Saturday, June 7, 2014

Thank you Cucki

The weather has been hot and I have been stitching on Clematis....I will update with a picture soon. I am enjoying this and have no idea why I never finished it  before.  I do know that I have a few others that really should be finished and I do know that I have plans to start a dew more...oh dear, it is just a dizzy circle! One of the ones to start I needed light blue linen. I decided to experiment and dye some samples. Don't you love dying fabrics and trims? I use almost anything from Rit to fruit and of course tea and, still not in my diet and I do miss it. Anyway where was I? oh yes the light blue fabric. So I started the process...
starting with 28 count white evenweave, this is what happened. I started with 1/2 cap full of Royal Blue and first 2 cups hot water, then 3 and finally 4 cups hot water. The top row are all dipped in and then rinse for a few minutes in plain water. The bottom row is washed with soap.  The sample all by itself is 1/2 cap full and 1 cup water and just rinsed. Now to select and try to duplicate. Love doing this!
My Round Robin #2 piece arrived from Cucki
So pretty and a lovely postcard too. Love getting postcards from different states and countries. I will be thinking of a way to use this. I just joined a SAL, my first one. I am Just waiting for the kit to arrive. The others have started so I will play catch-up. It is not a large project so I should be able to follow along. So any of you do Punch Needle? I have wanted to try it for some time. I love  seeing what others create but now I have a push to try it. Charl, from the Prim Society Group is sending me the tools to do so. Very kind and generous.  I know what you are saying, why something else? I can not help myself! When I am sitting in the Angels Craft Garden someday, I want to be able to join in on all that everyone else is doing! Dear friends, it is time to go out to open the umbrellas, and water my assigned plant! (more about this later) and of course have another cup of tea. I will be working today so my stitching is not a happening thing nor is the fabric dyeing. Thank you for your friendship and kind words. Hope your day is wonderful.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Found and arrived

Sometimes you really need to look into a file, or a box and you will find some interesting things. The date on the printed pattern is 1999 and at that time I bought and stitched so it is very likely that this was bought then but for what ever the reason it was not finished. So...
presenting Glorious Clematis Welcome. The company is Sylcrafts from Taunton MA. I gathered the DMC threads and will get this oldie finished. I never know what I will find when I start moving about the craft closet. Mr H calls it the warehouse. I did find a couple of other projects that I will take a better look at later.
Finally my quilt for Natalia arrived and although I am pretty sure Elyssa does not read my blog, I wanted to wait to show you...
I do hope the mom and dad like it.There is a special reason for the special embroidered blocks. I included a card written to Natalia so that someday she will know about it.
There are the moccasins which are for when she has an easy walk through life ----- the cowboy boot for when she will need to be strong on her walk-----the tepee for a good home with love---- the horseshoe with hearts for luck and love--- and there is a block with 3 stitched hearts for hugs from uncle Dennis , aunti grace and Natalia to share. Last is the 2 Indians...named Uncle Dennis and Aunti Grace so that she will know we will always be here/there for her. I chose the bright green print which has the roadrunner, our state bird, and lizards which roam everywhere.The backing is shades of pink with stars all over for dreaming. Every stitch has a meaning for me and all stitched with love.
Well my friends, that is about it for happy to share some time with you. Thank you for being a friend. Have a wonderful day.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

I went to a party and never left home!

Chooky is having a birthday p[arty at The Chookshed and I joined in. Yes, she invited all to have their own stitch party even if alone. Me Myself and I joined in around midnight Arizona USA time and look what I made....
my own mug rug. It measures approximately 9 1/2 by 6 1/2 and it didn't turn out too bad, considering I am not a quilter. With some practice, I do believe I could make another and make it more accurate. I had the fabric in my stash and I do love the combination. The rose to the left side is appliqued.  This will be sitting on my craft table..... or maybe by my craft chair in the living room.... where ever I find it, I will be resting my tea or iced drink. Be sure to stop by Chooky's place to see what others are doing. She will be having several gals over to sew and lunch and I do believe I saw some wine in her refrigerator.... since I stitched at midnight, I thought it best not to drink anything more than my tea...who knows what would happen if I did. Especially not knowing what I was really doing in the first place.
We are having another hot day today...maybe around 107... Excessive Heat Watch Warnings! Yesterday was 108 and tomorrow 109...normal is 100 for this time of year. So, the air conditioner and ceiling fans on, sliders closed and limited time outdoors. I will be going out to Jo Ann's for our monthly Tatting Meet up with The Debra. I do think it will be a quiet day. Right now I need a tall glass of iced Gatorade and a cat nap. Glad you visited with me today.......hope you have a great day....