Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thankful for your friendship

I am overwhelmed by the loving words and emails I have received for our loss of Zoe. You have made my heart full. Mr H is having a hard time right now. They were all day companions and he is lost without her underfoot.  It was strange to come home from work and not have her waiting by the cookie jar for her treat. But we will adjust as we all do when there are drastic changes in our life.
I think I have mentioned Mr H's girlfriend next door 90 something Louise? Well, once again she rewarded him with fresh baked brownies. Why you ask... what did he do... I, yes me... put lights out front on our hedges... the small plot of garden that we share between our condos. She is just too sweet! All he did was to run the extensions... it was me who had scratches and cacti stuck in my hand, me who scraped my leg... but it is he who gets the brownies.
I mentioned the mail delivery from the other day...and the Post Office. Well, I finally made it to the Post Office and here was what the postman dropped off...
Back in November when we celebrated Veteran's Day, I mentioned that I don't see the Red Poppies out here in Arizona as I did back East. Well, Jo of  Serendipitous Stitching send me this Poppy. It is handmade by disabled ex-service members. Here is their website. I shall now have a Remembrance Poppy to wear next November. Have you visited her blog to follow the Advent Calender Blog Hop.... you really should. It is such a great way to meet new friends.
Also in the mail was this adorable critter...
Another Annalee to add to my special tree. It is from my Sidekick Lu back in Rhode Island. It is a 6" Peppermint Santa Mouse! I will have to try to get a picture of all my little Annalee critters. Lu and I sat side by side for 5 years at my last job in RI. We will forever be sidekicks. She and hubby Stan are dear friends.
I am back to the Post Office this morning...really do wish they would open especially for me as I am up and ready... to mail out a couple more packages and my cards.  I know, it is not "all about me"!
I am looking forward to this weekend... some stitching is a must. I have not had a needle in hand for a few days now. And a book is ready for me to pick up at the library and one is on my e-Reader, so some reading will be nice. Maybe I will get to the Glendale Glitters also. Whatever your plans are, I do hope they are fun. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the loving words and emails.....

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A very sad evening

I am posting now because I am not sure just how I will be in the morning. Today was a bad day here at the Horton house.  Our sweet Ms Zoe became very sick this morning and as I had posted, off to the Vet we rushed.  She was left as we came back home to think about what could be wrong. Well, the xrays showed liver damage and spleen as well as bladder. She was a very sick girl. We did take her home only to realize we could not let her suffer a minute more. So back we went this time coming home without her.
She was  loving pooch. Chunky Monkey is what I called her. Someone called her a Motorcycle mama, or as sis Lynowl called her a Pot bellied pig...but loved her very much and called her auntie's baby so often. My mom usually called her Zoely. But Mr H, who was her captive, called her Baby Girl. She was his baby girl from day one. She was always mindful of where he was and would look for him if he left the room. This last year when he was so sick and in and out of the hospital she was a basket case. We knew the day would eventually come. She was a bit over weight... okay a lot overweight. Shrimp, mussels, carrots and many other foods were her favorites. The house is pretty empty tonight. Mr H is very sad and lonely for his baby girl. Me? Well, who will be with me at 2 AM when I have my coffee? Who will wait by the cookie jar while my coffee is brewing? No, do not suggest we get another pooch... too difficult for us. This is our second fur baby we have lost. Rainbow Bridge now has my Sherlock and his Baby Girl... that is enough. Thank you for all the wonderful loving thoughts for us today. Good night my friends.

It has been a very long day and it's only 11 AM

I never made it to the Post Office yesterday and it does not seem as though I will today. It has been a long day. My day startd at 1 AM with Ms Zoe being sick and it continued until I had to wake Mr H and we rushed her to the Vet. Nothing harder than to see a sweet face looking at you and there is little you can do.  I signed DNR papers for her... we both agreed that would be best if it comes to that. I had plans to show you my mail from yesterday... but insteasd I will just say thank you to blogger friend Jo and my RI friends Lu & STan for now. My head is pounding and my stomach is upset. For now, I think I will try to relax as we wait for test results....
Ms Zoe waiting for the Vet

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Today is another Post Office day

We have been a little busy around here. All 3 trees are up and the inside decorations are finished. All that is left to do is the outside lights and that will be today. I think my Christmas shopping is done. I have just now finished addressing my cards and sealing a couple of packages and later I will post them. Too bad the Post Office is not open this early (4:47 AM) as I am ready! Oh right, the world does not revolve around my schedule. I have not stitched one thing... not once did I cross an X... but I have enjoyed the little break. I must get back to Iris.... poor Iris has been so neglected, but so many other things have had to be taken care of. I love the exchanges that I have participated in and making Christmas Spiders and sending them and Reindeer food everywhere. Just remember.. if your little one got some of my Reindeer sure to sweep up most of it Christmas morning so they know that the deer did eat some! I positively need another cup of coffee and something to eat... the second laundry is done... peach pie makings this is a short post.... just to let you know that I welcome some new friends and visitors.... and that I do appreciate all your kind words and emails. Have a wonderful day.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

I am Day 2

Yes, I am... Jo's Advent Calendar Blog Hop of 2012. Visit her here to see all of us.
I stitched this little guy in 199 and the pattern and who designed it are long lost. Sorry I can not provide any info...except to tell you I just love this little piece. Jo chose the theme; Stockings, Sack or Something else. Mr H and I still hang our stockings...

okay, the fireplace is electric... but it is pretty. Santa never fills mine. Well, that is not really true, there is a card in it--- sometimes when it is not too big to fit. Then I find it in the tree. Anything for me is usually wrapped and tucked under the tree. Mr H does get his filled. I heard something about my stocking not being regular. You see, I crazy quilted mine years ago. It was the year that I made both our boys their stockings with applique on burlap. The oldest one, Denny has his but I still have the younger one Eric's. I see that it would need a little repair.
I need to make a correction from yesterdays post. The soldier address that I post is the wrong one. After I read a couple of my comments, I looked againg at the note on my desk.. If I had looked at the correct side of the paper, I would have read this...
       Holiday Mail for Heroes   P O Box 5456  Capitol Heights, MD  20791-5456
This I got from the post office. I should stop writing notes and reverse of other notes! The mail must be sent before December 7th to be delivered. The salutation can only be Dear Service Member and only cards are accepted. Well, friends, time for a cup of coffee and to finish decorating the living room tree. I put it up last night but was too tired to complete it. The room is a disaster with everything strewn about! Welcome to some new friends.... and thank you for the kind words and emails. Tomorrow I will show you what the postman brought . Have a wonderful Sunday.