Friday, October 1, 2010

a new month....

I can not believe September is gone. I was a good month; I re-connected with an aunt, Rose Marie (NC), a niece, Lisa (FL) and a cousin Janice (RI). Time is borrowed and much to precious to loose.  I am so glad to be able to have these people back in my space of time. I also started this blog, so it was a full month. The temps are still high; yesterday Phoenix recorded 107...and today promises to be around the same. I am looking forward to setting out the pumpkins this may not feel like Autumn, but it will look like it. I will also finish my luminary. We had a class this past Wednesday night at our Card Stitching group. Our group of ladies meets each week to make cards and sometimes we have a class. I have work today and tomorrow so Sunday looks like a busy day.  Somewhere along the way I need to fit in a ride to Scottsdale and while there stop in the needlework shop to look for a new project. I also want to try a new recipe for cinnamon rolls. Good thing I rise before the crack of dawn!
Well another cup of coffee is scenting the air.......have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A very warm start again

One of these mornings, I will wake and feel cool..that is temps under 100 for the day.  The temp yesterday was 106...and It will be near that again today. Yesterday was our monthly stitch group. Many of the snowbirds have not yet returned to AZ so the group is still small. We visit and stitch and present one of our works...I took my Dragonflies on bamboo...and then we have lunch. As always there is catching up with one another and sharing ideas. I am working on this SW scene that Dennis has asked me to do. I really want to get it finished so I can start another..still to be decided project. Why is it I am stitching one and planning the next? I always have a few "in waiting". There just is never enough time in my day! I have started another book and there also I have books on my "to read" list. I long to sit outside on the lanai to stitch and read...maybe, just maybe tomorrow~

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday and a solution found!

One day I am pleased that I have set up this blog, by nightfall I am stressed! One click in the wrong place and poof! everything changes. Well, I sat and sat, had a cup of coffee to start the day, and read the newspaper. While sorting some beads, voila! it came to me. Now I have fixed my problem and before I click anywhere on this page...I will count to 10. Now that that issue is resolved, on to the day.Of course there will be football to watch. The Patriots are playing the Bills. If hubby gets too rowdy I will retreat to my sewing room and stitch with some quiet music playing. Before I forget, I want to thank my sis Linda who (bless her) not knowing enough about blog construction to help, tried her best to chat with me last night...long distance (from RI) and to Annette a new friend who has been very patient we my rambling on. Love to both! Now, off for a much needed cup of tea and stitching. The house is quiet. Both Dennis and Zoe are still asleep. I can hear the sounds of smooth jazz~~~~~~~~have a great day.