Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wonderful Saturday morning sounds

It is such a nice sound..... birds talking to one another.... babies asking for food..... the pond fountain gurgling.... the sounds of having the slider open. That is until the temp rises and the door is closed. I love the early morn when I can sit at the computer and the slider next to me is open. The flowers like this part of the day also... before the heat turns up to high...
the petals stay open and relaxed..... the beauty of their bloom.

the bright colors

I enjoyed a quiet stitch day yesterday. I really did try to find another project to start.... there is one I will be getting ready for embroidery tomorrow but I can't share as it will be a gift. I just can't decide. I think it may be a humbug and that I will be able to show soon as I get it started. I have a few RAKs to plan too.

A few more shades of blue have been added.... and that means a few more stitches. Thank you for the kind words and encouragement for this HAED. Being my first, it is a challenge. I could never do it without the grid!
I am off to work today. I will be putting in a vacation request... for August. We need to do so 3 weeks in advance or in my case 2 months. We have blackout dates and I did check to be sure I was not in that time frame. I will be visiting family in Rhode Island Aug 8 to the 12th... my fight home is very early on the 13th. Mr H talked me into booking a hotel so it will feel more like a vacation. I am organizing a small family get together of my cousins. We are the generation now as our parents have passed with the exception on my mom and an aunt who are both in-laws. I hate leaving Mr H for the time, but he insisted so off I will go. When you go on vacation do you make lists? I do and I make several. I have to put together a kit to take along...I can't even decide which to do now!
I am so glad you stopped by today. I hope your day is great. Back to the craft closet to get that humbug ready.


natalyK said...

That's what my early morning sounds like too!! I awoke to a beautiful song bird just outside my window but couldn't spot him as he was very well conceled within our maple tree. I hope you have a wonderful day!!

milly said...


We had birdsong from 4 AM this morning but unlike your weather it's cold and damp here.
Your flowers are beautiful.

Your trip away sounds lovely with a family reunion to look forward to.
Have a good weekend.

Annette-California said...

Such a lovely morning to you Grace. Love your pretty flowers, and nothing like a family reunion to look forward to. Get your new camera ready! Oh my your moving right along on your stitching. Beautiful.