Friday, November 25, 2016

Getting ready for Christmas

The Village is ready...well, I still want to pick up a couple of things to add....
In the past I set it up on the space there. This year Mr H cut me a piece of wood to extend front and sides of a table we have in the living room.  Now it has room to spread. I will not bore you with too many pictures today of it, just a couple and then with the next few posts I will continue...okay?
Santa is hung above the table. A bit of greenery above and I like the look. The dish-racks are there all the time . I hope to find Christmas dishes to change for the holiday. 
The last for today, looking from one of the left corner spot...The back of the display is raised about 2 inches to give a dimension to the village. I finally mounted the Punch Needle piece onto a piece of wood
This is a design from Yvonne Buus called Mistletoe. I had the words "Moments to Treasure" from scrapbooking and they describe my thoughts. They appear very light in this picture but they show up in person better...but still they are subtle. Mr H and I no longer walk in the cold winter snow, but we still walk holding hands. Just in time fro winter....although it will remain up all the time. First I need to find a place to display it.  We had a lovely quiet Thanksgiving dinner, listened to smooth jazz during dinner, watched some football and just relaxed. I do not participate in Black Friday shopping, never have. The week before Christmas a couple of years ago while checking out Best Buy Black Friday items before the day, a sales person told us the prices were already set and we bought the TV for the big sale price the week of! No crowds.  I know some of you just enjoy the hustle of it all and do get some great deals. Today you will not find me at any of the big stores. As a matter of fact, I hope to remain home and stitch. Well, that is about it for today. Stop by tomorrow for village tour #2. Always a pleasure to visit with you.Thank you for your friendship and kind words, have a great day.

Thursday, November 24, 2016


I am so thankful for you my friends. Have a wonderful day.......
hugs from me and hubby Dennis.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Lost again!

Just where did this week go? Somehow I have breezed through and not sure what or where! I have accomplished a few things....
I have since stitched even more on my Hawaiian block....all the leaves are done and soon to start the flowers.
I am enjoying the hand to hand stitch. I found 2 patterns: one for a February design (my birth month) and one for a December design (Mr H's month) and hope to work on them next.  I started the gold trim for the center of my Dresden wreath...and it looks just as I wanted. All in all, the quilting projects are moving along.  I finally finished the Angel...
Love the wild hair! I just decided this morning at 3 AM....did I mention that I have been up since 2 AM! to add a trim to the wings along the edge.  Twice I have taken out Alice...oh I must wait until I get a few things finished first!  My Christmas packages to be mailed are almost ready...They will go out early!!!
Two new additions to my house this week... first this pretty little bird..
I will love having him with my Christmas decorations. I miss having Cardinals around. Back in Rhode Island they visited our feeders all year. He is ceramic and the bit of glitter catches the light on his chest. Then I also just had to have ...
I saw the dragonfly and into my hands it flew. Tea seems to taste special in it. I love tea cups as you may know so this is another addition that I have been actually using.  Can you believe that this Thursday is Thanksgiving? With that in mind, it means that December is just around the corner.....this has been a fast year. I asked Mr H to cut me a piece of wood to cover and slightly enlarge a table for me to put out my Christmas village this year. This will be instead of using the mantle which I have other decorating plans for. So, I will be pulling down from the garage storage cupboards the house soon and it will begin to look festive around her. I think I will go and curl up on the daybed in the sewing/guest is a bit after 4 AM ....I hope to take a little nap before starting the day. It has been nice having you visit with me. Thank you so much for your friendship and kind words...enjoy your day.