Monday, October 23, 2017

Slow start to the day

Just a lazy morning. If I did not have a doctor appointment I would still be in pjs and no attempt to leave the house. But, the appointment is for 9:30 am and it is not an office that I have been to before so I will need to leave a bit earlier to find it. The morning is quite cool at 64 but they say it will rise to 99 by afternoon...when will we get to normal temps?
I began the art project that I mentioned
This is my creative space...a card table set up in near the computer for easy access. I finally decided that my theme would be the garden and this will be a tribute to Dennis. I am thinking of how my collage will be and gathering a few elements to add.
So far I have written on my blank canvas as the artist/teacher suggests. It most likely will all get covered with possibly a few words peeking out. Once I wrote the words I did feel that it is an inspiration to help create this piece. The words in my mind are now written and I will se where they lead me.
I have not had my morning coffee or breakfast yet. I was told to make sure that I am very hydrated so it has been water all night and so far this morning. The time is moving along and it is time I stop dilly dallying and get myself ready to go. Thank you for email of concern because I had not posted...I am okay. Each time the 21st rolls by it causes me to reflect on Denny and how much I miss his voice and touch. But I am doing okay as I have great friends that keep me focused....Debbie, Lu, Glenda and Vickie and others. Thank you. I am able to move on because of you and your visits in person and on line.  Thank you for the kind words. Thank you for your friendship.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Time to relax

I took advantage of the early morning comfortable temps and sweep the yard and planted a couple of new plants
 This is Sedge Evergold Grass which is planted by the pond. It will grow to about 12 inches and needs only once a week watering. I like that. I also planted a Geranium which we always have in the yard but until it blooms I have no picture.

this is my herb garden just outside the kitchen window. Italian parsley, English Thyme, Onion Chives and Sweet Basil. Everything is looking pretty good but it is time to come in and relax. The sun is getting quite warm. There is a breeze that will pick up every so often and the chimes sing out. Love the sound of the different chimes. I really need a few more; never have enough.
I have been trying to start my art project...takes a bit of thinking on my part. It has been so long since I have done any real art work.  I have watched the videos and feel inspired but yet to start my own.
The doctor visit went well. The tests showed no blockage but now on to a Vascular Surgeon as she has requested. She is a delightful doctor and even though I have to travel a bit to go to her, (I have been seeing her for 13 years) I just can not think of least not yet. When the drive
is too much of a chore then I will find someone closer. The staff is easy to work with and so caring.
Time for a cup of tea and a review of the art video. Alice is out and hoping that we visit today. It has been so nice that you stopped by. Thank you for your kind words and most of all your friendship. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

It was a beautiful evening

Just look at last evenings sunset! I am compelled to start my post today with it. It took my breath away. Today is starting out fantastic....sliders open, front door open and just enjoying before the heat pops up. Yes, we are still experiencing higher than normal temps.  The landscaper finally arrived yesterday (not at 8:30 but around 10ish) and the new irrigation system is in and working, Robert did fix 2 of the sprinkler leaks but today.... well, I do know what should be fixed so I am not concerned as they are minimal.
As a result of Robert coming late I did not attend writing group #2 but it is an informal type of "class" so I am not fretting it. Today I will work on my art class. We have a worksheet of questions meant to help us find our way and an exercise using ink and watercolor paper. Should be interesting. I think I will set up my card table so that it will be available to play on as I wish. 
Alas, poor Alice remained in the corner yesterday. I really must visit with her today. I think I will take her out to the front porch and see if I can not finish the motif at least. Just feeling lazy these past days. I have given myself permission to feel lazy and not put myself on any routine. All is well with my soul....
Once Robert left there was some clean up and then off to the market for sushi which I just had to have for lunch. Tomorrow is return to the doctor and talk about the test results. I positive and for the most part I am.  In light of recent issues it remains difficult.
At the moment, the waterfall sounds lovely falling over the pond, the birds are chatting and the laundry is ready. So my fiends as nice as it has been visiting I must take care of business so I can sit outside with Alice. Thank you for your kind words and for yu friendship.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A beautiful day

I love when I can open the sliders and the door to let in a soft breeze. The air is quite comfortable right now but by noon, well that will be a different story.
This morning's sunrise. We are still in the high 90s.
Robert the landscaper could not make it yesterday so today is the day. New irrigation system and why are there sprinkler leaks? He will be here early so hopefully my whole day will not be tied up. Laundry in the works and open plans for the afternoon. Two more Denny's Angels complete but need to be starched.  Remind me not to wash the car...what a disaster. There are water spots and dust marks and forget the windows. I must get to the car wash this week and one that will do interiors too. I will be getting rid of all that car wash stuff next so it will not call out to me.
The next motif on Alice started. Maybe more on it today.
My on line art class officially began yesterday. Now, I have never taken an on line class before so I can not compare. I think know that I will enjoy this one. An I must mention that Keith stopped by and worked on my email issue. Cox could not solve it but he did. I have a new email,  same account just different set up. So I can once again send emails from the computer. Just need a few lessons from him on this or that.

The Snail Vine is growing daily! It forgets to crawl along the arbor so I will climb up and coax it over. Look at the double bloom and buds ready to open. I am enjoying my garden!
That about covers things around here. Time to get the laundry from the washer and water a few plants. Thank you for taking the time to visit and for your kind words. There are people who pop in and out of your life and then there are those who faithfully stay. Thank you most of all for your friendship which I can count on everyday.