Saturday, February 12, 2011


I know, you are wondering what is that H*I*S .... well...just about everyone is always saying TGIF. For me, it is Happy It's Saturday...because that is my last day of work...not Friday. My work week is from Thursday to these part time hours. So much me  free I do mean me time! Anyway, it is starting to get back to more normal temps here in The Valley of the Sun, which means the day temps are around 70 and over night around 40. Very pleasant indeed for wintertime.
If Emily was here already wondering why I am posting so late, because I have had a lazy morning and watched a so-so movie. But you know how it is, once you begin you see it through. and then there was some laundry to do.
On to the real point of challenge update. For that you will have to follow me to my other place...and see the backside of Bella finished!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Is it Friday?

Oh, yes, it is Friday....I will be working today and tomorrow. I called out yesterday as I was not feeling well, but feel OK today...amazing what a bit of medicine can do and staying in resting. I did get some stitching done, but not what I thought I would being home...then again, I did not feel much like stitching.
I read a few poems from Yvonne's book....(post from yesterday) and looked at the pics of her amazing quilts again. What an inspiration.
These are a few more of my dyed linen left is coffee, top right is tea and the center bottom is pomegranate juice....later I will do a piece with blueberry syrup. I have a few special teas that I want to try also.
Would you like to see what little I accomplished on Bella? I had thought it would be finished, but that definitely will be tomorrow's post... meet me at my other place and take a look. Don't forget to take your cuppa with you......

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A busy but wonderful day

To say that I am glad yesterday is over...just to rest today..but I had a great time. The quilt show was fantastic. If ever you get the chance to attend a Yvonne Hollenbeck sure to go. If you remember, my friend Marilyn...

invited me to her quilt club presentation. After we had a delicious lunch we sat and listened to Yvonne explain her magnificent quilt collection. Some of them were from her great-great-grandmother..
this log cabin design, from the 1800's.

Others were from her grandmothers....from both maternal and fraternal...and some from her mom who quilted until passing away last February. Then there were her quilts...
let me just put up the pictures for your enjoyment.
 This is Yvonne explaining one of the quilts
 This one was unbelievable...the center are appliqued pansies and the hundreds of smaller blocks surrounding it.

This was so sweet...The Lady and The Parasol...all the blocks were appliqued and each of course was a lovely print. Some of the quilts were made from clothing and others using feed/flour sacks. Just amazing.

Along with her was her friend (sorry, but I forgot her name), who makes round are her quilts...

I just had to buy one of Yvonne's poetry books...they are wonderful. Of course she signed it for me. In between showing the quilts she would recite a poem or two.

I have to show you this pic...later if you remember I went with my dear friend Ziz...
We monitored our Club table at the HOA yearly orientation. She always has a smile and a hug and kindness...that is my friend.

Well I must meet you at my other place to see grab that cup of whatever and follow me there.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

About yesterday.....

I may not have done any cross stitching, but I was busy nevertheless. I can't even show you everything because some of it was sent out yesterday as gifts and until they receive them...well, you know the drill. But I will show you what I used....
I fell in love with the large floral print and the companion piece....the green is a better picture of the fabric I used to back my pincushion. I love buttons, and these were used in the ....well, not going to say right yet.
I also dyed some fabric to use in a fob....a lovely pattern I got from Tricia. I may sneak it in to do is the linen...
On the right is the piece I dyed with Tetley Tea...the original is on the left.
I have a full day, so I am not sure about having needle in hand much or at all. There is a trip to the bank, to the market and then off to meet my snowbird friend Marilyn. She has invited me to your Quilt Club Luncheon today to hear speaker, poet and quilter Yvonne Hollenback. There will also be a trunk show of quilts. I am looking forward to this time spent with my friend. I will try to take pictures. Then this evening I am off with my dear friend Ziz to monitor at a community service meeting. So, as you can see....anyway, I did get some done on Bella. Let's go to my other place and you will see......hope you have a relaxing day.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I have had better Tuesdays!

The day started off so good....I finished completed! another challenge piece. I made a gift for my sis Lyn, and getting ready to send Nataly her un-birthday gift and a pattern to Terri.
Then things have gone downhill ][[][][][ since. The pictures from my camera card would not download...where in the file draw is the the  l o n g  process of getting the pictures to the computer. You know that some of us are only semi computer literate.
The tea is now cold because I have been so involved in this that I now have to brew another cup...maybe a pot of tea is needed!
I think I have too much on my mind, let's meet at my other place so you can see the completed Day 1 project......

Another Tuesday~~~

For Today
Outside my window
The sun is bright and warm
I am thinking
Why am I having computer/camera issues today!?
From the kitchen
Brewing another cup of Tetley Tea
I am wearing
Yellow pj's and I am barefoot
Around the house
Zoe is just off the bed...can Mr H be far behind?
I am remembering
My family today back in Rhode Island...they are having a funeral service for a cousin of mine
I am remembering
The good times with my cousin Eileen and her husband Joe who the service is for
I am hearing
Zoe looking for me!
From my camera's eye
That is over at my other blog!
I am wishing
Everyone a happy day

Monday, February 7, 2011

I am okay! and look what arrived and a giveaway

You know, it is so nice to have friends worry about you......I received an e-mail from Emily because she did not see my "regular" early day post! I am just in one of those days...I have been stitching and Snowberries is almost finished so I thought i would post  later...I did not get a chance to post yesterday...why? you ask. ell Mr H decided we should take a ride over to Scottsdale Fashion Mall. For those who do not live in Arizona, it is a very large mall...time consuming to browse/shop/eat. As we passed Godiva Chocolates, he took me in to buy me a lovely box of assorted chocolates and one of their new Bakery Truffles, and some loose truffles to munch on immediately. In heaven I was....yum! Then I decided had to go to Harry and David's...of course if I was buying something for my sis Lyn, then I have to have something too!
By the time we returned home, our furbaby Zoe was the time all was taken care of, I did not feel like the Internet.
I like all of you love getting surprises...really ann=y package in the mail! Look what I receive from Cat and John....
The card is adorable...Pugs and Kisses it says inside! John did a fine job of selecting teas for me....Mr H wasted no time in grabbing the candy...thank you for the birthday gift and wishes....{{{hugs}}} to you both.
Faye is having a giveaway...check it out!
 So that is the story of what happened to yesterday ad this mornings post....
without further ado, I will meet you over at my other place for an almost finished Snowberries.....