Saturday, February 1, 2014

Feb-roo-err-ee and a mouse

The love month.... the shortest month..... my month. Yes, my day is approaching and I add another number... but it really is only a number.
Finally, my pincushion exchange to Carolyn has arrived.... so now I will show you what I sent
A mouse on double pincushions on a mouse trap.
I loved making this and glad that Carolyn likes it. I love pincushions and this exchange was organized by Elena. I hope we have another!
The design for the basic pattern is from The Cheswick Co.. As always, I like to add my own touch to the design. I sat it upon a real mouse trap (like the one pictured behind it) and gave her some corn to take with her. A good thing I did too...she got a little lost on her way to Carolyn's place. Just mentioning the word lost makes me angry.... another wasted trip to the post office regarding my package from Gaynor. I made it clear I was not going to let this loss go easily and I will continually keep pushing for an investigation. I may never retrieve my items, but they will know me well. I can be very stubborn.
Getting ready for my birthday.... trying to decide what to give for my UN-Birthday celebration.... in the meantime, glad you could visit with me this day. Your friendship is very important to me. I also welcome a new friend... just one off from 300! I am amazed. Enjoy your day.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Year of The Horse

The Chinese New Year has begun.....The year of the horse....
 If you are born in The Year of The Horse...
 You are clever, kind and energetic.
You are perceptive and cheerful.
You are compatible with the Tiger, Sheep and Dog.
May all your wishes come true
心想事成 Xīnxiǎng shì chéng
 Rembrandt was born in the year of The Horse....
That is your lesson for the day.

The sky is so overcast today...our sun is in hiding. I once again have lost something.... and it is in this house someplace. I do truly believe that my fairies are mischief. First I lost misplaced the base to my Mighty Bright light. Not a clue where it is. Now the light is gone...poof...lost stolen by the fairies. It happened the week that I was sick and in bed...the week of no stitching of any kind...the week of not leaving the house. So I ask you, where is it? I have searched here there and even the garage. Mr H just shook his head and was of no help. I am not without light, I do have a very nice Ott light. So, before leaving work yesterday I bought another one. After all, the A/C adapter was lonely.  And I had a 50% coupon asking to be let out of my purse. My stitching has been next to nothing... the fairies have that too. I am off to the post office again today before going to work. This time to file complaint in writing for my lost package. I photo copied the pictures of my lovely items to attach to the complaint to help identify everything. Why do I feel that the lady whose paperwork was in my package somehow might have my things? The post office did say that when shipping the type of items that Gaynor was sending, it would have been better in a box rather than a paper envelope. Less chance of it ripping open and contents getting lost or stolen.  It is always so nice to have someone to chat with.... glad you visited with me and listened. Thank you for your kind words and friendship. Enjoy your day.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It is all Esther's fault

It is not my fault that I find things that I need desire. It is not my fault that I love books. It is not my fault that I want to learn so much more. If it is not my fault, then who do I blame. Well Esther of course! Now you ask who is she....well, she is one of the MODs-----Manager On Duty----at Jo Ann's. She is also in charge of receiving for our store. This means when the books arrive she checks them in and then when she sees something that is me (as she puts it) I am promptly shown. And she does know what I like...... unfortunately. Lucky for me there is usually a coupon, or sale and my added discount, so I cave in and home it rides with me... sitting on the passenger seat so I can glance at it at each red light I might catch. Then into the living room it goes waiting for after dinner so I can drool over the pictures. Mr H simply says, "New book"?
Here they are. The Beaded Edge was on my wish list for awhile. You know how I love to add beads to most everything. Since the patterns are crocheted, which I already know how to do, this is going to get plenty of use. The retail cost was $17.95 on sale for $10.77 and my discount brought it down to $8.62.  The Needle Lace Flowers is another thing. It is Oya Lace work..... this I will need plenty of learning and practice. The retail of this one is $19.95 and using a 50% coupon brought it to $9.97. Total for both books was $19.95. Now to fit practice time into my schedule.

I never made it to the Post Office will be my mission to question them. As for the Carolyn package, there should be delivery soon, we hope. It has been delivered to her former address. Okay, yes, I should have double checked the address, but I honestly thought I had the correct one. Lesson here is check then double check. Oh and remember, it was mailed while I was not feeling well and wanted it into the mail ASAP as we had set a delivery date. I posted that I am considering to not join exchanges..... it is not only that I want my recipient to get the package, but want their package to arrive to me. We all know the time, research and cost of not only the items but the postage. I can't expect someone to want to take the chance of it not arriving here. Admittedly, this is the first time this has happened to me. Thinking on it for the time being. Anyway, I am nursing a mild headache die to the asthma attack I had at work yesterday. As I was coughing and nearly choking, a little girl was telling anyone who would listen...."she is choking let's help her". When I returned to the counter she looked pleased. My voice has returned but the headache will be here for a few more hours. Never a dull moment with me. Now, aren't you glad you stopped by?! I hope so.... I really enjoy your visits and kind words. Hope your day is fantastic.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lost and not found

Until recently, I have had little to no problems with the US Postal Service. I am still trying to track down the package from Gaynor that someone has and it is not me. Now, an exchange with Carolyn has gone missing..... from me to her. What to do? Well, I will be starting another of what I made but it can never be the know how it is. It was the first  and to try to redo , well....I did take pictures so I guess it will at least look like what I wanted to send her. This has certainly caused me lost of interest in exchanges which are so much fun. I have never had an exchange lost before. I think it is pushing my stitch interest to a different level right now.... as in not stitching. Not only that, but I have a few packages to mail and not confident to do so. Maybe I am over reacting and being foolish. Would you like to see what a lovely new pincushion Carolyn has added to my collection? My first Mushroom....
I love it. She said it was her first attempt at making one..... hard to believe. And in the box were dark chocolates....yum my favorite and Mr H does not eat dark, they are all mine. The detail in this is wonderful....she has caught my likes of embroidery, buttons and lace. It is so special. Thank you Carolyn.
Since being sick 2 weeks ago, my asthma which has been almost silent for 10 years has now begun to annoy me again. I will just have to get used to having an inhaler in my pocket. Not all has been gloomy though. I have a few new things to show...but that will be tomorrow. Right now I have to go and take the meds I forgot to take an hour ago and have is a work day. If you have stayed and read the whole post today, thank you for lending me your ear.....And before I forget, I participated in Grow Your Blog and I welcome 9 new followers. Have a good day my friends.

A FOOTNOTE: I know many if not all will agree with me...... it is not the gift it is the friendship and thought that counts.  I have asked the Gaynor does not send a replacement. US postage is bad enough, but Customs is much more. It is public now my friend not send another package...just your friendship via blog and email is what I hope for.