Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Mid week doings

I have always liked Wednesdays..... the middle of the week. No particular reason except many years ago when I first started to work it was my day off and made the work week easier. Now being retired I still like Wednesdays. Just was in the garden
The alien Snail Vine continues to grow and bloom. The center is now almost 3 feet deep from the top of the arbor. It is beautiful.  The tomato plant is about ready to leave the garden. The new bush is blooming nicely
The petals of the blooms have a red hue to them. Inside are the seeds. I have added a little fencing around it for the time being to coral the spread and encourage it to grow upward stronger. Listen to me, I sound like I know what I am doing! Actually I am trying to give room to the plants around it.
I checked the "clock nest"
Not sure what these Doves are doing and it is obvious to me that they do not know what they are doing. I will remove it by the end of the week if there is no activity.
Today is re-arrange a few chairs...what is out front to the back and what is in the back to the front and then to wash the lanai floor ..... still have the corner computer desk unit to get out of the lanai.  I figured that I can safely move it out using the dolly that I have.  It is one of those flat bed type. Trash pick-up is Friday so if it is out there when people tend to check out what is being tossed, it may have a new home. Honey (AKA Keith) stopped by to adjust my computer settings. Every time there is an update things change.  I watch and learn and one of these days I will not have to bother him for help.
The Brother Alan is once again living with another winter storm along the East Coast. I have a package to mail to sis Lynowl but once again I will wait due to the storm and mail delivery issues that comes along with it. Keeping busy is essential for me today. Thank you dear friend Debbie for the special message this morning. Debbie and I email everyday---- long distance friendship.
Time to do the chores. The Fairy Maids are still missing and by the notes, many of your fairies are missing too! Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words and most of all your friendship.

You may be out of sight but not out of my mind.
I hold you tightly in my heart.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Starting the day

Some days are just a slow start. Today is feeling like one of those. I woke at 6 AM and still feel tired. Finally had a cup of coffee and would like another. This is shaping up to be "one of those days". I can just feel it. My hand is less swollen and the redness all about gone but it is still sore so I will continue the medicated gel and try to rest it. This is always hard for me. I want to do this or that..... should do this and that but I know if I do not rest the hand it will only take longer for it to feel better.
I mentioned to The Brother Alan that I wanted to change the furniture on the lanai. So we did order a grouping from Lowes.
The settee and table along with a pair of chairs. When it was delivered all but one of the back cushions were messed up. They were pack so tightly that they were misshaped. After a few calls a delivery to my home from Lowes with 3 new cushions.  Great customer service. The lanai is due for a change and this is the start. I would like to remove a few other things form the lanai but definitely need help. I would like to move the shelves but Buddy the Hummer (Dennis named him that ) likes to sit on the branch in one of the vases.....need to think about this.  I have a corner unit that needs to go and chairs from the front that need to come to the back and chairs form the back that need to go to the front....I am exhausted thinking about it! For now this will do.
Also while The Brother Alan was here we changed out the Cox cable boxes....something else for me to adjust to. Really, I have talked out loud to the TV before but now it does what I ask!  The phone so far has been easier than I thought. Not having a house phone is easier than I thought. I only looked for it twice. Now I need to remember to give me new phone number to various people and change it at the medical offices. So far these past few months I have moved forward with Skyping, talking to the TV remote, now texting...what next??? I feel that I have been adjusting fairly well. I know that I still have a way to go. I am doing the best that I can and as I feel I can.
I have sent a message to Honey (AKA Keith) my computer is a bit off, the mouse and a few other things. He is such an angel. He is a gentle soul who always has a smile.
Well friends, I think I should at least get a couple of things done around here. The House Fairy did not show up today. Thank you for your kind words and for your friendship. Have a great day.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday morning

 Here it is Sunday, the sun is bright and there is a definite cool breeze out there. Today will be an errand to Lowes, and also to Walmart for paper supplies and not much else. Grocery shopping will have to be another day. My hand is swollen again and very painful so I will of course wear my brace and use topical medication. Are you asking why the hand .....well I knew I could do something yesterday so I did it and now I pay the consequences. I still have that I can do this and I am independent thing going on....sadly I then pay for it one way or another. Believe me, I am not trying to prove to anyone but myself. I finally do not think about what others may think. Living alone is still new and hard to adjust to. I broke a promise that I made to my friends....
the Buoy Bell arrived last night and when I opened it this morning I just had to hang it.....up high of course so that meant the ----step ladder!. I was slow and very careful. Now that it is up it needs to be adjusted !...not today though. While on the ladder I found that there is a Dove egg on the clock! I shall watch it and let you know if we have a nesting pair.
You all know that The Brother Alan and Lisa left yesterday morning after being here two weeks. The house is once again just me. Before leaving The Brother Alan filled the car with gas and even went through a car wash. An email confirmed that it was cold back in Rhode Island. I do believe this will be a long week for them! It was a good visit and we kept busy but also made time to relax and we did laugh ... we did laugh.  Lisa and I made a memory box for their room.
It was my pleasure to make this for her. She choose the items and I assembled.  I love using shadow boxes.
Right now I need the brace on my hand, medication on it and a cup of fresh brewed coffee. Thank you for visiting with me and for your kind words and for you valued friendship. Over the next week I will share some pictures and stories of The Brother Alan's visit. We did have a good time.

Friday, March 16, 2018

A Wondeful Time

Hello, it has been a wonderful time, sorry for neglecting the blog. With the extended time here in Arizona we have enjoyed every moment. Happy to have missed the storm, glad for the sunshine. We have once again traveled the Tonto National Forest on horseback, visited the Botanical garden (with  a bonus trip to the Butterfly Exhibit), shopped at Scottsdale, enjoyed some fine dining as well as great company. We hosted a small gathering for our new friends here in Sun City. We went out for Ribs at a Saloon in West Gate and there was a car show there. We laughed. Grace and I cleaned the pond in the backyard and extended our automatic watering system for the beautiful backyard, while Lisa supervised. Grace and Lisa worked on a shadow box for our room.

Always amazes me how the Cacti bloom the most vibrant flowers.

Did I mentioned we laughed? The extra days were relaxed, dividing our time home and exploring always finding a nice place for lunch. We were invited to friends houses and enjoyed everyone's company. Many pictures and did I mentioned we laughed? This visit was more spending time at a second home rather than running around, and I liked it. Perhaps that is why I have neglected the Blog. It has been a while since I have taken two weeks away from work, but  have a great Assistant Director and besides a few phone calls to check in I have not had to work from here. Our daily travels were spur of the moment deciding in the morning which way to go and where to stop. We were visited multiple times a day by "Buddy" our resident Humming Bird.
My mount was "Colonel and Lisa's was "Woody"
 A Shelby Cobra, the real deal not a replica, a car I have seen at the Barret Jackson Auction which sells for over 1 Million Dollars,
View from Dinner
 The yard at night casting a spell on the wall
Botanical Garden 
The Pond with resident Ducks