Friday, January 31, 2014

Year of The Horse

The Chinese New Year has begun.....The year of the horse....
 If you are born in The Year of The Horse...
 You are clever, kind and energetic.
You are perceptive and cheerful.
You are compatible with the Tiger, Sheep and Dog.
May all your wishes come true
心想事成 Xīnxiǎng shì chéng
 Rembrandt was born in the year of The Horse....
That is your lesson for the day.

The sky is so overcast today...our sun is in hiding. I once again have lost something.... and it is in this house someplace. I do truly believe that my fairies are mischief. First I lost misplaced the base to my Mighty Bright light. Not a clue where it is. Now the light is gone...poof...lost stolen by the fairies. It happened the week that I was sick and in bed...the week of no stitching of any kind...the week of not leaving the house. So I ask you, where is it? I have searched here there and even the garage. Mr H just shook his head and was of no help. I am not without light, I do have a very nice Ott light. So, before leaving work yesterday I bought another one. After all, the A/C adapter was lonely.  And I had a 50% coupon asking to be let out of my purse. My stitching has been next to nothing... the fairies have that too. I am off to the post office again today before going to work. This time to file complaint in writing for my lost package. I photo copied the pictures of my lovely items to attach to the complaint to help identify everything. Why do I feel that the lady whose paperwork was in my package somehow might have my things? The post office did say that when shipping the type of items that Gaynor was sending, it would have been better in a box rather than a paper envelope. Less chance of it ripping open and contents getting lost or stolen.  It is always so nice to have someone to chat with.... glad you visited with me and listened. Thank you for your kind words and friendship. Enjoy your day.


Vickie said...

I am wishing you success at the PO.

Carolyn Nye said...

It came....The package is here...check your email!


Julie said...

I hope you get some help at the PO. And now you bought a new light the old one will magically reappear I bet