Wednesday, January 26, 2011

No news and some news

Well...there is nothing new to picture with Miss Hummingbird's nest...I am not sitting by the window as I did the other an expectant parent! The last picture posted was Tuesday...but today, there looks to be more fluffy feathers in the nest center. The weather has been so nice..probably will sit outside on the lanai later and then I will be able to see her coming and going.

Oh I am so happy to see so many friends wanting to be part of my un-birthday! There is still time as I will not be drawing a followers name until February 3rd.

I am trying to rust some jingle bells. Don't know if I have the recipe right, but already the bleach water is looking rusty. I know I read the instructions somewhere but of course, my mind is blank.
My Angel is able to fly...that is right...the stitching is finished! Meet me over at my other place to see it. Remind me...never to stitch on 20 ct again!

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Melanie said...

Ooo! I wanted to try that trick about rusting bells too! I know I have a pack of them............somewhere in this durn house.