Thursday, June 18, 2015

Back to work today

I will be off to work later this morning after a week off..... just the way the schedule is. In a way it is good to rest my hand from the 5 hours of fabric cutting. Then again, it is going to be a long day! I must thank you for the concern and suggestions for my hand. Yes, I have tried the anti-inflammatory meds, the hot and cold compresses, as well as elevation and rest. All have a temporary relief. I am still waiting for the MRI appointment. My blood tests are done so until the next tests it is a wait game. I am just stitching on/off when I can. I think it is good that I am a 2 handed stitcher. Did I mention it is very hot...yesterday we tied the temp of 115...and the whole week is suppose to be like this. House air on as well as the ceiling fans and the car of course. I love the automatic starter so it can be cooled down for several minutes before getting in. Just to go to the garden to water the plants requires a push! It is a busy day here in our homestead....the roofing project continues (my home is not being down yet) and the Palm trees are being trimmed. How these workers can sit on a roof or climb these tall trees in this hot temperatures is a marvel. The roofers can only work from 4:30 AM to around noon and the trees will be down early too. Me, I plan to have very limited outdoor time. I went out to water the potted plants and they will need more by the afternoon. Oh yes, I want to remind you all of the July Card Exchange... I will email the list this weekend and the Thimble Exchange is still open. To answer a recent question, the card exchange is just that...a card only, no gifts (although I have received a few sweet little patterns, the ones that are printed on little cards)---but no gifts. This is to return to the handwritten notes of times gone by.Regarding the Thimble Exchange, it can be what you wish but the important item is the thimble. There, business finished. Thank you for the kind words and for taking the time to visit with me. I treasure your friendship...have a wonderful day. I leave you with my sleeping cats
momma and baby....

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

And the heat is on~~~~~~~

This entire week will be hot....temps in the triple digit teens.....I will be staying indoors most of the time.
This was yesterday on our return trip home from the doctor. Yes, you re reading it correctly; time 4:13 PM temp 116. Speaking of the doctor--- he did not give me any injections. I went for lab work and will be going for an MRI. It was thought by now my hand would be better. Since I have had no injury to it, there may be another issue so we will look deeper. It is frustrating. Not only the constant ache/pain, but the dropping of things drives me nuts. Of course not being able to stitch more is also a downer. I have tried to do a bit each day on Red...
she is finished and the wolf now has legs to pursue her...but I am holding off on his tail.... maybe to slow him down until the forest is complete! I am not sure if I will be stitching the bottom as charted. I obviously have plenty of time with the slow stitching to decide. To prevent total creative melt down, I am returning to the sewing machine....
this is the material and pattern I got last week. Cute Butterfly potholder. I think the Lady bug might be next.... or the Bee.... eventually all of them. Too cute to use!
That's about it today...but I do want to remind you of the July Card Exchange and The thimble Exchange...Thank you for all the kind words and most of all for your friendship. Enjoy your day!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

A hot quiet day

So nice and quiet this morning... very hot outside though. It is 87 right now and the temp is expected to be at 103 today. The whole week is expected to be 103-111. So I think it is best to stay indoors and enjoy the air conditioning comfort. Mr H and I watched a good movie last night; Night Train To Lisbon. I think I may try to get the book to read. I loved the words that were narrated throughout the movie. I did manage this past week to stitch on and off on Red Riding Hood...she is complete and now to get the wolf some legs and the rest of the forest done. Slow going as I can only stitch for short times. But that is okay. Tomorrow I return to the doctor to see what we can do to help eliminate the swelling and pain. This week is the last to sign up for the July Card Exchange. The Thimble Exchange is still open. I guess that about covers it for today. The laundry is drying, I need another cup of coffee and something to munch. Glad you had some time to visit. Have a great day my dear friends.