Thursday, April 27, 2017

A new kit arrived!

As I mentioned yesterday the mail arrived and this is what I found
when I opened the envelope. Carefully wrapped in pretty tissue with a wonderful what is it? The distinct lavender smell. Hurry to open and find
a kit for French Boutis Scissor Fob. A new challenge to learn....I must say the quality of the supplies is wonderful and such complete directions. An there, do you see it? The sachet of lavender....oh so lovely.  Let me tell you about Averyclaire NeedleArts. You really need to visit and meet and see the work of Karen Jablonski. This is French Boutis, an old form of quilted needlework.  Karen's service is quick and the kit is perfect. this will be my weekend project so I will be able to devote my time to learning and doing. So be sure to visit her blog and Etsy shop. (this is my own opinion and not sponsored by the designer).
I want to thank you my dear friends for the caring kind comments and emails. Yesterday was one of those lost days and I am sure today will be better for my Mr H. I found myself waking at 4 AM today....I needed that sleep. I am raring  ready to go today. I am just ready to finish the yellow Victorian Thread Bag...should have been completed yesterday but just never got that far. My friend Al sent me an email to say that the Black Molly is adjusting to his new home.... happy about that. My tenants are also doing great. I may rent out some more space this weekend, not sure who will join us. I managed to change the living room drapes yesterday and have the laundry all caught up. The garden was watered and today a bit more housework before The Brother Alan arrives...did I mention he was arriving on May 9th...oh yes I think I did! Each year it is a celebration to have him visit with his friend  Lisa. The kid brother who in reality is like my big brother. this visit will be a bit laid back for us, but nevertheless will be a great time spent together. I will need to reorganize the sewing room and get all ready next week.  Yesterday was my great-niece Natalia Rose's 3rd birthday
she is so adorable. We have not met her in person ... yet.... but my niece Elyssa posts pictures which keeps us in the know. I am proud of Elyssa for being a loving mom.
this is such a cute picture of Elyssa and Natalia.
MR H and I now have 3 special ladies in our world; first was Tonya, then Elyssa and now Natalia....all special in their own way. We have beautiful nieces! This day is starting out cloudy and around 70 (6:30 am) and may reach the low 90s. Best get the garden care done early. It is always nice to visit with you. Thank you for your caring kind words and emails. Most of all thank you for your friendship. Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A different anniversary date

In the past I have posted lovely comments (I thought they were) about my wedding anniversary.  Yesterday was the most different of all 47 years that my Prince and I have been together. It was spent in a medical facility for him to have several tests.....he is once again having great difficulty with swallowing and stomach issues. We spent the last week in prep for our anniversary date and it was not easy for him and at times for me. On the big day I had to wake him at 1 AM to start the last of the prep and continue to keep him awake until 5 am then back up to get ready for an 8:45 check in. I did not dare to sleep at all because, well, he tends to forget now and again and sure enough at 6 am he was getting something to drink. Not on my watch! Not after all the reminders to drink this, drink that, take this for 5 days...I sent him back to bed and really stood guard over the kitchen doorway. So we arrived at a medical building instead of the beautiful church as we did so long ago and after half an hour in he goes and then all of a sudden the receptionist announces that they were having a computer glitch and things will fall behind, a bit...finally after another half hour the connections were fixed and thing moved along. At 12:15 were left for home and Denny off to sleep. Me? I was so tired but could I fall asleep, of course not, well finally I fell asleep around 10 pm. I woke at 2:30 this morning starving as I hardly ate anything yesterday. This man; Mr Horton, Mr H, Dennis or as I call him Denny, is my everything. I am keeping positive thoughts of good test results ( although there may be a minor issue to deal with). We took our vows on April 25, 1970 and told each sickness and in health and so it will be. Today we continue our journey together. Did I mention on the drive home he stated, "well all that and it only took 10 minutes"....we must have been in a different facility! I truly love this man. Sorry nothing crafty to talk about today although I did work on my Victorian Thread Bag and will finish it today. I may try some smocking later....or something else. Thank you for stopping by and for your most caring kind words and valued friendship. Have a great day and I hope to show you a new project that I will be learning real soon as it arrives.
Count down ...The Brother Alan arrives in 14 days. "I'm so excited, I just can't hide it" .....

