Friday, March 30, 2012

An off Friday....

No, there is nothing wrong. It is just that I have today off and that is not usual. Mr H and I have no plans ... yet.
In our garden... Mr H's pride of plants, we have a rose called Mr Lincoln
It has a light lovely fragrance.  Although it does not produce many at one time, when it does give a flower....well...
just look at the size of it! I do like to pick and have them in the house but sometimes just looking out the kitchen window and seeing this is so much nicer. It is  a medium to long stem .
When I showed you my new fabrics, I forgot to show a closeup of this one...
Not a clue as to its use. I could not pass it up... it was in Jo Ann's Red Tag section and then I got one piece at remnant cost... I just had to have it. I am sure it will find itself in one of my projects.

I have been stitching..... a finished leaf.... working on another leaf.... I do see the subtle shading and I think I like it more as I stitch. I started  a new small Christmas themed piece for a private exchange in December. I am hoping to make a few other smalls to send off as just because gifts.

I will be trying a new project. It is something I saw on Pinterest. I bought the supplies yesterday and will get a pot of water to boil when I leave here. Curious?
Welcome to a my new followers .....I do enjoy meeting new friends. I really appreciate the kind comments and emails....thank you for taking the time when you visit.
Zoe tries to stay very close at all times to her best friend... Mr H. In this instance, his sandal.
Have a wonderful day.....

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New fabric.... quilties and a new blogger

A busy day yesterday. Before leaving work I just had to buy fabric...
I have plans for these lovelies, but you will have to wait to see.
I hope you can see the bit of gold in the red the muted colors in the gold piece.

Yesterdays mail brought me these...
I participated in Sandra Kaye's Quiltie exchange in January. Normally, Sandie and I meet up for breakfast but it seemed like things got in the way. She mailed them to me instead and we are making plans for a meet soon. The one that is a house is from Sandy Rowe..she did not include info so I can not properly thank her. The one with the cross is from Lori and the last one from Vicki who are both in Florida. I will be sending email to thank them for lovely quilties.

About the new is Annette who stitches in California. I hope you find the time to welcome her She is a very talented friend.
It is a beautiful morning here in Arizona so I will take my coffee and newspaper out to the lanai and then do some stitching. Mr H has been assigned a help me project and I will be trying a bracelet I saw on Pinterest. All in all it seems like it will be a busy day. Thank you for visiting and for the lovely comments and emails.....have a wonderful day.

Monday, March 26, 2012

A day late but a winner~

I know, I said the winner would be drawn on was... but time got in my way. It was a gorgeous day so Mr H and I took a ride to The Turf Soaring School to check out the glider rides. You see, my kid brother Alan is coming out in 23 days who's counting and he and Mr H are going for a glider ride.
This is one of the soar at 3000 or 4000 or even 5000 feet after being towed by a small plane.....
You can even choose to do Aerobatic soaring! A young guy was in this plane being brought up to about 4000 feet for just that. It was amazing to watch the turns and loops. While we were there, a private pilot flew over doing the most scary but fascinating stunt flying. I would have lost my stomach with the first dive!
I managed to get the first flower motif finished on my BBD..
I think I am beginning to like the color. I found a piece of fabric to back it with although that may change once it is completed. I am working on another cigar box...only this time the box will remain the star. Just looking for the right fabric to line it with.

What? Oh, you want to know where the Tending the Blooms pattern is going next? Well....
 I tossed the names into my little picnic basket and when I reached in....out came......
So there you are.....thanks for tossing your name into the sure to follow it now to
It's Daffycat for the next time it is ready to travel.
I am off this morning to our monthly group...Sun Stitchers..... whatever your plans for the day are...I do hope you have a great day. So happy that you took time to stop by. I am a bit behind on responding to your comments...sorry....I will get back in the groove ....seems time is in the way lately.