Friday, December 23, 2016

A dreary day

Yesterday and today have been very dreary, not like our usual warm and sunny Arizona days. I guess for me it is also due the fact that I am not feeling very cheery. This past week my mom EvaP has been in hospital and will now be going to a rehab center. Not what she would want, but her health calls for this decision that The Brother Alan and sis Lynowl have had to make. If I were there I would be making the same decision. Life is such. Yesterday I spent the morning with needlework friends; some knitting, some crocheting others doing something with a needle in hand. We meet every Thursday morning. My neighbor and friend Sue suggested a few months back that I join the group and so happy that I did. Not only have I met some lovely ladies, but Sue and I are becoming very good friends and that is a good thing. I came home just as the postman was bringing mail and what arrived...
this cheered me up! Remember the Manger Herbs? Well I took a chance and contacted the name on the back of my very old tag and she emailed me that she long ago closed her shop. Then Betsy Williams emailed me to say she found a packet! This was so meant to be...I needed this cheering up and she was going to send it and so it arrived. I then visited her web site and what did I find...she is the person who wrote a book that has been on my to get list for so long. This is so meant to be. Betsey enclosed a note that says, "Thank you for the gift of joy you gave me. I am so happy you have kept the Christmas Herbs in your life all these years!"...the joy I gave her?, no the joy she gave to me. So, here I sit concerned about my mom, it is a cloudy dreary day but I have the love of my friend Sue and the kindness of a new friend Betsy to cheer me. I value friendship and so I will..... Thank you for your friendship and kind words. Have a cheerful day.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Winter Solstice

Today is the first day of winter....but as I am in Arizona, I only see/feel little change in the weather and temperatures. Not to get technical with the tilt of the Earth and the rotation and stuff, we will leave it that the shortest amount of daylight and the longest darkness of night occurs today.
The only snowflakes falling at my house are these  crocheted flakes that will never melt! Snow will fall in the High Country to the North and a few places around but now here in The Valley of the Sun...although it may drizzle a little today. This is a good thing as I do not own any, not any winter clothing. No indeed. I left all that back in Rhode Island where there is cold and will eventually be lots of snow. I prefer to live barefoot and warm. The air conditioner is finally off in the house but I did use it in the car the other day. I had to remind myself that Christmas is this Sunday! Maybe it is an age thing (and we do not want to talk about my soon to be birthday) that time slips away more quickly. That I have notes for myself and Mr H all over the place and still can forget what it is I need to remember.
So the only snow that I want is this flake, not referring to Mr Snowman! I will admire the pictures that are posted and oh and ahh, I will giggle at the fun others are having. The memories I hold of wonderful times as a child playing and building snowmen will always warm my heart. Remembering the day Aunti Angie took sis Lynowl and me out for a walk not knowing we were starting to have a blizzard, the times we went sledding and school cancellation meant a play day.
This picture was taken of me and sis in February 1952 ( I am on the right). So fashionable then with coat and leggings and our fur hats and muffs. I was 5 years old and sis was 3. The Brother Alan was not even a thought at this time! But I would not want to leave him out so....
I took this picture the winter of 1960 when he was about 3 years old...again, wearing leggings, matching coat and hat. Look at the snow behind him...I treasure my old photos. This reminiscing is holding up my morning. Must get the laundry in and some coffee and maybe a bagel and of course organize my stitching day. I enjoy sharing my memories with you. Thank you for the kind words and your friendship....have a wonderful day.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Christmas gift

I love making and giving gifts. For me, I do not get to see the person receiving and opening most of the time because I send them via mail. I have a niece in Rhode Island who's daughter loves Alice in Wonderland as much as I do. So when I posted that I bought the beautiful pattern to stitch, the nieces ( both mom and daughter) commented. That is how I learned that Olivia loves Alice.  I knew that I would never be able to make the full pattern before Christmas and I never stitch a big piece more than once anyway, so I had to think about this. Yesterday Livi received
my version for her, mounted on board and with a special stop watch attached. I have had the paperback book forever and it sits with a few of my other collectible books. Livi's mom Julie tells me that she was very happy to unwrap this.
Instead of stitching Alice's hair ribbon I added a real ribbon. It gives a bit of shimmer to her don't you think. This was a delight to stitch and I am so looking forward to stating the full project for myself.

I found just the right picture to put inside the pocket watch.  The same hair ribbon is used to attach it to the picture. I love the braided trim that is framing the piece.
The Quaker motif is just perfect for her skirt. Yes, this was a delight to stitch and the young lady who now has it is a delight also. She is always so respectful towards me and Mr H. On December 12th she celebrated her 19th birthday

isn't she pretty?! Livi is such a respectful young lady to me and always has a response to my comments. You see, she is in Rhode Island and I am here in Arizona so we keep in touch via Facebook. It was my heartfelt pleasure to make this for Olivia.
Speaking of birthdays, Mr H (Dennis) sends his thank you to all of your for the good wishes. Thank you all for the kind words and your friendship. Glad you took the time to visit with me. Have a great day.