Monday, May 14, 2012

I can't believe it is Monday

I have not been on my blog since Thursday? Really!? I did work Thursday, Friday and Saturday... could it be I was just tired... maybe just lazy. I hate it when I can't account for my time. I did some stitching but not on anything I can show yet. I did take pictures.... I did get a new camera.... Mr H is such a sweet guy. So that is where I have been. Playing with my new camera.
We had some very strong winds the other night. A bit of drizzle too.
We had great sunshine and the Honeysuckle is loving it. The temp yesterday was 105 and it is climbing up there again today.
I have so many "want to do" on my list that I am really getting very little done. Do you have those days? My mind is cluttered. My internal file system is lacking order. What shall I do first is what I have been asking myself today. Laundry was done... the last of the tomatoes picked and the plants cut up.... I have not picked up a needle yet today. A nice surprise arrived in the post  today... Mr H bought me The Best of the Eagles 1971- 1975 CD...I have the vol 2 already. So, right now I am enjoying the music...
A word from Madame Muriel....
What a lovely day Gracie and I had yesterday. Mr H took us to Macaroni Grille for Mother's Day.
We had Lobster stuffed clams... Gracie and I had Shrimp Florentino and Mr H enjoyed Lobster Ravioli. Finished off with delicious White Peach Sorbet.  A very nice afternoon. Home to relax and then we watched the new Sherlock series.
We are happy you found some time to visit. Miss Gracie needs to visit and get caught up blog reading.  I plan to sit and listen the the music. Hope your day is relaxing.


Annette-California said...

What a fantastic dinner you both had. Lobster raviolis sound so good. A new camera WOW! It's not even Christmas:)Your photos do look great. When I get in that rut of not accomplishing much, I make a list. It helps but life sometimes is just more important so I do my best. You will get to your needle soon Grace - don't fret:)

thegreytail said...

Eagles!! needles or not, you'll have a wonderful time! :D
your Honeysuckle looks stunning, Gracie, have fun with the new camera, and please do join my giveaway.. I see you have a thing for Italian stuff.. :D
happy xxx,
chiara -