Wednesday, November 22, 2017

It is a good morning to bake Biscotti

Another nippy start to the day. The sun is shining and it will be in the mid 80s by noon. It is nice to finally turn off the air conditioner. While it is still cool it is a god time to put the oven on. Second laundry mixing up in the washer and the ingredients for Almond Biscotti sorted and ready.

I always leave everything to reach room temperature before baking. I just finished making some hard boiled eggs for the lunches and snacks. I had all intentions of making these biscotti all week but just could not get myself to do so. Of course the one morning that I was ready the water was off! I want to have these for tomorrow to share with my dear friends. I am so thankful for the encouragement and help that they have shown me these last 6 months. Yesterday marked 5 months since my Denny has passed.
I also worked on Baby #2
Just a few more flowers and French knots to embroider and leaves to add and she will be ready to travel. I have collected a few other things to add to the box...but I still need a box! Actually I need a few boxes for my Christmas mailings.
Why is it that I forget to use the gloves in the garden and the gloves in the house cleaning then complain that my hands are dry and sore? I wash them so often that I really need to find a lotion that truly melts into the hands so I can stitch without having greasy hands or waiting a hour or so. Any suggestions out there ???
As I sit here typing on the computer I realize my desk is a disaster...really must put it on the list To Do. I am almost finished with the sorting of my stash stuff so that is good. For every item I cross off the list there seems to be 2 added. Well it is time to get the baking started and the oven pre-heated. Glad we had time to chat today. Thank you for your kind words and for your friendship. Take time to relax today.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A day without water

Good chilly morning. Yes, we once again start a day with chilly temps but by afternoon we will reach the mid 80s. It is the desert Autumn. I did not get my biscotti baked yesterday. It was not that I had no ambition, it was the lack of running water.
I needed to make a visit to my pain management doctor's office. Simple; he is just 5 minutes away. Go, chat, and get back to bake. Wrong. When I left I noticed The EPCOR trucks in the neighborhood. They are our water supply company. So what--- right? When I returned at 9 AM they were at the corner of my street just getting set what, right? As I drove into the community driveway I noticed a couple of ladies chatting in their sleepwear?! There was a message on my phone from one of the neighbors (I am HOA Secretary so I get these calls!) She was very upset because there was no running water and what is the problem. Oh no, the trucks in the neighborhood! So, I decided to check it out. As I stopped to talk with them the trucks began to enter the individually community driveways. One of them stopped and so of course they explained there was a valve issue "up the street" and they would have it fixed in about 4 hours bringing us to noon time. The plan was to access the problem from our corner area. Okay, back home to not bake but stitch...
Baby #2 . I finally decided on the embroidery for her and so I would work on the flowers. Oh no the phone rang...not another concerned/complaining neighbor. Instead it was my sis we chatted and no more stitching. After the call I decided to walk back to the corner because it was past noon and no running water yet. A large hole in the ground with 2 men down in the hole and 4 more standing looking in. Not a good sign. Me: So men, what are you doing to get this fixed? Did you break something else? The answer was ...yes...! Worker:  You do know these pipes are old and well when we tried to open the valve it broke.  Me: If you knew that it was old and a problem, did you not think to be more careful? Worker: Uh, no. Me: So how much longer can we expect this to go on. Him: Oh about 3 - 4 hours then it will be done. Shortly after getting in the house, the phone again. Luckily it was The Brother Alan. He asked how my day was going! We had some laughable moments and at one point I complained that my toilet need to be flushed. The Brother Alan suggested that I get a pan of water from the kitchen! Yes, more laughs. I decided with his suggestion to go to the market and get a couple of gallons of bottled water. Finally around 10-1/2 hours I had running water! The toilets flushed and I made myself some shrimps and drowned them in butter. Dinner was served at 8 PM and a cup of tea was made. There is hardly a dull moment around here. My Denny always kept a couple of gallons of bottled water in the cupboard. because he said "you never know" and so I guess I will get some today.
Now, are you glad you stopped by? I am. Thank you for your kind words and most of all your friendship. Let's hope for a normal day...? normal?

