Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Brother is Here

My brother Alan has finally arrived, in fact this is "THE BROTHER"! Hello I am Alan Piccirilli and also known as the brother. Everyone knew of my arrival thanks to "The Sister", actually why am I "The Brother" I am not sure. I've been in her life for 57 years (yes the younger one) and suddenly she has forgot my name? I have been coming here since Dennis and Grace moved here, maybe not every year but most. I decided to come out at this time of the year (a first) to celebrate my sister's birthday. I know many of you have responded to her "un birthday party" and it is nice to read all of the well wishes to her. My flight here was nice, the weather in Arizona is great. First thing we did when we landed was change into shorts and sat in the yard for a bit. Weather in Rhode Island is brrr cold here it is in the mid 70's practically swimming weather. Dennis looks great and is doing well, we have been to the Museum in Phoenix and Horse Back riding already. Today we went shopping for Cowboy Boots and found a quaint Mexican restaurant the served very large Margaritas, so you can imagine it was a nice lunch. There are several more day trips planned and I am sure you will hear about them.  My story is not germane to this blog so I will not bore you. It is sufficient to know that I am the "kid" and enjoy my yearly visits with Dennis and Grace. So in the future "The Brother" is not a character in a novel but a person who lives, breathes and can be a pain in the ass.


So thank you for stopping by this blog and your friendship to my sister Grace. You may or not read my thoughts again here in the blog but who knows I am her till Thursday.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Today is the day

That is The Brother Alan arrives. I am so looking forward to his coming to stay and celebrate my upcoming (Feb 3rd) birthday with me. Don't forget to comment on the post here if you would like to be in the drawing.
My Garden Faerie is basking in the sun and the warmer weather we are starting to have.
He moves from pot to pot and I never know where he will be next! Having friends in the garden is so nice. Our flowers are starting to need some replanting...and as the days start to stay warmer Mr H will start to revitalize the winter garden to a Spring garden. We had the appointment with the surgeon who showed us the x-rays and the new body parts.... all looking good so all restrictions have been lifted. Within reason of course. I am just glad he is back to driving.  The other morning as I went out to walk, this rather large fellow was flying about and decided to sit in the tree across from me...
He is a Cooper's Hawk around 20 inches from head to stubby tail and a 24 inch wing span. They eat small birds and small mammals. I should have a few stitch pictures this week to share. Well, I must dash off to get a few last minute things done... Thank you for your friendship and kind words and of course thank you for visiting with me. Have a great day.