Saturday, April 16, 2016

Houston~~~ we have lift off!

Today was the big day...first two left with the dad. He took them across the yard to the Sweet Memory Bush. He tried several times to coax the last one out but it wasn't until much later that he was ready to join them. This has been a few weeks of wonderment. First Mr & Mrs House Finch built a nest. I left threads for them and they did use them. It wasn't until Mr H took the used nest out that we found many other threads that I had tossed out at the very bottom of the nest. Things were going really well until the two nights that we had very loud crashing thunder and some rain. The nest was in a protected area, but I think the momma left and something happened because she never returned. We checked on them only to find them so huddled, you could not tell that there were 3 babies! Finally the dad did and began to care for the little babies.
He did not stay with them but would appear and stand watch while calling to them. Only after it they responded and there was no danger did he approach the nest to feed them. Since it was only him to do this, it was a lot of back and forth to keep them fed.
I was truly amazed to watch his dedication to them. They remained very still and quiet while they were alone and chatted only when he called to them. As soon as he left they settled down and not a sound or movement came from them. I am happy that they survived the loss of momma but glad that they had such a perfect dad to nurture them. I was sad to see them leave today. Mrs Mourning Dove is still nesting and it may be any day now that her 2 eggs will hatch. Nature can be cruel and hard sometimes, but this was an event with drama that turned out nice. It has been nice having you all follow this event...stay tuned for the next one!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Blooming cactus

Mr H was so excited to see this cactus bloom!~ This is the first time in 2 years...... worth the wait for sure. So far the garden is looking bright and so cheerful.... until the triple digit days arrive. Even my small herb garden is thriving. Speaking of thriving...
I know this is not a great picture, but the dad has been here twice already for feeding.I suspect because they are growing quickly. So as not to cause them stress, we are keeping our distance and this was taken through the screen door from the garage. Oh how the chat to one another when he appears to feed them.  . Yesterday one of them was flexing it's wings! Mr H thinks they will be gone by next week. Sadly the Mom had not returned. Happy that the dad is taking good care of them. The Dove nest is quiet. The momma never leaves them that we can see....but the other day she did...
and I captured her eggs...just 2. I never see if the male stops by. She quietly lays in the nest all  day/night. I think next week will be hatching time. This garden nursery yard has been very busy this year, two nests at once! Happily the Quails have not moved in.

This is the new part-time project that I started. The colors are really pretty. Stitching on 28ct linen and using the listed DMC threads. Something fun to stitch. The May SAL is almost finished.  Three projects going here....I like keeping busy! I guess that about covers it. Glad you could spend some time with me. Thank you for your wonderful friendship and kind words.....have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Good news....not so good, maybe

Thank you my friends for the nice comments yesterday. After writing the post about the Finch nest, we kept an eye out...distantly of course. Finally I heard the familiar chatter of the Finch! But, I only heard one not the usual two exchanging chatter. From inside the garage looking into the backyard I can see the nest and the rest of the yard. There was the male House Finch calling out to the babies and I could see heads popping up. When he approached them they chattered back to him. No female around and the male came to feed the babies. We felt relieved! They had several visits from the dad but no momma. She stayed with them when she was here but he goes off. They do have feathers and very long legs.... so I guess they are going to be okay. The Dove nest is still being monitored by the momma who hardly leaves. How silly I was to be so concerned. These are not the first nests we have had and they will not be the last so I guess we had better try to remain neutral....I do not think we can. My plans today are to stitch and you are surprised. The May SAL.....
has lovely colors. I am glad I decided to join in. If you are not familiar, check out Snowflower Diaries to read about it.
 I think I may start the cross stitch that I kitted up.

I like to have a variety of choices to work on.  I have had the booklet for these little purses for quite a long time but never made any.  Everything is at the ready in my basket so today will be a start day. Have you seen the newest DMC release ? It is called Coloris and there are 24 variegated threads. I have not seen them in the local places but they can be bought on line for $39.00 for the set and some small patterns are included. If anyone orders them let us know how they are. I am going to try not to send for them.  Well as always it is so nice that you stopped by. I thank you for your friendship and kind words. Enjoy your day.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Nesting update

The stitching is complete on my Victorian Lady...
and I love her. Now to sort through some of the fabric I have and get her  completed. I have both a light blue and a mauve/oink fabric that would look nice for the backing and a floral for the lining...well, at least I think they will look nice. Have to get them out and plan it. I started the May SAL from Snowflower the design. My knitting is still in progress but not interesting enough to show. I also kitted up another (small) project but have not started it. My birds update is, well....first the Dove nest...
she is a good momma, always on the nest unless we walk by then off she goes. Two white eggs....We have had some rain these last few days, very little compared to the rest of the state, but the temps have cooled down also. I always feel bad when it is cool or hot for the nestlings. Both nests are somewhat protected by the overhang from the roof, but nevertheless, it has been cool and windy. As for the House Finches....Mr H and I have been careful not to disturb them and that is why no pictures. This morning I asked Mr H to hold up the mirror so we could check as the momma was not there....we are not sure about them...the three of them seemed at first not to be alive, but then we thought we saw some movement. To be honest, with the crappy weather and no need to go and water plants, I have not paid too much attention to them. So far momma finch is not around....I will try to really keep watch today. As I type, Mr H is out there checking them....I have hand raised robins before, but in a long time. I know, it is nature. Enough of my giving you my sadness....thank you for your precious friendship and kind words....have a good day.