Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wonderful Saturday morning sounds

It is such a nice sound..... birds talking to one another.... babies asking for food..... the pond fountain gurgling.... the sounds of having the slider open. That is until the temp rises and the door is closed. I love the early morn when I can sit at the computer and the slider next to me is open. The flowers like this part of the day also... before the heat turns up to high...
the petals stay open and relaxed..... the beauty of their bloom.

the bright colors

I enjoyed a quiet stitch day yesterday. I really did try to find another project to start.... there is one I will be getting ready for embroidery tomorrow but I can't share as it will be a gift. I just can't decide. I think it may be a humbug and that I will be able to show soon as I get it started. I have a few RAKs to plan too.

A few more shades of blue have been added.... and that means a few more stitches. Thank you for the kind words and encouragement for this HAED. Being my first, it is a challenge. I could never do it without the grid!
I am off to work today. I will be putting in a vacation request... for August. We need to do so 3 weeks in advance or in my case 2 months. We have blackout dates and I did check to be sure I was not in that time frame. I will be visiting family in Rhode Island Aug 8 to the 12th... my fight home is very early on the 13th. Mr H talked me into booking a hotel so it will feel more like a vacation. I am organizing a small family get together of my cousins. We are the generation now as our parents have passed with the exception on my mom and an aunt who are both in-laws. I hate leaving Mr H for the time, but he insisted so off I will go. When you go on vacation do you make lists? I do and I make several. I have to put together a kit to take along...I can't even decide which to do now!
I am so glad you stopped by today. I hope your day is great. Back to the craft closet to get that humbug ready.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Progess made

I really feel like I have made progress...
It is coming along. The next section has new colors. So far this represents 13 different shades of blues. I think I will be able to get another section stitched. Each "section" is 100 stitches. As tedious as these small stitches are I am enjoying it.
I am thinking of looking at my stash and starting another project... as a break from this one. But Which one?????

We are having an very ... very windy day. Temp is already 85 at 10 am...going to be another hot day..... Wherever you are, I do hope you enjoy the day. Thank you for the kind comments and email.... don't we love it.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Special note..a kit review

On May 10th I noted that I received a lovely kit from Yiota's Cross Stitch kits. I would like to be sure that when you click on the cross stitch kits it takes you there....if you have not visited yet, do so... you will be intrigued with the beautiful cross stitch kits that are available.

It is an othere hot day here...temps this week have been around 105. That is a bit hot for May... what will the summer be?! Needless to say, we are relaxing indoors with the air conditioner to keep comfortable. I am stitching on Iris and will have pictures is coming along. I sent tomatos to Dear Ziz today and still have a huge bowl full.

Well my friends that is about it today. Glad you had time to visit....have a good day.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tomatos...lost pictures....some progress

Yesterday I picked the last of the tomato's..... and now to make some salsa and salads this week.
There are round ones, plum and yellow tomato's..... and they have been delicious. We started to pick in January and finally the plants began to fully yield in April. My mouth waters just looking at them!

Now that Kodak has sold to Shutterfly, I have to upload and store my pictures differently. The Geek Squad helped me to organize them. Now I have one place...and it was going well until I got the new camera. Now I have to reset how I upload. Jeez....  Because of this, I just somehow lost a few pictures...problem is I do not know where they are! I have searched for them but not to be found. Oh well, maybe they will turn up. In the meantime.....
Can you tell that I have stitched more? Oh please say yes! It is hard to tell, I know, but really I did stitch! I have re-organized my brain file. I will return to stitching on this everyday even if only a few stitches.
I have been working on another project which will be sent to someone later so I an not show it all to you but here is a peek...

No guessing...I will not tell!
Last picture to share.....the Quails have begun to hatch....
You will have to look closely...they are there... staying close to mama and papa.... probably a few days old....and just too cute.
Well, my friends, I am working today...I know it is Tuesday, but every so often I am on for Tuesday. I will be off until Saturday...short week = more stitch and project time.
Welcome to my new blog friends....and thank you to all of you who visit and leave kind words and emails. Have a wonderful day.

Monday, May 14, 2012

I can't believe it is Monday

I have not been on my blog since Thursday? Really!? I did work Thursday, Friday and Saturday... could it be I was just tired... maybe just lazy. I hate it when I can't account for my time. I did some stitching but not on anything I can show yet. I did take pictures.... I did get a new camera.... Mr H is such a sweet guy. So that is where I have been. Playing with my new camera.
We had some very strong winds the other night. A bit of drizzle too.
We had great sunshine and the Honeysuckle is loving it. The temp yesterday was 105 and it is climbing up there again today.
I have so many "want to do" on my list that I am really getting very little done. Do you have those days? My mind is cluttered. My internal file system is lacking order. What shall I do first is what I have been asking myself today. Laundry was done... the last of the tomatoes picked and the plants cut up.... I have not picked up a needle yet today. A nice surprise arrived in the post  today... Mr H bought me The Best of the Eagles 1971- 1975 CD...I have the vol 2 already. So, right now I am enjoying the music...
A word from Madame Muriel....
What a lovely day Gracie and I had yesterday. Mr H took us to Macaroni Grille for Mother's Day.
We had Lobster stuffed clams... Gracie and I had Shrimp Florentino and Mr H enjoyed Lobster Ravioli. Finished off with delicious White Peach Sorbet.  A very nice afternoon. Home to relax and then we watched the new Sherlock series.
We are happy you found some time to visit. Miss Gracie needs to visit and get caught up blog reading.  I plan to sit and listen the the music. Hope your day is relaxing.