Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day #1 and some beads and post #501

There is something about the first day of the month... I just like the idea of another new beginning. Maybe it is the chance to change from the past into the new that intrigues me. A new start of sorts. This September is different to me. It was a year ago that Mr H was facing the first of five surgeries that would take him to December. It has been a very long year in healing both physically and mentally for us. I am pleased to say we have more good days than off days and that eventually time will heal his discomfort. Now hold your seats... I am not a religious person, but I do believe there are angels who are watching over us. Some days they do their job just right. He never ever complains.... he is a gem and I will treasure him forever.
I did not get any stitching done yesterday as I went off to work. I got a call giving me today off so today I will stitch! But what will I stitch? I get so tempted by what I have in my room ... in files ... in boxes. During this coming week I will show you what surprises I have found and all I did was peek into these dark places! But look here...

These are two bracelets waiting to be put together. So tempting  that I find these little jars with their lovely colors. I should tell you how it is that I have this selection. I have an enabler...Mr H. I showed him a picture of the bracelet and before I knew it we were including the bead shop in our errand run! The beads are Tilas and 2 hole seed as well as size 8 seed beads. So tempting these beads are.
My Lady is coming along and thank you for following her. She will eventually need a name so start putting on your thinking caps...when she is finished she must have a name.
I realized today that this post is #501! Amazing. I appreciate your visiting with me and the comments and email with kind words. I enjoy your opinions and suggestions...keep them coming. I do hope you Labor Day is relaxing ...hugs to you all.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Hugs from My Lady and a Blue Moon

Well now, tonight is the Blue Moon. Be sure to get out and look up at the sky. In reading about this event, I came across many different opinions of when and why and how. So I will just enjoy the fact that there will be a full moon tonight...  The song Blue Moon was a favorite at many of the dances in my dancing days. Moving along..
My Lady has her arms..

Sending hugs out to all of you! There was a question or two sent to me...I am stitching this as Diane Williams, the designer set it. I am using DMC floss so my shades are a little different... but I am using the suggested colors. I am happy to say, there are no mistakes. One of the changes I plan to make is in the finish.... you will just have to wait and see. I also think I may add a little something. I am sure Diane from Little House Needleworks would not mind.... as she printed in the direction: "The possibilities are endless so you can make this design uniquely your own!"
It is so nice to be appreciated. I have received 2 emails from my Cousin... from the Get Together I organized  at the beginning of this month back in Rhode Island. We did indeed enjoy ourselves...the pictures reflect it. Since I do not have permission to post them you will have to take my word for it. We are nine in our generation and 2 in-laws from our parents generation. My mom and my aunt Esther. Someone took a picture of me with them and when I find out who and then if my cousin will permit, I will post these two ladies.
Well, Ms Zoe is outside for the fourth time in the last hour... so I best check on her...oh wait, she is staring at me through the slider!
I am happy that we could spend some time together...welcome to my new friends...I looked and saw that I have 215 followers...I am amazed! Thank you for the kind words you send to me...have  a wonderful day.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

A grand give away and almost a hug

My lady is almost ready to send out hugs... but not just yet. Tomorrow for sure. I am just feeling too lazy lately! I did get some beads yesterday to try a new bracelet pattern. I will be working the rest of the week and if the days are like last week at work, I will be pretty tired and achy when I get home. It may seem like a lot of hours, but when we are busy, noon to 5 Pm and not getting home until 5:30 can feel like a full day.
Oh the give away? That is with Jennifer at Feathers in the sure to stop by and see. I would love to win...
Well, I need a cup of coffee...and maybe some toast with Prickly Pear Cactus Jelly. Thanks for visiting with me. I welcome my new friends and wish you all a great day. Stop back tomorrow for a hug from My Lady.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Time flies even if you are not having fun!

Can it be that I have not posted since Thursday? Gee, what have I been doing? Well, I did work 3 days last week.I did this and that.  I did stitch some.

The dressmaker is busy stitching My Lady's dress. I really like the colors. She is going to be lovely when I  the dressmaker finishes.
I think she really needs to have arms.... she is looking a bit weird again.
   I have not, I am ashamed to say, worked on Iris. I am not working tomorrow so maybe I can get 100 stitches done.
I have a basket... in it are to do's,  working on, and maybes. Look what I found and finished stitching
I now will think about the finish. I have changed my mind a few times, but now that it is ready, I think it will be easier to make a decision. any ideas out there? Feel free to send them my way.
  Mr H and I went out to buy a new phone...which we did, and also a new computer desk chair. I love the smell of new leather. We seem to need a new phone every so many years. As for the chair, well, Mr H, who does use the computer more now, really did not like the one we had. Staples offered for $15.00 a replacement for the chair in 3 years... you keep the chair and they give you a new one. Not bad, we shall see in 3 years.
   Ms Zoe is doing okay. Thank you for asking and caring about her. I do have to get her to the vet for a pedicure and ear check... but all in all, she seems to be doing okay. Mr H still is telling her to concentrate so she won;t stumble and pay attention so she will not get lost.... I just listen. Thank you for stopping by and chatting. Welcome to my new friends.... I do hope you all have a wonderful day.