Saturday, January 24, 2015

Festive Friday in Carefree AZ

Mr H and I did go to the art and crafts festival but it really was not much. Onward we moved to the next town of Carefree where we were delighted to watch and listen to the Native Spirit Dancers and the hoop dancing of Brian Hammill.
Brian is of the Ho-chunk Nation and lives here in Arizona. His accomplishments are many and his storytelling wonderful. He has held Hoop Dancing Championships many times.
The trio performed and everyone listened. They were gracious to all who approached them. We continued through the festival and all the booths of lovely art and native jewelery. On our return drive through the town of Cave Creek, we stopped in Rare Earth Gallery...
The atmosphere was so calming and beautiful. The staff very helpful. The gems, well, they were magnificent. Expert lighting and displays made it a wonderful experience. Although many were quite pricey, there were some affordable gems. All in all we had a wonderful day. As Mr H will sometimes say, "we are getting old and need a nap"... as soon as we arrived home, it was just sit and relax. This meant no stitching for the rest of the day. Earlier I had been out to a meeting so very little was done then. Off to work later but I did manage to get a few more xx's on Pink Lady and plan to sit with Red Riding Hood now. Glad you stopped by and hope you enjoyed the pictures. Thank you for the kind words and most of all your friendship....have a wonderful day.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Pink Lady has a face

A chilly start this morning. Give us Arizonans a day or two of "warm" weather and we complain at the normal temps! I will be out for a meeting this morning at 9AM and will need a sweater. Tomorrow? well they are saying temp of 78. It was a beautiful day on Wednesday, Mr H and I sat out on the lanai playing Pocket Farkle. He won big, I am going to enjoy my Friday off. Later this morning Mr H and I would like to go to the Cave Creek area for an Art & Craft Show. In the meantime, I have added more black thread to Red Riding Hood....and also managed a little more on the Pink Lady
I find it sometimes unsettling to  have a face not defined as I work...seems like she was starring at me blankly! Then I added the champagne beads to the bodice and she sparkles! This is an enjoyable project..... stitching at my leisure. This project is set up in the sewing room and Red is in the living room...nice to be able to have 2 areas where I can leave my work undisturbed. It is hard to think that this month is almost over. What happened to those drawn out months?  With the is finish of this month, February brings my birthday and another reminder of getting older, complete with a few new aches here and there. Still, I am luckier than many and for that I am grateful. I will celebrate with my annual Happy UN-Birthday  give away so be sure to watch for it. Thank you for the kind words and of course most of all your friendship. Whatever your plans for the day, hope you have a wonderful time.
                     You can't help getting older, but you don't have to get old.
George Burns

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Back so soon!

First you do not hear from me for a week, now a post 2nd day...This post is what the mail delivered for me...
A package from Jacquie who was my last Round Robin partner. Beautiful flowers, which was my request and buttons and pattern booklet along with cute 4 season bear pattern. Thank you dear Jacquie! She has not received my RR package yet. I did not wake until 5 am today...that is like losing 2 to 3 hours from my morning! but it sure did feel good to get extra sleep. Laundry on and stitching ready. Plans are to sit outside today with Red and enjoy our wonderful weather. I will sit by the pond and listen to the bubbling water. The table and chairs are under the small tree, Duranta, Sweet Memory for some shade......and most likely the Hummer will keep me company. Gee, that sounds so----- ideal ! let's hope it all comes to be. A few Arizona stitchers plan to meet today at The Attic around 11 am, I thought about going. I am not too keen on driving across The Valley for half an hour by myself....seems like all the gals live on that side of the Valley. The older I get, the less I like to drive especially on the highway. Either way, I will enjoy my day off from work. Glad you visited with me...thank you for your kind words and your friendship.... have a wonderful day.
“All is well... That's my new philosophy...”
Charles M. Schulz

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I am being watched

What a week. Work was busy last week, my stitching has been slow and everything in between.
If having my right hand swollen at times is not enough, now my left hand is a problem. I saw the doctor yesterday and he prescribed some medication to try. I may have the start of a trigger (left index) finger. As a result, stitching has been little and slowed. But I am seeing red...
more of it at least. I have been switching from the black to the brown and the red. This is such a pleasant piece to stitch. Hood and face complete, I will begin the cloak soon. I also added a few more stitches to Pink Lady.... but no photo taken. As I mentioned, I am being watched... every time I sit at the computer... they look over what I am doing....
They, being my Kachina dolls (some of them) sit on the top shelf of my computer desk. These are five of 12 that I have. Most of them given to me by EvaP. Mom collected these many years ago and when I moved here to Arizona she sent them to me. The others are in my curio cabinet. It seems like they are starting a war dance every time I type! Especially the Turquoise one there on the right in the rear...he tends to move about, like now he is facing/moving behind the center  fellow. I think it is time to take them down and give them a cleaning and changing their places. Maybe he is unhappy with his spot. I can't believe it is almost a week since I visited here! Glad that you stopped by today, and I want to thank you for your kind words re my co-worker Mary's passing. Hope you have a wonderful day. I want to share a rose with you.... picked from Mr H's garden...