Friday, December 12, 2014

Exchanges here and there

As busy as the Christmas season is, every year I join exchanges. My SSCS has arrived at it's destination.... here is the ornament that I sent along with a gift that will be opened on Christmas day...
Fiona peeked to see who sent I can show it to you. Then My package arrived from my SSCS and I did not peek at who sent it so I can not tell you that yet...
I do know that the red felt bag contains candy bars! Also yesterday the mail brought my RR from Kim...
A lovely stitched rose and pretty fabric and pink floss..... but///she also included a beautiful item that I admired from her blog! A needlepoint bag backed with wine colored velveteen. I am honored to have it.
Glad to have today off. I have not put an x to fabric for days...have pulled out a couple of sewing projects I would like to do. My hand is sore, but the cut is healing over thanks to lots of Neosporin. I think I am getting used to this new knee brace.... all in all I am doing fine.
It is always a pleasure to have you stop by for a visit.... thank you for the kind words and your friendship.... hope you have wonderful day.
PS...the Verification thing is gone! and I fixed it with the help of Kathy if you need to get rid of the verification, stop by and learn how.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

an oldie

Sometimes I amaze myself. I find things I have forgotten. Another forgotten project---- this time an ornament kit I have had for 18years...yes, 18 years! The year on it is 1996. It is a Mill Hill (I do love Mill Hill Kits) that I paid $5.00 for....can you believe it? Of course you can.
It is called Tiny Treasured Diamonds. I love the crystal snowflake in the center. I made it this morning. Really only took a couple of hours to stitch and then complete. Why did I wait so long to make this pretty thing? Speaking of pretty things......

look at these lovely Angel Wings..... I love Angels and have many around the house. Just had to have these. Once they are off the tree, they will hang someplace where I can see them often. They are peaceful, angels are. I must share yesterday with you. First I have a new brace to wear on my left knee. By the end of my work day yesterday, I felt like my leg weighed a ton! Oh and I sniped my hand on the edge of the palm below the left little finger. Sharp scissors... I was cutting a piece of trim for a customer. Now, it is not a deep or big cut, but it bleed like crazy and it is just so sore today. I am a walking limping injury!
And before I forget, I do not know what is going on with Blogger....I do not like word verification and have it turned off, but it seems to be on! Nothing I have tried has worked to disable it. I did send a complaint to them.... like they are going to respond. So bear with me for now...please do continue to leave me your kind words because they do make my day! Hope you have a wonderful day....

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Advent Blog's my day!

Once again I am participating in Jo's Advent Blog Hop and I am day 9. First something to look at...
I am not sure if you have seen this Santa before, but I stitched him many many years ago. I found him in a magazine and do not remember which one but I still have the magazine pages! He proudly dangles from an ornament hook in my sewing room when he is not dangling from the Christmas tree. I have made only a few as gifts. The other step in our posting is to tell you about the best Christmas gift we have received.This is not as easy.. I can think of several; like the first sewing machine Mr H bought me so I did not have to wait until a trip into the city to use mom's, or the beautiful ring he bought me to replace my wedding band or the new car 2 years ago on December 23rd. Instead I will take you back to when I was thirteen years old. Dad asked what I wanted for Christmas. It was a question parents ask even if they do not have much money for gifts. I wanted my own record player and just one album...that of Paul Anka. I loved music and the radio was on all the time in our house. Well, the day came and there it was! A red and white box that played----- yes, Paul Anka.

The year, 1960...songs like Puppy Love, Put Your Head on my Shoulder, Lonely boy.....
That was the start of a collection that mounted to over 500 45's and 300 albums. Before you ask, I do not have them any more. When we packed up 10 years ago to move West, I sold them all. The "record box", that lasted many years but when it exactly left my bedroom I do not remember. My love affair with Paul is still there..... got to see him in person once... Mr H,  well, I will leave that for another day....hope you have a wonderful day.....glad you could stop by to see me.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

A little more to decorate

I am so glad it is finally my weekend....Sunday and Monday. I think I have finished all that I need to stitch for presents. Friday I made an origami bag...not as pretty or perfect as one that I received from Carol Parry, but the second one that I made was better. Both are for gifts but only one is wrapped so far. I just finished my RR piece and have gathered it together to mail hopefully on Monday. I have had a busy start to my day: off to the market for a few seems I am always in the market!..... Made some pistachio pudding for Mr H. ..... gathered the supplies for the decorating..... I need a cup of coffee.  I have invited the community to come and help me put garland and ribbon around our 6 lamp posts this afternoon. Mr H has one last set of lights to put out front and must fix the small reindeer whose rear-end lights are out! I hope to find time to stitch today. I have a few sewing projects I would like to do. Yesterday I went to the Post Office to mail out a few packages and Christmas card for the exchange ladies. If there is anyone else who would like Christmas from me you info....
I can not ignore that today is December 7th, "A Date that will live in Infamy". My dad was serving in the army on this date in Pearl Harbor and was one of the lucky ones to return home. This was always an important day in our family as my Grandma Piccirilli said she was lucky to have her 2 boys home after the war. Dad's brother John was on a ship outside the harbor. 
 Dad passed away in 1985 but this date is still one that I remember for him. He was a proud and patriotic man. In all he spent almost 6 years in Hawaii before returning home to RI. He never returned to Hawaii although he thought about it a few times. 
My friends, I think it is time to have some breakfast.... so thank you for stopping by and thank you for the kind words. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.