Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just a quick short note......

I finally decided to check through the mail that has been delivered this week....have not touched it since ...
Anyway...I was delighted to find my Secret Pen Pal sent me a nice note later and another post card from Mouse. Sorry I did not post sooner..... 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What a week

Sunday night, Mr H put up stick-up notes all over  the place...... the trash pick up.... the re-cycle pickup .... remember to check the pond and feed the fish ... remember Zoe's eye meds..... you would think that I never did anything around here. Well, the truth is, he does spoil me and takes care of all the above.
We arrived at the hospital Monday at 5:15 was at 8 am.... basically it went well... then a few complications. Right now things are under control thanks to a wonderful staff and  good doctors. Discharge is not certain yet due to a few of these problems. I miss him so~~~~ hard to wake and not have him next to me. There is Zoe.. she is there but she is looking for Mr H!
When I finally arrived back home from the hospital on Monday night...this is what I found.....
This was a 10 x 10 metal framed gazebo. It was anchored to the bricks with 12 .... 12 anchor spikes.

a mangled mess
Obviously we had a high wind race through and possible a micro burst and it tore up all but 4 of the anchors.
Thanks to dear Ziz who came over to see if she could help...then to Mr Ziz who came over on Tuesday to disassemble the mess and arranged to have it hauled away. I have not told Mr H that his lovely back yard was a disaster ..... at this point he can not have any added stress.
The two fish are doing okay....They are about 8 - 10 inches long..... the storm debris was not spread into the pond.... just all over the yard. Most is already cleaned up.
Stitching.... oh I have been working away on a special piece... can not show it yet as it is a gift. Plenty of time sitting with Mr H.
I miss reading all your blogs and commenting, but I know you all understand my priorities right now. Thank you for all the good wishes. I hope to be back to blog hopping real soon.....

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My dad was wrong but yet also right

I told myself that I would not watch the 9/11 broadcast this morning. I did not want to see the tragedy again. But then somehow it appeared on the TV screen ..... I do not remember even changing from the movie I was watching.  Then I remembered something my dad said to me on December 7th 1968 ... on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  We were talking about some of my friends who were in Viet Nam. Dad was stationed in Hawaii. He recalled that morning sitting at breakfast when the attack started. He talked to me about having the planes fly so low he could see the Japanese pilots. He told me never to forget the attack and the loss of the many lives.He said it was important to honor those lives always.  Dad, Joseph Piccirilli, said it would never happen to our country again.But it did on September 11 2001. Freedom always cost not just money but always lives too. As with every 12/7 I remember the day my day fought for my country, I remember 9/11 and hope that my dad's thought ... it would never happen again .... will be true.

I plan  on a quiet day. Mr H will watch football and I will stitch. Tomorrow morning is his surgery and I must admit to being concerned. Mr H ? He is hoping that I will remember to tape the Patriot game for him! Priorities.....

I am always happy to have you visit with me.... I thank you for your kind words.... have a peaceful day.

NOTE added:
I was asked how I could remember the 1968 date. First for somethings I have a very good memory. But in this case, I graduated high school in 1964. Quite a few of the boys in my class were drafted into service and sent to Viet Nam. In the 4 years  ... 64 to 68 ... many more were sent and some of my co-workers had husbands or boyfriends or brothers. I had a girlfriend, a nurse that was sent. They were a hard 4 years for me. Some came home, some came home differently and then some did not make it. I was still single and living at home. My dad and I talked about this often.