Thursday, February 28, 2013

Not today...

I did not feel well on Tuesday at work, did not feel any better yesterday and today I definitely have something...hope it is only a cold brewing. Back to the daybed with my tea.....

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Two nice days.....and a bath

Sunday was such a nice relaxing day. Some stitching, getting some groceries (must have food not just thread) and a movie or two in the comfort of the living room with Mr H  .---Monday...this was our Monthly Stitch group meeting...always nice to catch up with the ladies and see what everyone is working on. I worked on my roses and even more since Monday morning.

Since this picture, I have added the rest of the roses and now need to do the leaves...the part I am not fond of! Sorry for the wrinkles...too lazy to iron it.

I was happy to know that my BBD Exchange finally arrived in Mexico for Laura
It is Oh My Stars that I made into a needle roll. I have already started another  BBD Design in anticipation of the next round....
I wish I could show you a picture of what I was so privileged to see Sunday morning. I went out to the yard and heard the familiar talk of the Hummingbird...but where was it? I stood very still and closed my eyes and the then knew where to look. The pond. I slowly moved toward the pond and stopped. There sitting on the fountain head in the middle of our little pond was a hummer...taking a bath! I could not move.. I did not want to scare him and I just wanted to enjoy this moment. It lasted just seconds but what a delight to see. Once the weather is warmer I always have the camera outside with me. Just maybe I will catch a hummer taking a bath. You never know. I must tell you what a joy it is to have you in my world. the caring and sharing.... but that will be another post....for now....
must get the laundry into the dryer and have some breakfast. Thank you always for being here and for the kind words and emails.  I hope your day will be wonderful.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Need a relaxing day...

To say that yesterday was not the best work day is an understatement.... let's just say that the customer is not always right and .... never the I am going to move on and make the next 2 days off relaxing and enjoyable. This is going to be a Me Day. So there!
I awoke at midnight to hearing the chimes ringing. Normally that is a nice thing, but when they are banging because the winds are very wild... not a good thing. Thought I would doze back to sleep but of course not to be so up and out of bed and  I continued to stitch a few more roses..... a couple of cups of coffee, now the laundry and it is 6:30 AM and I am very much awake.
 I must say an enormous thank you to Lelia for all her support and encouragement with my Tatting. I drool over her Tatted pieces!  She has advised me of a few places to check out and sent links. Today I plan to practice a bit more. I do not have the hours that I would love to have to do all that I plan to do.... you know what I am talking about... because you all can say the same! As long as my work basket has a few things happening so that I can just pick up and do, I am a happy person. 
Thank you for your caring words about my thumb. It is healing nicely. Still very tender and sore but on the mend. I am keeping it uncovered when at home to dry it and find I can stitch easier without it being wrapped.
 I just glanced down at my calendar.  Where has February gone? Okay, I know it is a short month...but this seems really abbreviated!  Think I will get back to my stitching and a nice glass of iced tea.... welcome to new friends. Thank you for the kind words and emails.... you certainly make my day.