Monday, April 24, 2017

Eviction !

I have little tolerance for some things and bullying is one of them. The newest tenant , the Black Molly began to constantly chase one of his neighbors. It drove me crazy. So, on Sunday he was evicted....that is right had to go. What? did you think he went into he trash or flushed?! No no....he moved to my friends Al and Keith's home. He even got to ride in a golf cart! I feel better and my other tenants are more relaxed with no bullying.

I began to crochet another Victorian Thread Bag yesterday, this time in yellow (the wrapper is missing).  This is a small bag that I made a few years back and it is just perfect for my crochet. A couple of inside pockets to hold needful things and a large cotton ball fits perfectly. It was part of a Christmas exchange and the gal picked out the pattern and the fabric so all I did was to embroider and stitch together . Anyway, I had hoped to get more crocheted, but life gets in the way...Mr H.
Tuesday he will be having 2 procedures and this week has been the torture "prep" week. Yesterday I thought about evicting myself instead of the fish! Today should be really fun, liquid diet. Now here is a man who hardly eats but you can bet today he will want gourmet meals! Fun and games will really start at 2 PM so do not expect to hear from me other than mumbling in the garage. You know, going someplace to let it out so as not to offend poor Mr H. I feel sorry but.... I will get through this is my mantra. Do you follow me on Facebook? Here is the post yesterday:
     I absolutely love my husband. As I am crocheting, I hear a TV program in the background. Me: what is that that you are watching?! (The TV station when I look up is Viceland)
Dennis: just waiting for the next program. Something for you.
Me: are you kidding me?! I do not watch Viceland!
Dennis: oh I don't know what this station is, but it said Needles and Pins. Isn't  that a craft show?
So, we check the program description, it is about erotic tattoos in Japan. No my dear husband it is definitely not a craft program. Channel changed!

Now do you understand? He really is a gem! This all in between keeping track of meds and what to eat or not to eat.  I would be lost without him. We are still in the countdown for The Brother Alan's arrival. Transport from the airport has been arranged and all info sent to his friend Lisa for safe keeping. It is much easier to sent a transport to pick and then take back for departure as we hate the long drive and traffic. Do not even mention if there is an accident on the way. Well, time for me to have my coffee and maybe a piece or two of toast. I will feel very guilty eating today so it will be sneaking away to eat. Please keep my dear Denny in your thoughts today and tomorrow. As much as you want a doctor to find the problem, you are also worried of what may be found. Thank you for your kind words and friendship and I know you will think of us these next few days.....hugs to you my dear friends.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Dissatified tenant!

Well, there you go. You offer a safe home free room and board one of the tenants decides to up and die move out. There are plenty of fish in the ocean and it was not long before
a velvety black molly moved in. So far the others like him and all is well. There is one problem though------when you pass by the tank (it is in a pass way out of the living room to he kitchen) they all swim to the front waiting for food! How did they learn this so quickly? Do not even think of stopping to look for a second they really put on a show.  I must say, this isn't the puppy I thought about but it is certainly very soothing when I am feeling a bit stressed. Of course I do keep my hands and some sort of needle together and this is what me myself and I with the crochet hook have done....
oh right, you expected a variegated lovely blue lavender...change of plans. I just did not think I would like the busy colors and the delicate pattern. So, this is the first one....
I added a couple of tatted dragonflies and voila....I love it. The pattern confused me in a couple of places (my mind is not as it once was!) so I adapted it to make sense to me. I also reinforced the wrist band so it will stretch out less. This will make a nice gift .....or two.  I just went out to water the garden and it is a bit hot out today...the news predicts out first triple digit on Sunday. I noticed a couple of tomatoes that are just about ready for a salad.  Plans for the rest of the day are just to relax...that is what I am saying. No needle in hand no creative juices just relaxing. As always it is so nice to spend time with you. Thank you for the kind words and for your wonderful friendship. Enjoy your day.
Counting the days.......