Saturday, August 6, 2016

One errand leads to another

My tablet was not working properly and it is only 3 years old. Off to Best Buy and the Geek Gal did not know what was wrong because at that moment it worked okay...of course. Mr H thought I should just get a new one --- who am I  to say no.

Of course I needed a new cover so off to Staples  because I like their covers better. Meet Samsung Tab E, or SamE. Now to learn the working of this one. So far the only thing I can not do is transfer my email addresses from the old one which means I will be putting them in manually as I go along.
 Across the parking lot from Staples is Pier 1. So--- into Pier 1 we go and came out with several items..... first is this beautiful glass pumpkin to add to my 2 others...

The new one is the green with gold highlights. It all started with the purple and gold.....then because there are those plain ones...
just had to have this twisted paper pumpkin. It just speaks Autumn and will look great on the mantel if and when this weather ever cools down. So far there is no rain in the near forecast and the sun is bright and the temps are moderate today. Only at 91 so far and expected temps of 102 for later. Before leaving the store Mr H spotted a dragonfly...we love dragonflies...
love it! At the moment is hanging in the main bathroom. There is a skylight and it will catch bright light all day. Not sure if it will remain here, but for now.
Not to be left out of new items, Mr H headed over to Home Depot for a new wet vac.

After all, the last one was 9 years old and got lots of use cleaning the pond and the garage. So, that was the adventures yesterday. There will be no punching today as my hand is swollen again. I am on the back-round of the sunflower and that will be hopefully finished in the next couple of days. I guess all the shopping did my hand in! but I sure enjoyed it. That is just about all. Thank you for visiting and thank you for your friendship and kind words. Have a great day.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Can it be ~~~~more rain ?

Until recently it was as though the Monsoon season would pass us by here in my area of The Valley. Fast forward or in this case looking back to earlier this week and yes, the rain has finally fallen in my backyard.
Of course yesterday Mr H went out to watch for lightening which never happened. He just loves these storms.
A roll of thunder around 10 minutes to 5 this morning and the rain is falling again....pours then stops and then starts again. No matter, we welcome it. Many areas have had some flooding, but we do not in our neighborhood. With this rain however, is the muggy air that hangs over us now. On Wednesday Mr H and I went to the mall so I could find a new bathing suit....
It is a two piece that hides the fact that I need to lose some pounds....I really like it. When we were ready to leave the mall a downpour began. Not to have to drive at the moment we stayed and stopped at the Starbucks kiosk for a cup of Mocha. If we do not have to drive/go out into the rain then we don't. Driving here when it rains is crazy.
I have been working on my sunflower needle punch and only have the back round to complete. I think I am going to try to sketch out a snowman for an ornament to punch. Finally got around to looking through my fabric bins...of course I do not have the right piece to finish my sewing basket project. How does that happen? lots of fabric, but not what I need. My tablet has decided not to work...well, work properly so I need to go to Best Buy and have them check it.... might be time for a new one.  That is what is happening around here.  I am ready to have some breakfast and then more on my sunflower. Always a pleasure to have you visit. Thank you for your wonderful friendship and kind words. Have a great day my friends. I will leave you with the weather for this morning
Just rolling off the roof....

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Coming soon~~~~~

I just do not know where all the days go. August already! For most it signifies the end of summer. For me I think that soon the temps will be more comfortable and once again I will be sitting outside. I miss my mornings out on the front porch with my coffee and needle in hand. Soon, coming soon to my neighborhood. In the meantime the air is on and I am comfortable indoors. So far the air conditioner is working okay but we think September will be replacement time. Mr H and I went out to grab dinner Friday night at a restaurant nearby (not new to the area) for the first time. We did not really enjoy the meal or the atmosphere and lo and behold, at 2 AM on Saturday I woke to rush to the bathroom and continued this behavior for several hours. So Saturday was not the best day of the week for me. But~~~~~ the mail delivery brought me
Oh my goodness I can not wait to start this. Swam of Bees by Sarah Homfray, stumpwork kit. I saw the video she has on doing the Turkish stitch and I knew I had to have this bee. From time ordered to arrival from the UK it was only 5 days. I have finished all the stitching for the Sewing Basket and also made my templates for cutting. I will look though my fabric bins because I am sure I must have the right fabrics for this. My Sunflower needle punch is moving right along too.

I am however finding that I need to buy a scissor that is flat for cutting the threads close. I guess I will look to Nordic Needle to check what they have...maybe the applique type. Still feeling a bit weary from my Saturday experience so I am not working steadily on anything today. Mr H has been behaving himself but the ladder is still out. Now he needs to trim the Honeysuckle. I must admit, it is too high and growing like a weed. So many plants have landed in the trash with this heat, but this one continues to thrive. We actually had a rain, thunder and lightening storm the other evening. The morning started out cloudy but now the sun has made an appearance so the heat is starting up, not that it was cool before. The over night lows were in the high 80's. With that I will say thank you for visiting and welcome to few new friends....thank you for your friendship and kind words. Have a wonderful day.