Friday, April 25, 2014

A special Day

April 25, 1970
I knew this was a good thing to do. I knew I would be happy. I was calm and content as I dressed in my gown and readied myself for my big day. Dennis and I exchanged our vows on a Saturday morning and I felt my heart and soul fill with love.  We met and decided to married a week and a half after that! There were a few times in the past years when we comforted one another and times that we cried together and mostly times we hugged and laughed an gave our love to the other. have  There will be no special celebration today, just the two of us spending the day here or there but always together. Denny, as I refer to him, has been and will always be the most important person in my life. I have been so lucky to have spent these last 44 years with the man of my dreams... the person who is my everything. -------My Uncle Arthur was the photographer for our wedding. He took lots of pictures but this was his favorite.... he had been upstairs while my sis Linda helped

me get ready when. While waiting to leave for the church, I sat on my window seat in my bedroom and he snapped the above picture.
I do not often look through these old pictures but I did today and wanted to share these 2 in particular.  A sister helping a sister for a big day and a 23 year old waiting to become a bride.
I always tell Denny that his kisses are the best...with that I leave you with this cute card front
The inside reads;
I fell in love with you for lots of reasons----but your kisses really sealed the deal!
As always I am happy to share time with you my friends, I hope it was not too mushy a post for you, but today is a special day....

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Another very warm day

When the temperature is at 73 and the time reads 5 AM and the sun is still asleep, you just know it will be a very warm if not hot day. Yesterday the temp reached 97 and it is not even May yet! Some of the lovely garden blooms are feeling the heat already.....
Before leaving work yesterday, I picked up trim that I will use on All Is Well and some foam core board...on my way to getting a completion. I surprised myself with how little is let to do on Doll. Guess I have been putting more XXs in than I thought. The quilt is also moving along.... just 3 squares to embroider and then assemble. The embroidery is simple and looking as I imagined it all would. Very pleased with myself I am. Today Mr H has a doctor appointment this morning then I have a short meeting with our HOA Consultant then the rest of the day is mine, all mine. First I would like to get All Is Well mounted on the foam core board. I have not decided how to finish the wooden board that it will be on.... stain or paint. Always a decision to hold me up. I am thinking just a paint whitewash..... Next will be to at least embroider one more quilt square. I love hand embroidery.... I also want to try Stump Embroidery ...I am off until Saturday so I will have plenty of time to play with that. Some time last month while in Scottsdale, I found this delightful lady...
She is the same on both sides and dancing in the window of my Sewing room. When the afternoon sun enters  into the room,
The Ballerina shines and the air moves her gently and silently. Flying quietly above her in this window are 12 Origami Cranes. They came to live with me from ..Ingrid( see old post here) There are so many talented artists out in the world. I promise to try to find where the cranes flew in from. Dear friends, that about is it for this day. Laundry is ready to pop into the dryer and I positively need another cup of coffee. Thank you for the kind words and for spending time with me. Hope you have a marvelous day.
This is a beautiful day! It is a great reminder how thankful I am for all the "beauty" I have in my life. Thank you for being apart of this great feeling.
(author unknown)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Busy on my day off

I started the day with laundry and cleaning the oven and stitching. Actually I did 2 laundries... don't get me wrong, they are small with just Mr H and myself. Then it was the oven, again, I should clarify that it is a self cleaning oven. You do not think that I scrub the oven...really! I enjoyed putting stitching in The Doll. She is coming along nicely. I also cut 5 tonal green squares for the quilt and pressed All is Well... trying to decide how to finish it...I though I had that figured out until now. The tomato plants have finally finished blooming so I began to tar them out. Thought I would give M H a help with that. One of them is has such a large root system that I need to dig it out. Generally I do not touch the garden, but he is having issues with his back so I wanted to help. Yesterday I made some really good salsa for my tortilla chips. Then this morning I had the salsa on my hash browns...yum. I hope everyone had a nice day yesterday. We just settled in for a quiet day and I did get some stitching done which is always a good thing. I think I am in need of iced water and stitching , so I wish you a wonderful day. Thank you for spending some of it with me.
I cannot count my day complete
'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown