Friday, October 5, 2012

A package from Italy and an old book

It is always wonderful when the postman brings something just for me.....

This was from Chiara of the grey tail . She helped co-ordinate the sale of cross stitch patterns by various designer that would benefit the people of the Emilia Romano earthquake area. There are 38 designs and they are lovely. A worthwhile cause to support. Thank you Chiara for your efforts in spreading the word and taking on the task of mailing to all of us. I keep flipping through the pages trying to put them in a stitch order!
I every so often come across a book in my collection. Now we all have these book collections. We may not remember where they came from or why we even have them, but we do. Here is one that I can not remember where, where or how I came by this one. I can tell you that I have had it for at least 30 years!

The illustrations are wonderful. The wording is just ...well let me share this....
"Implements have much to so with success in working, and to keep one's scissors sharp and one's temper vice versa, one's needles pointed and one's tongue still, one's silk out of tangle and one's mind to match, will aid in reaching that which is hoped for." Just to read is wonderful never mind try the designs! Did you notice the publication date? 1889! I guess I will be turning these pages this weekend.
This is of course is the Columbus Day weekend celebration at Jo Ann's .. so yes, we will be busy. Yesterday I stood for 2 hours at the registers and when I finally got home, proceeded to soak my poor toes in a Eucalyptus foot bath. Very relaxing. Have you seen the new designer in blog world.... it is none other than PattyC from Hanging on by a Thread. I just received my copy and dyed some fabric and am ready stitch. Wonderful to be able to support our friends in their new adventures.
Well my friends, time for me to get to my stitching you have a favorite place to sit and stitch? Glad you took some time to share with me...have a great day.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

One for, one for~~~~

I just can't believe this week is almost gone. Yesterday Mr H and I ran errands for 4 hours! I can tell you that we accomplished a lot, and enjoyed lunch at Paradise Bakery Cafe but were so tired when we finally got home. I did buy 2 Christmas gifts that will be soon wrapped and ready for shipping for December. I also finished another beaded project....

The "tennis" style bracelet is a gift and will be mailed in a week, but the green Deborah Roberti , Tila Squared bracelet is for me. I saw the pattern on her blog and ordered it and it was not too complicated to make. It took longer to decide on color combinations than to really make it. I would like to make another--- I better start deciding on colors now!
The morning started out to be quite comfortable, but the warmth is slowly making the air conditioner  necessary.Just when is Fall going to happen around here? Don't forget, My Lady is still looking for a name so be sure to leave me a comment or send an email with your idea. I will be deciding on Sunday and then getting a gift ready for the person who names her. I have received great suggestions...
Tomorrow I will tell you about a package the post left for me. Until then, have a wonderful day.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Crawly but not creepy

I love trying and learning new things. Yesterday I created some crawly but never creepy...
Yes, spiders. These however are sparkling with beads.
Many years ago... I do mean many, I heard the legend of the Christmas Spider. The original tale that I was told is a little different than the one I have now, but no matter. It is a sweet story.
I had a web and spider and for over 30 years and it rested on a branch of my tree every year. Then poof, one year the spider was missing.  This year I decided to add it back to my tree. Then I figured, well, if you make one then why not make several and send them off to friends for their tree along with the story. So--- if you think you may want one for your Christmas tree, keep a watch for the post that invites you to enter my web.
Last night I had a chat via telephone with my mom. We started to reminiscence about "the days".  Now mom is 85 and sometimes she , well, let's say--- on third thought let's not. Anyway, Mr H brought up something I always tell him is a fond memory. Angel food cakes. Mom made the best angel food cake. So I told her how I think of it often. The reply... are you sitting? " I am going to bake one this week and then freeze it and then I will mail it off to you". I know the post is good, but mailing across country and how it will end up here? I will keep you informed if this happens. She means well. Did I mention that she is still waiting for me to return to RI? We packed up, sold everything and drove across country 8, yes eight years ago and she is still waiting. Enough of this....
It has been a great few days off from work which has been very busy. Everyone is sewing this or that and getting Christmas gifts ready. I have to get through Fall first! Are you making many of your gifts? Today is a plan to make a gift that will be for Halloween. It involves beads.  And a little relaxing with a book.
REMEMBER... still looking for a name for My Lady.... so leave a suggestion either here or there.... and emails... I hope your day is terrific!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

The debut of..... My Lady

What a good feeling when something finishes just the way you thought and planned. And here she is
Little House Needleworks "My Lady" stitched on Cream Belfast 28 Ct linen using DMC threads as recommended. My thought was to hang a needlework charm from her hands, but I have not found one that I like--- yet. So, that may be an addition at some time. I have stitched in here and there some filament thread to add a little glow. Unfortunately, it does not show in the pictures but does in person. I am so glad that I found the paisley silky print for her backing and the gold braid to trim. Her bustle is a small pincushion. Now, what I would like is for all of you to help give her a proper name. So, post here or email me your choice of a fitting name for her. I will choice a name next Sunday, October 7th. I am sure there will be something special for one of you.
Mr H is being cautious now that we have the coyotes roaming at all times again. Personally, I doubt they could pick up our 27 pound chunky monkey! They last time she came face to face with a coyote, she stared and I believe would have invited him in! She is such a gentle soul.
Today is of course football Sunday at the H house. While Mr H cheers, complains and yells at the TV, I will be going to the bead shop to make a new trinket. Welcome to a new friend who joined my blog... and thank all of  you for taking the time to visit. Enjoy your day....