Sunday, November 19, 2017

A good day to embroider

Not the best nights sleep, but not too unusual. Finally awake and ready for coffee at 7:30. There is a nip in the air once again but not to worry it will warm up soon. I think I will sit inside at least for now and embroider on Bay #2.
I am trying to pick out some of the print to stitch. So far getting the stems in here and there. Still trying to think about the flower part. I do love hand to  do embroidery.
The Hummer feeders are clean and filled. Now they will wiz by to check out what I did before taking the cautious they are. I moved Dennis' Lantana plant so it now is on the watering system and I won't forget to water it. Because it is in a large pot it has to be done more than if it were in the ground. I still have not changed the timer yet...hope that I can understand the directions. The older one was not easy to program.
Decided yesterday that I would make a Thanksgiving dinner for me. I bought a nice turkey breast and the fixings. I, so far, have been unable to get chestnuts. Well....that is not exactly true. AJs Fine Food ( an upscale market) has them for $15.99 a pound! Outrageous!! I will check two more places tomorrow. If I absolutely have to I will get at least 1/2 pound of the "must be made of gold" chestnuts. It is not that I really mine paying that much, but it is because you know that at least a few or more will not be any good and will be tossed in the trash. While I was at AJs I bought a couple of gifts for Christmas and this for me
Although it is sold with Christmas ornaments, it is not decorated as so . This will be kept out year round. So pretty.
I have also decided to put out the Christmas village and the tree up. I do not think I will go with as much as usual, but who knows. I love decorating for Christmas. As many times as Denny would say he did not like Christmas decorating, he would always look for a new ornament each year and help me get it all done. He really liked the village. I will need the cheer of the holiday around me especially for this first Christmas. All of it will be of good memories and times shared. He will be with me in spirit.
Later today I hope to make the Pizzelles and then the Almond Biscotti. I did promise Glenda some biscotti.  All of a sudden I am quite hungry for eggs! I best get a move on and have breakfast. It has been so nice chatting with you. Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words. Thank you most of all for your friendship. Let's have a good day.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

So I really can use the drill by myself!

Where does the time go lately? It is Saturday and Thursday will be Thanksgiving already. As Vickie of Christmas24-7-365 told us is 6 weeks until Christmas. If that is so, then year's end is almost here.
I may not be cross stitching much, and tatting has slowed but sewing has been my current project as has been the house and garden. Thanks to Don for his coaching on using the electric drill I was able to install the screening for the lanai.

We always have this screening across the lanai opening to help diffuse the sun and it helps keep the  dust from getting all over the furniture. It is the screening that is used on gazeebos. So, I had to re-drill the holes for the eye hooks and then attach the wire and tighten it taught before I could hang the panels. Now to be honest, it should be tighter but I could not get it very taught but it is fine. I used hooks to support the center area. So far it is working. Glad Don and I had lessons in using the drill! The picture makes it look darker than it really is....
During the day when the sun is not a problem they are tied open and (can be opened completely) then when the sun shines in filling the half way area they are closed. I am able to zip them closed during the windy times and keeping the powder like dust out is helpful. Of course it also help to keep the furniture from fading. Denny never got the chance to hang the new panels. We have been replacing them every 2 years. Last evening Honey (Keith) and Dear (Al) stopped by to bring me some homemade chocolate cookies and to pick up the shortbread ones that I made.....we do share our baking/cooking.... they gave me the pat-on-the-back approval. That is what my friends do, encourage me.  
I finally decided on the embellishments for the Swaddled Bay #2 so that is the project for today.  Hopefully I will enjoy the outdoors again. We did have some rain drops yesterday for about one minute. The day should be seasonal around 79 and still another cloudy day. I did manage some yard work yesterday, trimming the Fountain grass and getting cut up in the process! I also moved Denny's Lantana so it would be on the watering system. As a matter of fact it is about to come on so out I must go to be sure the water flow to the plant is correct. Nice to have you to chat with today. Thank you for your kind words and friendship. Have a good day my friends.