Sunday, December 7, 2014

A little more to decorate

I am so glad it is finally my weekend....Sunday and Monday. I think I have finished all that I need to stitch for presents. Friday I made an origami bag...not as pretty or perfect as one that I received from Carol Parry, but the second one that I made was better. Both are for gifts but only one is wrapped so far. I just finished my RR piece and have gathered it together to mail hopefully on Monday. I have had a busy start to my day: off to the market for a few seems I am always in the market!..... Made some pistachio pudding for Mr H. ..... gathered the supplies for the decorating..... I need a cup of coffee.  I have invited the community to come and help me put garland and ribbon around our 6 lamp posts this afternoon. Mr H has one last set of lights to put out front and must fix the small reindeer whose rear-end lights are out! I hope to find time to stitch today. I have a few sewing projects I would like to do. Yesterday I went to the Post Office to mail out a few packages and Christmas card for the exchange ladies. If there is anyone else who would like Christmas from me you info....
I can not ignore that today is December 7th, "A Date that will live in Infamy". My dad was serving in the army on this date in Pearl Harbor and was one of the lucky ones to return home. This was always an important day in our family as my Grandma Piccirilli said she was lucky to have her 2 boys home after the war. Dad's brother John was on a ship outside the harbor. 
 Dad passed away in 1985 but this date is still one that I remember for him. He was a proud and patriotic man. In all he spent almost 6 years in Hawaii before returning home to RI. He never returned to Hawaii although he thought about it a few times. 
My friends, I think it is time to have some breakfast.... so thank you for stopping by and thank you for the kind words. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.


butterfly said...

Your decorating sounds nice .
I must start mine this week.
Your dad was a nice looking man , such a lovely story to remember hugs.

Vickie said...

What a wonderful way to honor his memory Gracie. :)

Lelia said...

Oh my, I'm tired just reading about all your activities. DD moved Saturday. up at 4:45 for 3+ hr drive, last min packing - loading, drive to new place, unload. 14 hrs later home + tired! maybe today taking it easy

the origami bags get easier, IMO.

Sally said...

Dear Gracie

You have been busy!
I love the photo of your Dad and the memories you have, such a lovely story!

Julie said...

Your father looks a very handsome man.
Hope the decorating goes well.