Thursday, August 17, 2017

Need to rest my hand

Yesterday...thank goodness it has gone. I  want will to be positive about today. I picked up the keyboard slide of course after assembling the thing it did not fit. Now do not ask why I did not check this before hand. When it was ordered I looked at the measurements and it seemed to be fine. There is the problem...the measurements are only for the area where the keyboard sits not the brackets. So, that will be going back tomorrow. Today is already spoken for. I will be stopping at the market for bread, flour, eggs and milk and maybe ice cream. I sure need some Tillamook Vanilla Bean. If I had any it would have been perfect for breakfast this morning.
UPS arrived at 1:45 yesterday and it is a good thing I got to the door before he just left my bookcase. I told him to bring it in and after he left I could barely drag it to another spot...heavy!
Once opened I just looked at all the pieces. I decided to spread them out and organize.

Once everything seemed to be ready it was on to the bags of hardware.

Really?! Do I need all these screws and no electric screw driver? So a Philips head screw driver and a hammer and I started to assemble. After a couple of hours I managed to droop the hammer once on my foot, and with a swollen hand I have a bookcase
The 2 doors for the bottom need to have the hardware attached and then mounted as well as the trim for the 2 adjustable shelves for the top half. My hand is quite sore today after all the assembly so it is a wait till later project. I still will need to move it into place in the kitchen area....I know I will be really happy by the end of the day but right now there is laundry to do and the vacuum is waiting for a tour of the house. Oh and the pond needs a bit of attention also. So my friends as much as I enjoy your visit, I must move on. Thank you for the kind words and your friendship. The big reveal tomorrow...I hope.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The bear has a chair

Yesterday was spent with friends Glenda and, or not. We set out for a few specific items but had different results. We did enjoy a nice lunch in Scottsdale at The Gelato Spot and Pizza. I had hoped to find that antique footstool but instead...
my Denny Teddy got a chair! He fits perfectly. What is twice as nice is...
The chair on the left, a people size chair is almost an exact match! It is a chair that was given to me by Tommy, a friend of my sister,  back around 1975....he got it from an antique store in New Hampshire. Sadly, Tommy passed away some years ago. I love my matching chairs! Behind the chairs is my sewing table and my bunny cover for the sewing machine.  She also is an old time gal around 25 years old from a Mc Calls pattern.
I am requesting a standing please get ready ...yesterday I put gas in the car. That is what you are reading, my 3rd time. Not bad seeing that a full tank is lasting a month! I do need practice getting the gas cap off...a bit tricky and also not to drip gas on my toes. Luckily both the toes and the sandals are washable.
I need to go to Staples to pick up my keyboard slide this morning then get it attached to the desk. I will need a drill and screw driver bit...sounds like I know what I am doing right? We all know I have several drills to choose from but to find the bits things is another story as there are a few of them out there in the garage. The bookcase is scheduled to arrive assemble yourself project!  I always find the allen wrenches they include a challenge. I am already tired just thinking of the tasks ahead. Best get some extra rest...glad you stopped by to chat. Thank you for the kind words and your friendship. Let's have a good day!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


The day is starting with bright sunshine and  not rain in the forecast. Temp for today should be around 102 and that is not too bad. No, I did not get out to work on the wall painting...I will be going out this morning with friends and did not want to overdo in the heat. The plan is to start pacing myself a bit differently. Knowing me the way that I do, this probably should be written down on paper and then, maybe then it will be easier to follow.  When I think of friends certain people come to mind. There are those who are touchable ( right here) and then those who although far away are there too.
the other day this lovely card and hand written note inside arrived. It is from our blogging friends Mouse otherwise known as Michelle from the UK and her blog is Tales of a Stitching Mouse.
The card inside carries a lovely poem and an Angel. This sweet Angel rides along with me attached inside my purse. Be sure to click the picture to enlarge and read it. Yes, I do believe in Angels....and this one was sent with love. Thank you Michelle.  I am one lucky gal to have caring and loving friends.
The blue umbrella is out to meet the trash guys but the bottom half of the umbrella is stuck in the stand! I have not been able to loosen the screw that holds it in place..... WD 40 (and I have 3 cans of it in the garage!) will be attempted later today or tomorrow. Two years in place and it won't budge. One of the other stand...there are not in good shape. The screw holding the base to the stand part is so loose and I am having trouble tightening it. Really now, is this necessary I ask you. Simple things to drive me nuts. Time to finish my coffee and straighten up so I will be ready for meeting Glenda and Don. Glad you had some time to visit. Thank you for the kind words and most of all your friendship. Let's have a good day!🌞

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Slow down, you move too fast

You got to make the morning last......ah yes Simon and Garfunkel. This is not the day to over do. Very little sleep last night and a dull head this morning. First let me tell you that last night there was thunder~~~there was lightening~~~there was rain and wind. I hate nighttime storms and finally it all quieted down so off to sleep. At 5 AM it started all over again! Now the sun is out and it is hot and humid. I did go out to clean up the yard a little. Again there is not painting today. But I did manage to get the spotlight on the waterfall
and it looks nice. The light changes from red--blue--white--yellow and green. I will probably keep adjusting it until I like how it reflects. I have it on a separate remote control so it is off all day and on when I click it.
The weather takes a toll on everything out here. The blue umbrella will be meeting with the trash guys on Tuesday. The red and green will stay until I get to replace them; as soon as Monsoon season is over which is mid-end September. It is on the To Do List with several other things. Many items are already crossed off my lists but I am trying to slow down with some that are not on my immediate agenda.
I am pleased with the kitchen area
some minor changes to be made with the storage of items at the desk and the file cabinet.  I ordered a keyboard slide to attach under the desk.  I like it much better out of the corner. There is more natural light coming form the large window across the room as well as the slider right next to it. I also like the tea cups moved
 The bakers rack is just off center on the wall. This has opened this side of the kitchen area.
I should mention the Aquarium and the tenants. They are all fine....well, the 3 little silver and black fish that are schoolers who do not always school like they did at the pet shop, are now slightly orange in color.  The tank has not been too much work. I just changed the charcoal filter and I remember to move the moss ball around. The filter has a water wheel so it has a nice trickling sound.
I am a bit sad this morning as I dropped my favorite pen on the tile floor. Denny bought it for me many years ago, a Diplomat and it writes so nice and had a good feel to it. It will now not retract the refill. I guess it is not so bad as it sits on the desk in my antique pen and ink holder. A reminder that nothing lasts forever. I think it is time to take something for the headache which is now more that dull, and feed my hungry stomach. So nice to chat with you. Than you for the kind words and for you friendship. Tomorrow I will tell you about a friend, a card and an angel. Let's have a good day.