Saturday, August 22, 2015

~~~~~an update

I had not planned on blogging today. Then after receiving many kind words of encouragement, I wanted to update. Mr H came to the doctor with me yesterday afternoon. The word is that there is no more that can be done. It is a wait and see as to whether my hand will heal itself. The swelling may never completely go away. In time it may very well be much better and less of a problem. I have written my letter of job termination and will bring it to Jo Ann's today. This month was 8 years working there. I want to give my hand the chance to heal. I want to be able to enjoy my stitching. Thank you all, my dear friends for the encouragement and caring comments and emails. Oh I know it has not been the end of the world, this problem.... but nevertheless it has been painful at times and frustrating.

You're in pretty good shape for the shape you are in.
Dr Seuss 

Happy to have you visit......have a great day.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Why do I look into the box?

Mr H and I enjoyed a lovely quiet day yesterday. Well, that is.... I went into the craft closet looking for I do not know what. I decided to look into the sewing/quilting container....what is this at the bottom?
Oh my goodness me! Many...many years ago, I was taught how to quilt by a lovely lady. Her name was Beatrice Angell (back in RI). Often I have thought about her and wondered what became of her. Anyway, this was a quilt block she taught me to make. I completed 5 of them and found one in progress. It is called Star of the Orient from the book Scrap Quilts. Beatrice was a very generous lady who supplied me the book, made the templates and the fabric. It was never my intention to make a whole quilt. I certainly do not have the fabric to do so..... but I will complete block 6 and find a way to make this usable. This is hand stitched which is one of my favorite things to  do. A lot does depend on 3what the doctor says today. Someone asked me about blogging. Why I do, what about the followers and the comments, etc. I guess we all have our reasons for blogging. I wanted to keep this "diary" of work and thoughts. I enjoyed visiting blogs and learned how to join in with comments and eventually became involved in some exchanges and give away. I loved seeing the bloggers who followed me grow and of course love the comments. Have you gained and lost followers? Some have stopped blogging or post less than often. But that is okay. If I had one wish it is that everyone would leave a way to respond to  their comments. I read someplace recently a complaint that some blog post are too long.... can not please all. Most important is to please ourselves and along the way hope that we make and keep blogging friends. What are your thoughts.... Oops...maybe this post is too long! Yesterday, one of our errands was to purchase a new wireless keyboard and mouse. Mr H discovered why the last one was not working properly; a loose connection that really would not be worth having fixed. So, I am trying to get use to the touch of this one. All I can say is good thing I have spell check!!! Well, guess that is it..... so glad you find the time to visit with me. Thank you for the kind words and most of all for your friendship. Time for me to visit around blog land. Have a great day.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Oh that Esther!

Wednesday afternoon I received a call from Jo Ann's. It was Esther asking me what size shirts I wanted and that I had a gift card waiting for me and oh yeah, she found a book I would like. So, yesterday after a few errands, Mr H and I stopped by to get the gift card and check out the book. I should explain.....our yearly inventory was the end of June. When your store meets the requirements for shrinkage, employees get 2 free Jo Ann work shirts and a gift card. Back to the book.....
Oh my goodness, I just had to have it.... a 40% off coupon and the gift card and the book was free and money left on the card...what more could I ask for. By the way, I do not know why the picture is turned sideways?! What a wonderful book and the lessons are so clear...well they read clear...being able to follow them may be another story. I have worn out the beginning pages already! I have visited Trish Burr's web site and her tutorials are great. I will definitely combine watching them and using the book to learn. I know what you are saying....when will she have time to learn all these things..... I may not, but the thought of doing so is wonderful. I can spend hours just looking through my many books and magazines. I sometimes put markers or make notations... some I do get back to, others just stay in place for the next time I browse through. Just an enjoyable process. I guess you kn ow what I will be doing sometime later today...cup of tea and ogling. So glad you had time to stop by. Thank you for the kind words and your friendship.... enjoy your day.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Has it really been a week?

I must say this at home relaxing time sure is nice.... I have relaxed a week away! Yesterday was my last therapy session with Jake. We both agree my hand is where it will be for at least now. Yes, there has been significant improvement, and I still have issues with some swelling and discomfort in the hand. It is what it is. Jake does not recommend my returning to work at this time. I will continue the home therapy plan.On Friday we will see that the surgeon recommends. I have enjoyed reading past week along with a few good old movies. It is still quite hot here..... we actually broke the record for 2 days reaching 117 one of the days. We are in a cool down...only 107 yesterday. I just tell me, myself and I that one of these days I will be sitting outside stitching. I have several projects lined up. Finally got to the post office to mail out the magazines...not an inexpensive deal but I am happy to pass on these wonderful stitching magazines rather than they sit in a box. Before I forget....September Card Exchange list is getting ready...let me know if you are interested. I will email the list by the 29th of August. Guess that is about it for me today. So glad you stopped by to chat....thank you for the encouragement and your friendship.... have a wonderful day.