Friday, November 13, 2015

It's Friday and the 13th too!!!

Now I will say that I am a superstitious person but Friday the 13th does not affect me in any way.... I will be careful while out today. I know it is seriously a problem for some people, but not for me..... I did dust the horseshoe and it is in the proper position. I wonder why cable was out this morning and why the living room TV has issues that are all now cleared up? Moving on......
I have not been able to stitch this week much because I was busy with these gals
yes, 6 ballerina and their skirts all cut and ready to dance to someone's home..... why did I think cutting these all the same day would not bother my hand. The word is think, I did not bother to think! I won't be doing that again. One a day or so if there are more to cut. Yesterday Mr H went to Redbox to get me the movie, Mr Holmes....I love everything Sherlock Holmes, well maybe except for the newer versions. We have a collection of the DVDs which we watch frequently. Anyway, I really did enjoy it. I had read the book that it was based on; A Slight Trick of the Mind some years back. I think I will re-read the book. I have no specific plans for today. I will let Mr H drive if we are out today....The NASCAR race people are in town this weekend so traffic in certain areas will be busy. Good for the economy, but terrible for traffic and restaurants. Maybe some of them are cautious about the date today. I think I will be needing to put together another stitch kit for while visiting in hospital as I have been stitching on the one I did have ready. I really should do a laundry.... or should I. Thank you for stopping by, for your kind words and most of all your friendship. Have a great day.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Snowflake Ballerina's and new ornaments

A beautiful day yesterday so Mr H and I went to The Litchfield Fair..and as usual we were not disappointed. There are three ladies that we look for and always manage to find something....
This is feathers and a moccasin created by Anita Baptiste. Each visit I purchase one of her creations. I love her work. then I found Maryann Hamel who does these
Her creations are metalwork. Both of these ladies are from Arizona. I try to support local artists when I can. It was a pleasant afternoon. I also picked up a couple of ornaments as gifts. Then it was back home to sit outside. All around nice day. I have been busy this morning. Still have not gotten something to stitch yet from the closet. I am almost afraid to go in there. Lately I am finding this and that from ago. I guess it is not so bad, at least I get them finally finished. Have you seen the Snowflake Ballerina? I saw it on and decided to make a few. I forgot how out of practice I am making paper snowflakes.
I realize it is not the best picture, but for now this is where they are.
If I can manage to make better snowflake skirts, I certainly will. I will be looking for a place to hang them so they can dance in the air. I was hoping to have a quiet day but Mr H is thinking we should go to a musical afternoon at one of the parks.....these last couple of days I have been feeling so very tired... thought today would be a nice rest day...thought!I am trying to make the rounds to visit your blogs. Right now I must attend to the laundry #1 and make a cup of coffee. So glad we had a chance to visit....thank you for the kind words and your friendship. Enjoy the day.