Thursday, May 26, 2011

lost not found

On both my blogs I have lost my followers lists......anyone else having this problem? Any ideas how to solve this? The help section was of no help to me.

Friends and a tea pot

Did I capture your attention with the intro????
Our Sun Stitcher's group has very talented ladies....
This is Jane, our club president, working on a flower bouquet.....
Ziz and Sunny both stitched a Laurel Burch cat picture and of course they are different!
Roz had just added the finishing stitches to this Latte cups piece. Now that the summer approaches, our group is smaller---the snowbirds have flown to parts here and there.
Before you join me at my other place to see part 3 of Dragonfly, I thought I would show you my other dragonfly tea pot. It is a tea for one set.
Thank you for your comments and emails and for your visits....have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A package floating somewhere ~~~

Sometimes I mail a package/letter and it arrives so quickly...other time like my tax filing it gets lost in the Postal World. This was sent a while back and I am not sure if it ever arrived at it's destination....
I am not looking for any special thank you as it was meant as a thank you from me...just want to know if the Post Office lost that one too......
Post tomorrow for my Dragonfly piece and friend pictures....have a nice day my friends.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A special day~~~Happy Birthday Elyssa

Today is my niece Elyssa's 18th birthday....
isn't she lovely. Prior to our moving to AZ, and while she was growing up, we spent lots of time with this young lady. She had a room at our house and many wonderful times shared. She graduates soon and it is hard to believe she is so grown up. She is my brother Alan's daughter.
Mr H bought a new bird bath ----
A pretty painted on glass butterfly....and for now it is here....
Mr H made a spot for it but knowing him it will be moved to another location at any time. Here it is in the shade of the Sweet Memory bush.
Part 2 of Dragonfly is finished...come with me to my other place. Thank you for chatting with me today and I hope your day is wonderful.

Monday, May 23, 2011

if it's the 4th Monday......

It is Sun Stitcher's Group today.....once a month we meet to stitch---chat---stitch and have lunch. today is the day. This is why I am posting early...still have to put together my lunch and get out of my pjs. It will be another 9o's temp day here in AZ. My brother sent me a pic of him mowing the lawn with a jacket on.....poor baby!
I sent one back sitting out in the sun with a cocktail dressed in shorts!
Well, wait til you see me at my other place.
Got to rush...I am not ready and I have to meet Ziz at 8:30....have a great day...thanks for visiting with me.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I can hardly believe it...#100

What a difference a day makes~~~~Cathrin is my stay tuned for the give way I will be having......I have been having a very lazy day sitting outside on the lanai but it is getting to hot to stay out so in I am with the air con on and still stitching. Just got an email from my brother Alan in RI...very chilly so he is mowing the lawn in a jacket! Aw, gee whiz...and it is 85 here......
Well, back to my with an update tomorrow on Dragonfly....
Have a delightful day.