Saturday, April 15, 2017

At 3 O'Clock in the morning-------

Yes, I was up and awake once again in the early of course I must be doing something right?
Another Sun -catcher for the window....or....this time  with a variegated light green and green glass gem in the center. I did manage to doze off once this was finished so now I am ready for the day. A visit to Petco is the plan because we have an addition to the Horton House..... I would have liked a puppy, but not happening so how about
we are adding an aquarium.... a 15 gallon. Years ago we had one and very much enjoyed the sound of the water and the gentle gliding of fish. This has a day light and an evening light. We will be adding a backing to the glass and maybe one other hiding feature for the new residents.  I had the glass shells and starfish as well as the real clam shell. Yesterday I decided to make something new for the front entrance outside wall...
just a simple 8 x 10 frame without the glass or backing and the addition of some flowers and sphagnum moss. Hopefully the birds will not decide to rest here or pick the moss from here. Time will tell I guess. Speaking of birds, the Mourning Doves are once again trying to convince the last baby to leave home. I do think today will be the day as it sat on the edge of the planter on/off yesterday. Could we finally be finished with nesting at Horton House? Mr H would not mind it if it is so. Beginning to be a maternity ward here. I forgot to tell you, my blood pressure has been down considerably....and I am feeling less tired. Still missing my coffee during the day, but the caffeine withdrawal headaches are over now. My thumb was doing nicely until I seem to have another small cut on it....have no idea when or how, but I need my thumb! Always something around here. Still trying to find someone to install the kitchen faucet...I just may be attempting this one. Guess the job is too small and since I already have the parts, well, they probably know they really can not charge high cost to the job. I found 2 more people to call before getting under the sink! It is going to be a beautiful weather weekend but we will not be doing any Easter egg hunting with our ailments, so the hard boiled  (not colored) eggs are in the fridge. and the tatted ones on the display branch. That about covers it dear friends. Glad you had some time to visit. Thank you so much for your kind words and caring about us here at Horton House. Than you for your friendship. Have a wonderful day.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Easter Blog Hop 2017

Time to begin this fun adventure hosted by-- Jo ---and here is my offering

yes, it is Digger, a rabbit I stitched a while back. Seems like his basket is filled with tatting thread this year and 2 tatted eggs. It also appears that he is going to try to tat with that lavender he knows I could not tat  on Thursday since I cut my thumb (right hand of course) lifting the large calendar page to mark a doctor appointment for Mr H. Now naturally I did not want to blame me for being careless so I said ...see what you did Denny (that is what I call my Mr H) I bleed on the floor . So today it may be back to tatting and stitching...feels better without a full day of use. Anyway back to the blog hop. did you notice the green letter--- L.....that is my letter for the phrase and now you should visit with Lenore at Needles Pen Word for her special picture and letter. Thank you Jo for once again organizing the of many throughout the year. I will be back Saturday with what has been happening around  Horton House.....where there are very few dull days!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The day can only get better....right?

Not the best start to any day....woke at 3 am and promptly spilled a glass of water all over my nightstand and the rug. Dear Mr H quickly came to sop up the mess. Off to the kitchen where I made a cup of tea for both of us and easily spilled the milk over the counter and floor...again Mr H came to help clean it I stood there and began to cry! Silly me.... in my craziness I added sugar to the tea which meant I had to toss that out (too sweet) and now onto a glass of Gatorade. My knee is cracking but that its alright as I will be getting my last (of three) injections this morning. Waiting for the sun to rise and brighten my day.
Will not be too long before I will be picking tomatoes again from our garden. There are 10 more stating to ripen. and the flowers are looking great as is this
Crown of Thorns which is full and lovely. An update on the Mourning Doves....the parents are spending more time out of the nest and the 2 kids reach up and flex their wings so it will not be too much longer before the fly off. Can this be the last for a while? I did some, but very little on Alice....
Shamefully, not really much to show. But, as I have just picked up my new eyeglasses with the new prescription it should be less tiring to stitch on the 32 count linen.  I managed to tat a new ornament...
It should be round but I was unable to get it to be so, so here it is in a different form and I like it. I am trying it again and maybe it will be round! It really lends nicely  to this shape though. I mailed one package for Easter and tracking tells me it arrived safely....well my dear friends, I really need to have a cup of fresh ground hot coffee....I do believe the dropsies have ended. Thank you for stopping by and for the kind words and of course your wonderful friendship. Have a good day.
I am officially in countdown to The Brothers Alan's visit...arriving May 9th.