Friday, February 7, 2014

End of the week already?

Just where did this week go.... it seems as though it was Monday yesterday. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Mr H and I had a nice quiet day relaxing and then out for an early dinner. Lovely time shared. This week really has slipped away from me. Still not stitching... why escapes me. I guess my mind needs a break from cross stitching. Maybe if I pick up another type of project it will get my hands to work. Speaking of work, work has been busy so I do get home tired. My asthma has been annoying. Of course all the lint at work does not help. Mr H went for tests yesterday to rule out blood clots in his leg...good news, none there. Now tonight for more tests to find the cause for the pain and difficulty walking. If it is not one thing, it must be another. How is it, with all the advances in medical technology, reasons can not be found sometimes....
Sent my Valentine off to Jo for the Secret Valentine Hop.....she is great at organizing these fun "hops".  Stop over and check it out. Welcome to new friends who have stopped by....wish I had an email or blog info to visit with some of you....but I am happy to have you  here. Hope you all have a nice day.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Annual UN Birthday Party

Today is my it is also someone's UN-Birthday..... could it be yours? If you would like to be in my annual UN-Birthday Party Draw, leave me a comment on this post only and let me know if you are "ready to party". The birthday name will be drawn on Sunday February 9th. So I have any plans for I have the day off so that in itself is nice. A lazy day is nice...a stitch day even better or maybe trying something from one of my new books. Did I mention I found another nice book...

 There are some really cute patterns here. I think they would make really nice gifts and they do not seem to be too difficult...I do believe I can sew them. I love this one on the feminine. So, I guess a cup of tea and my books will my morning plan. Mr H and I don't really celebrate our birthdays much. Maybe out for a nice lunch or dinner and a home movie. Just spending time with him is a gift. You all know what I mean. As I get older, my priorities have changed. I am glad you had the time to chat with me...have a great day.