Thursday, February 9, 2012

And it's purple too~~~~

Can you imagine having a vacuum in your favorite colors? Purple and lavender?
While we were are the register in Lowe's yesterday.... getting paint for the man who is coming today to do the plastering...this vac was on display. Now my vac is working but it is 6 years old and a bit sluggish, so Mr H added this to the cart. Love the colors!

I mention the plaster man because today is the day they will repair the several holes cut into my walls and then plaster and they will even paint for us. Javier and his helper were here all day on Tuesday making holes to re-connect  the hot water line. I have been unable to stitch or sew as the sewing room had to
be re-arranged for them to work. I can not wait to get back in there. But while it has been out of my reach, I did find a few small pieces of linen to dye....
The light piece in the back  was dyed using Dragon Eye Oolong tea and the other pieces I used beet juice. Now those are not wrinkles, just the way I squeezed the fabric while it was in the juice. I plan to use the pink pieces to make a project that is on Lee's blog....

I love the Arizona temps...they allow flowers to bloom all year long....
The Kangaroo Paw is in fuzzy and pretty.
It was so nice to have you stop by today.....thank you for the kind words you leave for me. I do hope you have a wonderful day.