Friday, January 28, 2011

Crisis at the nest?????

All I know is that Mr H told me that Miss hummingbird had been taking stuff out of the nest! I did not believe it because early in the morning she was sitting in it. Remember, I went to what was I to believe. As Mr H is telling me this, I stood looking out of the window and what happened you asked? Well, "a" hummingbird did take stuff out of the nest! Now, is it our Miss or some female stealing for her nest? What to think?
See the bit of fluff on the leaf? Well, just before I took this picture this morning, "she" fluttered in and took, yes took stuff out and flew off! Then shortly after, "she" returned for the fluff she dropped.......What is going on? Where is the new nest? Who is stealing? Was Miss Hummingbird reading what I wrote yesterday?
Stay tuned for updates!
I am working by the time I return at 5:30 I hope there still is a nest!
I have not posted to my other place today because I did not do enough stitching yesterday...but tomorrow, there will be an update. Thanks for stopping by and I will be visiting later today at you place...have the tea ready...better yet...with all this drama out my window, I may need a drink a bit stronger!!!!


Patty C. said...

You are stressing me out !!! I hope the hummers shape up and continue to nest - I was looking forward to this !!!!!

Brigitte said...

A great story. I love birds and hope the story will get to a happy end, lol.

CalamityJr said...

So sorry - but it's good to know this isn't uncommon. I do hope they rebuild where you can see them, though!