Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lost and not found

Until recently, I have had little to no problems with the US Postal Service. I am still trying to track down the package from Gaynor that someone has and it is not me. Now, an exchange with Carolyn has gone missing..... from me to her. What to do? Well, I will be starting another of what I made but it can never be the same...you know how it is. It was the first  and to try to redo , well....I did take pictures so I guess it will at least look like what I wanted to send her. This has certainly caused me lost of interest in exchanges which are so much fun. I have never had an exchange lost before. I think it is pushing my stitch interest to a different level right now.... as in not stitching. Not only that, but I have a few packages to mail and not confident to do so. Maybe I am over reacting and being foolish. Would you like to see what a lovely new pincushion Carolyn has added to my collection? My first Mushroom....
I love it. She said it was her first attempt at making one..... hard to believe. And in the box were dark chocolates....yum my favorite and Mr H does not eat dark chocolate...so, they are all mine. The detail in this is wonderful....she has caught my likes of embroidery, buttons and lace. It is so special. Thank you Carolyn.
Since being sick 2 weeks ago, my asthma which has been almost silent for 10 years has now begun to annoy me again. I will just have to get used to having an inhaler in my pocket. Not all has been gloomy though. I have a few new things to show...but that will be tomorrow. Right now I have to go and take the meds I forgot to take an hour ago and have breakfast...today is a work day. If you have stayed and read the whole post today, thank you for lending me your ear.....And before I forget, I participated in Grow Your Blog and I welcome 9 new followers. Have a good day my friends.

A FOOTNOTE: I know many if not all will agree with me...... it is not the gift it is the friendship and thought that counts.  I have asked the Gaynor does not send a replacement. US postage is bad enough, but Customs is much more. It is public now my friend Gaynor...do not send another package...just your friendship via blog and email is what I hope for.


stitchersanon said...

On a plus note, with two going missing it seems the issue is with your collection point (or whatever you call it there..main sorting office). I would pursue this as I really do think someone is actively going through and tampering with peoples parcels. It is heartbreaking, it really is. We go to so much effort to find things to make the other person smile..I was like Sherlock Holmes, rummaging through your blog and working out what you liked: hunting down beads and then hunting down tea charts rofl...just for them to disappear. I will and am making up another package for you but to be honest I don't know what to do. Sending that parcel was a lot, sending it registered will require a mortgage...so I am having a think and then a little bit more of a think lol, but I certainly wont leave you empty handed. For five years I have been running my Xmas giveaways! Darned if I will have one ruined!

butterfly said...

Sorry about your post , but try not to give up it is so much fun.
It happends now and again.
Love your gift .
Hope you are feeling a little better now hugs .

Parsley said...

I'm SO SORRY for your packages being lost or stolen. Terrible!

Il Cassetto dei Bottoni said...

Beautiful pincushion!!


And This Little Pig said...

Ahhh post is so frustrating I think no matter what country you are in! Do you think that your 'name' has got and someone knows of the lovelies in these packages? I wonder if you should put DH's name or the neighbor next door when sending and receiving... Libbie :@
Who is good a conspiracy theories!

Vickie said...

It would be a real pain, but could you use the neighboring town's post office? Sad, truly sad.

Shelly said...

Sorry this is happening to you Gracie but I like Vickie's idea and And This Little Pig's. Hoping you continue with the exchanges.

Brigitte said...

So sorry to hear that the two packages haven't turned up, so I think they might be stolen. I know what I'm talking about, it has happened to me as well. It's so frustrating when you put together a lovely package to treat someone and then it's stolen. Very annoying.

Carolyn Nye said...

Don't go to the trouble of making another one for me. It may show up a week later then expected. I am guessing as my mail is "SUPPOSED" to be forwarded according to the Post Office.

Is it possible that someone in your post office is stealing? I remember back in early 2000 we had this guy working at our post office who was real friendly to all the women. I had come in and mailed a homemade video to Bill's family. The package arrived empty. I felt it was this guy. Not long after this incident he actually followed a customer home and this customer did not know him. Anyway he was fired right away. There are some strange/dishonest people out there. I'm sorry and I don't want you to make another for me. Let's wait and see if it show up okay?


Julie said...

Oh no, what a shame, is so sad to read another parcel lost. I'm hoping it's just delayed and turns up real soon.
A wonderful mushroom, so pretty.