Saturday, January 29, 2011's gone!

To say we are so very disappointed is an understatement.  Little Miss Hummingbird has moved...where you ask...who knows. I asked a few fellow Arizonans about this and got several answers.  It is not that uncommon for a "new" mom to be to change her mind...they do build low to high off the ground....and she may be back! There are only a few scraps of nesting left so she may be back or someone else may construct.
 But ....
Mr. Hummingbird was by for refreshments. As you see, they do let us get quite close to we did not scare Miss Hummingbird away. oh, well, The quail may return to their favorite plant again so stay tuned.

Where did this month go? It seems like I just started the Crazy Challenge and now I have 2 finished, one almost finished and it is time to mail out my Winter Exchange....geez...I have been busy! I did update at my other place on Always. Do stop by and check it out.

This rusting the jingle bells....I did as I far they are not rusting! Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Last night, when Mr H picked me up from work, we went over to Applebee's to eat...more and more as we enter businesses in the area we are greeted with...
Yes, this state is a carry state both outward and concealed. Sign of the times.....

I am of to work today so stitching is not in the plan.....but I will get stitching in from Sunday assured! So nice to chat with you today...stop back soon...I will be by your place later.....

Friday, January 28, 2011

Crisis at the nest?????

All I know is that Mr H told me that Miss hummingbird had been taking stuff out of the nest! I did not believe it because early in the morning she was sitting in it. Remember, I went to what was I to believe. As Mr H is telling me this, I stood looking out of the window and what happened you asked? Well, "a" hummingbird did take stuff out of the nest! Now, is it our Miss or some female stealing for her nest? What to think?
See the bit of fluff on the leaf? Well, just before I took this picture this morning, "she" fluttered in and took, yes took stuff out and flew off! Then shortly after, "she" returned for the fluff she dropped.......What is going on? Where is the new nest? Who is stealing? Was Miss Hummingbird reading what I wrote yesterday?
Stay tuned for updates!
I am working by the time I return at 5:30 I hope there still is a nest!
I have not posted to my other place today because I did not do enough stitching yesterday...but tomorrow, there will be an update. Thanks for stopping by and I will be visiting later today at you place...have the tea ready...better yet...with all this drama out my window, I may need a drink a bit stronger!!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hummingbird update

The little bird visited often yesterday but the nest really looks the same! She flitted in and sat inside did a wiggle a few times then off again! I have tried to figure why she would select a bush that is in the open, low to the ground...about 4 feet high, not under any cover...if, if we should have rain...and where does she go all day!
I know, nature does it own thing and knows what to do...but I still wonder. There are several other places in the yard she could have chosen...this would not have been my choice. Even within this bush, she could have built it inside more.  I am sure she would know best. It is a wait and see.....

I did update at my other you there....
Glad you stopped by today.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

No news and some news

Well...there is nothing new to picture with Miss Hummingbird's nest...I am not sitting by the window as I did the other an expectant parent! The last picture posted was Tuesday...but today, there looks to be more fluffy feathers in the nest center. The weather has been so nice..probably will sit outside on the lanai later and then I will be able to see her coming and going.

Oh I am so happy to see so many friends wanting to be part of my un-birthday! There is still time as I will not be drawing a followers name until February 3rd.

I am trying to rust some jingle bells. Don't know if I have the recipe right, but already the bleach water is looking rusty. I know I read the instructions somewhere but of course, my mind is blank.
My Angel is able to fly...that is right...the stitching is finished! Meet me over at my other place to see it. Remind me...never to stitch on 20 ct again!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A RAK~~~

The doorbell rang, it was the mail truck with a package....from Terri. What a wonderful RAK!
Everything was individually wrapped in lovely colored tissue.
some sweets...yum

some fabric and DMC threads

a lovely stitched pillow and note cards and pad
beautiful patterns for my stash........thank you my friend.

How nice that so many want to participate in my un-birthday celebration. I love Alice in Wonderland....the tea party....I could have taken one of my very own to it. I would love to find some stitchery for it. Remember, I will pick a name on February 3rd...still time to leave me a message.....
I find that I have 66 followers...a nice feeling that so many read my blog.
Have a wonderful day and I will stop by your place later....back to the Angel!

The third day of the week...

For Today
Outside my window
It is light...I know, surprise as it is always dark when I post this!
From the kitchen
What shall I have for breakfast....Cheerios or toast
I am wearing
pj's..light green
I am reading
Winter in June, a mystery by Kathryn Miller Haines
Around the house
the sound of silence
I am remembering
I want to call my sis for a chat later
I am hearing
The rinse cycle of the washer
On my mind
For a change, it is quiet in there!
Plans for the day
Stitch and then stitch some more with a little reading added in
From my camera's eye
The little nest is becoming very defined...with a few feathers lining it now!
I am wishing
A peaceful day to all .....

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday's child~~~~

I was born on a Monday....never mind when, but it was February 3rd....why am I telling you this? Well....I thought I would have an un-birthday for one of my followers...that's right. I will  send a gift from me to you. Simply comment here and On February 3rd I will draw a name. If you wish to post it..that's OK.

Now on to other notes...the hummer nest is coming new pictures yet..after all, I do not want to upset the little thing. It is the female who builds and hatches and feeds the young. He is along for only one thing...mating!

As for my challenge progress, you know to go here to see what I have accomplished. Today is our monthly stitch group meeting. I will probably take Angel along with me. I like to take the easy projects, as there is much visiting and sometimes not much stitching!

Have a wonderful day...and I will be stopping by your place later so have the teapot filled. I will bring along my own cup...did I mention that I have a collection? Well, that is for another time~~~~~~

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Good Day to all......

First I would like to thank all of you who stopped by and left a comment regarding my thimbles. When I hand sew, I do use a thimble...usually just a plain one, but once in  a while I do grab one of the "regular" thimble to stitch.

I must tell you of my wonderful surprise this morning. As I opened the vertical in my kitchen, I was greeted by a sweet hummingbird just outside my window. Now I thought nothing of it as it does hover in front of the window many times. On a closer look, I watched it perch on a branch in the Hibiscus bush about 2 feet in front of me. What...what is this? A nest! Yes! a nest! I am so excited. Now, I tried to take a few pictures from inside through the bear with the poor quality. As I can I will update with better pictures.

If you look closely, you can see him/her ... not sure!...adding to the tiny, and I do mean tiny nest.

I managed to run out as it left to get this you see the tufts of whatever? See how close to the window this bush is! We have the good fortune of having a few of these darling birds in our yard all the time. They are not very fearful of us and will many times just hover in front of our faces. I keep a feeder in the front and one here in the back yard.
Oh and by the way...I will post an update later on my stitching. Right now I am mesmerized with this activity!