Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dark and quiet

Each day, I rise early..ok..very early, before 3am usually. The house is quiet as Dennis and Zoe would never think to get up this early...before 10 am! and with winter officially here the sun will not make an appearance until 7:30am so it is very dark outside my window. This is the time I sit with needle in hand and put thread to fabric. I start my day with coffee but will change to tea and continue to stitch until the others rise and disrupt this peaceful quiet. Like yesterday...and with that we need to visit my challenge blog to see progress and today's you there.

Hope your day is filled with stitches.

Friday, January 7, 2011

A stitch day

If you are wondering what I plan to do is to stitch as much of the day as possible! That's right...stitch. I know...there are "things" to be done...yes, the laundry will get tossed into washer/dryer...the vacuum will roll around the carpets...the swiffer will also make an appearance, but the bottom line is to be stitching. I do have to get to the Harley Davidson store to make an exchange for my nephew Joe (back in RI)..but that should not take too long. I made fair progress yesterday...remember I  did go to work...but I will meet you at my other blog for that and todays pick. Glad you stopped by for this chat....................

Thursday, January 6, 2011

What a difference a day for Bec

Well, stayed inside yesterday...not 100% today but I do feel much better. Drank my tea and iced water and of course had hot chicken soup.  I have work today so I will not get as much stitching accomplished as I would like. Then I will be off on Friday and back in work on these part time hours! I made good progress on my stitching and started the next project this morning...very early...thanks for checking in and all the good wishes really helped....see you over at my Crazy blog.....

On another subject....Bec is looking to stitch the Monopoly project but has not been able to find it....can anyone help her?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Slow start to the day

I am having a very slow start to my day...woke up early as usual, but not feeling too well...? maybe a cold coming on. We Arizonans are used to heat not the chill we are having...and taking Zoe out early/late before or after the sun  can be a bit chilly. Still have one more day home before a work day, so hot tea and stitching is what I plan for today. ..and plenty of my homemade chicken soup. Day 5 over at my other blog...see you there...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another Tuesday

For Today

Outside my window
the light has just broken the skyline

I am thinking
how delicious the pepper stick is that I am eating

From the kitchen
the smell of fresh brewed coffee

I am wearing
my blue robe

One of my favorite things
watching the birds come to the feeder

Around the house
I hear the ticking of the clock

Plans for the day
to stitch stitch stitch

From my camera's eye

how pretty my African Violet is in full bloom

I am wishing
a good day to all

It is TUSAL day~~~
It was time to empty and start anew. Look at all the red threads....they are from the Winter Exchange I am doing..almost complete.

Well, I am heading over to the Crazy blog to post progress and Day 4 you there.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Well well.....

I decided to take a stitch break and what do I find? That Lyssa and Denise have given me The Stylish Blogger Award!
Now, I will pass it on to 15 from the many blogs I read. I just want to say, that I read them all because I really love visiting them, but I am only to post for in no special order:

Now to tell you 7 things about me:

I am very superstitious!
I am a sensitive person, though some would not think so.
I love the colors lavender, purple and pink...really, I like many colors!.
I love to sit outside.
I love to read mysteries.
I love old movies.
I feel the need to learn new things all the time.

Now, back to stitching day 3!

All gone

Yesterday was the The Day....the day Christmas disappeared from the house. Usually, I am very neat about taking down and packing away, but not this time. I seemed to be in a mess the entire time. Maybe it's because I usually do this in the very early hours of the morn when hubby and dog are still asleep. Why did I wait this year until they were up and about? Not that they got in the way...but somehow it messed me up. Well, finally it is all down, packed and put into the garage for storage. I am very thankful for the cupboards in the garage! However, this did put a chink in my stitching (other blog). Then there was football. Now some of you may not follow the game, but I do. I am a die hard NE Patriot AZ Cardinals for me. My sports heart is still in New England! Even though we clinched the playoff and home field advantage, who wins or looses is important right up to the playoffs. Then there was the movie we you see, somehow, I spent a bit of time out of my sewing chair.
I have picked out today's start and the laundry is washing....and it is oh so quiet. With all of this said, time to get the needle in hand............check out my Crazies blog for the update...maybe a cup of tea will help.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 2 and a Happy Birthday wish

Well, day 2 of the Crazies has on my other blog....but I also want to thank Maaike for the Christmas card and Lucky bird from Amsterdam.

I am lucky to receive one of her sweet birds. It will hang on my window branch in my sewing room where it will watch over my Challenge progress and any other craft work.
We are having a cold spell here in sunny, warm, Arizona. The plants have been covered with hopes to protect them. I am off work for the next several days so I should get plenty of stitching accomplished.
Today is my son Eric's birthday. He is in NW PA so I can not give him a hug or kiss in person, but he is always in my heart where I hold him tightly. I could not ask for a better son. He has always shown us respect and love not only in words, but also in deeds. I wish him many more special days.
This picture with his dad was taken during his last visit here. Aren't they handsome? I am so lucky to have them in my life.