Friday, February 23, 2018

A few treasures found

I can't believe I am posting early today. The thing is, I am still adjusting to the nighttime med so I am trying to be awake and let it wear-off gently..... not that I have any place to go or anything to do today. However, I plan to work on the doll clothes now that she had her head on straight!
Yesterday Glenda and Don had a garage sale
I just had to have this nice white table to put in this spot. I am deciding on whether to fully cover it with a topper or just a doily of sorts. Still thinking on it. I also found
this lovely baby of three. I got all 3 of them and will change them out often. It needs a pressing and I will do that today when I press the fabric for the dolls clothes. Love finding treasures. I think I will walk over today to see if they put anything new out...
Love to see the hummer enjoying the flowers
Nice to be able to watch him from the kitchen window at the Red Lips Salvia. His wings beating ever so fast! They are so entertaining. Right Now the only entertainment I want is a cup of coffee and some toast. So I guess it is time to sign off. Glad you stopped by. Thank you for your kind words and for your friendship.
*did you know that The Brother Alan will be here on March 6th?*

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Finally awake, well getting there

A sunny chilly day but really refreshing out there. Spoiled by so many very warm winter days we now complain when the temp is normal.  There is a breeze but at last my garden is being tossed about.
Surprised at such a late post? Well late for me but I can "esplain lucy". The doctor told me to take the med at night at a couple of different times so I could judge how I feel in the morning. The pill will make you groggy she said. Now if my sis Lynowl is reading this she is rolling her eyes...anything that makes the average person a little groggy certainly will make me Groggy with the capital G! Last evening I forgot the pill so it was 8:45 when I took it. So what I thought. It will just let me sleep longer. No. I was awake at 3 AM hungry so a bowl of Shredded Wheat and a cup of coffee...I know coffee at night. Well by 4 I was back to sleep but awake around 7. Here is almost 11:30 AM and I can say I feel as if I can function. I would not make any important decisions yet, or drive the car but it is safe to say I am awake.  Glenda and Don are having a garage sale so I took a walk there to get the brisk air so it would help me wake and I think it did help a little. I bought a nice small table and once it is in place I will take picture. In the meantime, if the afternoon is better I may make the Pizzelles that I am craving.
Isn't this Angel pretty. Yesterday Dianna came by and we took a short ride to get her some yarn. We admired these little Angels.  is made in the Raku method. When we returned here she changed my living room sheers for me. I am not sure of her exact words to me when she found that I was going to use the step ladder but she insisted on doing it. My sister friend. Dianna left and I went to get bread and milk and a shopping later I came home with very painful legs so I decided to rest with them up. As I was looking up at the window thinking how lucky I am for Dianna and I noticed something on My Denny and me book. It was this sweet Angel. You see, Dianna remembered that yesterday was one of those number days and she cares. She sent me an IM wishing me a belated happy birthday and a message "let me know when you find it". Good timing as I had just found the Angel. She is a very caring gal.
I  did begin another tatted snowflake late yesterday but not sure if today is a good day to work on it. This is my tale and this is all here is for today! Time to have something to eat and no more coffee. So glad to have you stop by to chat. Thank you for your kind words and for your friendship.
*****How many days left?....11 *****
Disclaimer.....I think I proof read this but if there any points of confusion...sorry, tomorrow will be better.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Lucky me

Since it is still dark outside I can not exactly tell you what is going on, but it is nippy. Yesterday to go to the doctor I actually needed a light zip front sweatshirt! Goodness. The temp is around 35 right now and might be to 60 today. I mean I guess we have to have winter temps sometime.
Yesterday the mail brought me a package.
Catherine from I Love to Stitch sent me
this beautiful beaded bauble. The bauble measures around 1 inch and the beaded fringe is 3 inches. I love it. Thank you for choosing me to receive this gift. Check our her blog (s) yes she has another blog.
The visit with the doctor was good. I am healing well if not slowly. I keep telling them that I am delicate and they now believe me! The bruising should begin to fade but the nerves in the leg are another thing. I have a med to take at night to help with the leg discomfort and help me get sleep. I have slight upset stomach and it may be the med as last evening was the first time taking it. There are always those possible reactions  to deal with. I will see how the day goes.They recommend that I use Asper-Cream with Lidocaine for the leg pain. I can resume normal activity as tolerated. First things first: Change Living Room curtains; continue to organize craft supplies in garage; clean the pond and the garden..... of course not all at once in case you are worried that I might do so. Just because I have the okay does not mean that I can. My legs really bother me when climbing or stretching and driving. But since the maid has not shown up I guess me and the Bissell will walk and take Swiffer along. I can count this as walking exercise! Funny how certain body motions can hurt.
I finally decided on the fabric for Dolly but it needs to be ironed before using so that may get done today. Guess that about covers it today. Thank you for stopping b and for your kind words and most of all your friendship.
******How many more days....12*****

On another note: thank you for all who kept my friend Bobby in their thoughts. His surgery went well and he has gotten a good follow-up report. Yeah Bobby!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Some accomplishments this weekend

Yesterday was like a weather day from a movie. The morning was cloudy and extremely windy
This is just a peak into the Lanai. Leaves and dust from the winds and then it drizzled and then the sun and then it started all over again...a weird pattern of  craziness. the rain never amounted to much but the winds were like a hurricane. Of course with the winds came more the Lanai and the garden really need a good cleaning....but not today.
Considering the leg issues I did accomplish a few things this weekend.
I finished the Heart edged Ice Drop...not my best tatting but it passes. It is a lesson that when I have pain I should not tat.
Finally Dolly has her head and limbs!
She is resting while I decide on the fabric for her clothes. I also will be altering the pattern directions as I think it will be a waste of fabric to follow them. I at one time sewed most of my clothes so I know I can handle this. I am not changing the pattern just the cutting and sewing.
I think I have mentioned the keyboard issues and then the other evening the tablet after 2 years of use decided That I could not sign in for email. So Honey came by and after some messing around got it to work and then we had to change the password but the issue is no longer.
The new keyboard is really the same except a newer model of what I had and liked from 3 years ago. A very productive afternoon yesterday.
Remember the key issue? Well that is totally taken care of. While waiting for the keys to be cut I found.....
this magnetic Goldfinch for my screen on the sliding door from the kitchen to the Lanai. I bought a butterfly for the one coming from my bedroom. Now I have never walked into the screen door but you never know who might. A pretty reminder that it is there. If I should ever get locked out I have a way to rescue myself or I can call Glenda and Don to come to my they do for so many things.
This afternoon I will have the Ultra sound on my legs and speak with the surgeon. How lucky I am to have you for a friend...and  that you have sent me encouragement and good wishes and concern for me.
"A friend is one of the nicest things you can have and one of the nicest things that you can be"...according to Pooh and me! So off now to do some chores. Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words and of course you wonderful friendship.
*******13 days until you know who arrives!*******