Friday, May 15, 2015

I have show and tell today!

First I want to say a huge thank you for the concern/advice regarding my eyes. I am feeling much better now that I have been using the eye drops. Secondly, I returned to have my eyes re examined and am comfortable with the situation so I ordered my glasses. Hopefully in 2 weeks they will be ready and I can return to cross stitching. On to the fun stuff~~~~~~
I joined in the thimble exchange that KimM organized. I sent to 2 gals, both in Spain. I received my thimble from Montse in Spain yesterday...
Wonderful gifts with the thimble.... a pattern booklet and several other patterns and she even stitched something for me. I also received an email from someone who read a post of mine someplace and wants to do a thimble exchange! Of course I said yes. Then I convinced my sweet little frog pitcher to become a pincushion...
These frogs I have mentioned somewhere along here in the past.... they belonged to my paternal grandma. For as long as I can remember they were in her kitchen above the stove. When she died I got them....I loved them as a child and cherish them now. Sadly I have no one to pass them on to.
Anyway, the little one now has a pincushion made from a scrap of fabric that I have had for ages. Just the right print and look.
As I have not been able to cross stitch, I decided to hand stitch.
I gathered ups some scraps and 2 cd's and beads and a piece of Teneriffe, buttons and trim and this is what I did...a bit of crazy quilting into a pincushion. So, vision or not, I have tried to keep busy. I plan to do another one soon. Today we are having a cloudy day...nice for a change. We might even get some rain. I must dash off now as I have a meeting with one of the homeowners and then with my computer guru to help with my external drive that I just plugged in. A busy morning. I had the week off but will be going in tomorrow....usually Saturday's are busy. So off I go~~~~~~glad to spend some time with you. Hope you have a wonderful day.