutter for position. I love the sweet sounds they make when they talk. Others join in and sometimes I actually go out to clear them away so they can all start again with less fighting.
I did manage to stitch these last few days in between getting Mr H to the doctor and the stitches out. Yes! Things are back to normal. He even is driving my  our car. His hand looks good and more than I was when I had the surgery, he is able to use it except for lifting. Oh... the stitching...

Fred showed up and caused me much displeasure!

There could have been all 3 motifs stitched! He really put a stop to my stitching energy for a bit! Not to worry, he is back on his magnet and this time he is going to stay. I will only tolerate one visit during a project... so I say. I love Just Nan designs. The Humbugs are so nice to do. This is my second one I am stitching. A time back I did her Summer one. Maybe I should get the others...
After the holiday, I did some moving things about the house. Well, with the addition of my rocker, I decided to make a little corner for myself in our bedroom....

The floor length window has wonderful light and the low glass table allows some space to hold my tea and of course a few other items. Digger fits perfectly on the arm of the chair and the thick cushions are comfy. The tray at the bottom of the table has a few antique doilies.... they are at least 40+ years old and see the sweet dog? It was a gift when I first moved away form RI from my nephew and his mom for my birthday. The blue box holds a card "...since we can't be there with you he can be here all the time". It is so soft and a daily reminder of 2 people I love dearly. The small red head doll is from a gift shop in Cave Creek AZ..imported from Mexico. I call her Mexicana Rose. Yes, my sunflower pincushion and hard to see is a white fat cat and a lovely candy dish . I love to surround myself with nice memories...
I am back to work today..... armed with my sanitizer and tissues. Thank you for the kind words and for taking time to visit. Stay warm wherever you may be and have a great day.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Still cold and I am keeping warm and busy!

We are still in a freeze here in The Valley of the Sun. I do mean cold too. Right now many of the outdoor plants that are in pots are either living inside the lanai or in my kitchen. I feel bad for Mr H... he really does take such care of his garden and the weather has taken many of his lovely plants. The little pond is doing okay and the fish seem to be okay. When we lived in Rhode Island he kept a heater in the pond all winter. This is the first time I suggested that they too could come to live in the kitchen for awhile... then I thought, what am I saying! Lucky for me he said no and that they would be fine out there. Whew! As I said, we are staying nice and warm inside. Today we venture out to go and have his stitches removed. He said he can't wait! He? I can't wait! Then we will get back to normal and I won't be re-wrapping the hand everyday. I spent some time organizing my stash... again. I find that I have some magazines and patterns that I have either gently used or will not be using. I guess it is time to cull them out and give them new homes. There are just some you know you are not going to stitch again.  I am thinking of making a list and having a sidebar post for them and then anyone can select and I will send.
But for now....
This is what I started late yesterday. It is another lovely Just Nan Humbug... Winter. I am stitching on a piece of Cashel Blue Dynasty 28 ct. I must remember to get more of this. I love the coloring on it. The Snowflake pin is so pretty and I am using the listed threads. The beads.... they are so sparkly.
I never made it to the Post Office yesterday.... so today my RAK will be off. Just too lazy with this cold weather. How spoiled we have become! I have some sewing finishing to do... just not decided on which direction I am going with them. Geez, I am never this undecided. I know, it is this weather that is confusing me.
I am sending good thoughts, hugs and get well wishes to all of you who are not feeling so well. So far so good here in the Horton House! I don't know how I am staying healthy with all those who visit Jo Ann's coughing and visibly not well! Kids coughing all over the counters! We spend lots of time sanitizing our hands, hence mine are so dry! We can not use hand lotion while we work.... might get on the fabrics! So I thank you for covering your mouth and sneezing into your elbow and wiping your nose with tissues then sanitizing your hands.  it is nice to have a cup of tea with you and chat...hope you have a wonderful day.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Is it me, blogger or the cold

Well, I tuned in this morning and found a picture from my last post was removed!? Now I know that I did not do it.. so who snuck in here and took it???? And someone commented yesterday that it was not there but since I could still see it I did not pay further attention. Now I put it back... so there blogger.
Cold... did I say cold? Well for those of us here in the Valley of the Sun where temps for the winter months are usually in the 50 to 60 daytime range and maybe mid 30 during the late night wee hours.... try -19 at the Grand Canyon this morning and here in Sun City which is just about breaking light... it is only 27.  I am afraid Mr H is going to lose some of his lovely plants. We looked at the Ficus damage yesterday... hopefully most  of the tree will be saved. The Honeysuckle looks dire and my tomato plant is not looking too promising. I wish he had put the tomato in a pot as he usually does... oh well, we just have to wait it out. The overnight freezing is expected to last a few more nights. For us, this is the coldest we have felt in the 8 years here. Now back in Rhode Island you expect this!
Finally and I say that with a huge sigh, my first RAK for our blog group is sealed and ready for the Post Office tomorrow. I hope my new friend will like it. I have been thinking about my stitching the last few days. That in itself is dangerous. Usually I go with the flow of the day! My problem is that I want to do too many so many things. I constantly want to try new things. What am I to do? I think... there is that word again... I will try to work out a plan to stitch certain projects on certain days...rotation, like some of you do. So, if anyone who does so has any suggestions at all.... I really need all the help I can get.... please suggest! This morning I find myself sitting in front of Iris... about time! So, I positively need a hot hot hot cup of tea... and with needle in hand will favor Iris... at least for the morning.  I alwasy enjoy our visits and thank you  for taking the time to chat.... have  a wonderful day.
PS It is football playoff time... Go Pats! That is New England Patriots and Tom Brady if you did not know. Susan,(Plays with Needles) congratulations on the Ravens win yesterday.