Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's here~~~~~

Merry Christmas
Joyeux Noell
Feliz Navidad
Frohe Weihnachten
Buon Natale
Nollaig Shona
Vrolijk kerstfeest
Hyvaa Joulua
God Jul
Have a wonderful day from my home to yours

Friday, December 24, 2010

Almost here

finally...the night day before Christmas and all through the house the other creature stirring is Dennis (who can't sleep). The tea is made and the blogs have been checked and there is a morning nip in the air.
I have to work a few hours today...hopfully it will not be too hubby shopping is finished....all gifts have arrived at there special locations....a giveaway to draw tonight for the magazine. There will be one more drawing during the week, and that will be for the Breast Cancer pouch. I would like to get that mailed before New Years Day.
Try to have a relaxing day.........thanks for visiting with me this day....

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Extra magazine up for grabs

I have to admit, when I go to The Attic, it is usually for something special.  Because it is a half hour drive, and depending on the time of day or which day of the week, that time can be longer, so when I do go I buy items I like ....I mean that I really need. Well this trip I bought a magazine...The Jan/Feb 2011 JCC
but I already have it...I knew that I liked it.

So, I would like to send it to another craft room as there is no room for two of the same here! If you would like it, please comment here and then I will send it out to you asap...

I am glad you stopped by and I know you would never snicker because I did this....who did I hear laughing??!!

A Christmas giveaway

Blog hop over to Patty C for her lovely Christmas giveaway.....

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I am ready!

It looks as though I am finally ready for the Challenge....I will post pictures as of Jan 1 on my challenge blog......see you there ...I just may need your encouragement!

A new day....

For Today

Outside my window
       Very dark except for the lights on the Yucca tree in the garden
I am thinking
        about baking my favorite cookie tonight.....
I am thankful for
        all of you, my blog friends, who sent kind wishes to  me yesterday
From the kitchen
        The smell of fresh brewed coffee
I am wearing
        Pink pj's
I am creating
        My Winter Exchange gift
 I am hearing
        The sound of a distant train whistle...about 5 miles away!
On my mind
        Peaceful thoughts
Plans for the day
        a drive to The Attic for some goodies
From my cameras eye
       3 lovely old ornaments that belonged to my Aunti Angie....faded and tarnished but oh so loved by me.

I am wishing
         to all of you who stopped by today, have a wonderful Christmas Day

Monday, December 20, 2010

Do you have a furbaby?

If you have a furbaby, young or old or a teenager, you might want to check this out here.
Our girl Zoe is on 2 medications each month. One we buy directly for the Opthamologist and the other from Walgreens. The doctor charges $44.00 and the one from Walgreens is usually $24.99. Today, because I printed out the RX card for Zoe, we saved $16.46! We paid only $8.53....thank you very much! Check it out...see if your county or city is involved. It can also in some cases be used for us 2 legged people.....

Oh, and thank you for the support...I really do feel better this evening.

Glad you stopped by and hope this pet info is helpful.

A bittersweet December this year

I started today to complain to you about the holiday...about how I dislike all the commercials that want us to buy all the high $$, perfumes and jewelry ...of course, that is retail.  Instead I will tell you about how I feel today. I am sad to remember that 25 years ago my dad died on the 18th of December. I am remembering the day my nephews were born...both on December 13th...they are now 20 which makes me feel old. I find myself missing my beloved schnauzer Sherlock so much this year. He went over Rainbow Bridge in 2004...he loved Christmas. It meant he would unwrap any gift under the tree and remove ornaments.
There is an up-note this year. I found so many of you. When I started my blog at the end of September, it was for me to jot down and share my work and ideas. I was hoping to be accepted into the blogging community and to make new friends. To learn new ideas. Well, that did happen....and I am so happy to have you as my friends. I look forward to your visits and comments. I enjoy visiting your corner of the neighborhood. I received  a lovely card from is in Russian! And Maaike and I exchanged cards....she is in Finland.
Thank you all for helping me through this have made a difference for me.

Have a wonderful day, because I know I will now that we have had this chat!