Friday, January 6, 2012

The sheep is ready to travel and a bump on my head

Just where did this week go? So much to share......
First let me tell you about a mishap--- yesterday afternoon after returning from errands, as I was pulling down the hatch on our PT Cruiser I did not move out of danger! The corner of the hatch hit me right over my right eyebrow..... stars, I saw stars! Now I can be out of sorts without something like this happening! I do not need help! And there  was Mr H .... with "you should watch that!" What a novel idea!

Okay, on to better things. Sandra and I meet for bagels yesterday. I brought her a Quiltie square. I did not have the time to do her Christmas exchange, but I did make one for her.
remember the lovely Christmas Butterfly fabric? I embellished it with tiny gold beads and some glitter.
Sandra gave me...

Isn't he so cute and his own light bulb!

I finished the Travelling Pattern~~~~ Thankful for Ewe. The tale of this pattern: first Tricia stitched it and offered it to went to CalamityJr (aka Mary Jane) and then it  was lost with another stitcher until CalamityJr was able to get it back and sent it on to me. Well, here is my version

I stitched it on a mystery R & R linen from my fabric draw..... 23ct . I listed the threads that I used with the pattern.  I used Whisper for the sheep ... isn't she cute and fluffy!
So~~~ if you are interested in being next~~~~and adding your touch to this quick stitch......
       1. must have an active blog
       2. willing to stitch it now and pass it on
send me an email... look to my side bar... and I will get it in the mail to one of you asap.

Moving along-----I played with the beads again
An Indian Maiden..... not sure of it will be on a necklace or a pin.... any suggestions?

Although I did not join the  Crazy 2012 group, I do have a plan... well, I have been thinking. I want to finish up some projects that seem to be hiding in the craft closet. Why they do not want to join the real world is beyond me. So, I will force them out! they will be finished! I will also add in a few new ones.... well, I did buy them or received them and they will not be ignored! I plan to make myself available to whatever is in the closet... this could be scarey. I have no idea of what I may find.

I need to take something for this PT hatch headache... and a cup of coffee with some toast might help. Glad you took some time to stop by... and thank you for the wonderful comments..... enjoy your day. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Just a drive by~~~~~~

I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see.

A quick post today, I am off in a short time to meet with Sandra for breakfast At Paradise Bakery. Our friendship is quite new. We met here in blog land and we live on opposite sides of the Valley, but not to faraway to meet up when we can.

I have found a new blog...and Bonnie wrote a lovely 2012 poem. Stop by and read it. I have printed it out to read as often as I need the words. Besides the blog is nice too. She and Tracey co-blog.
I am almost finished stitching the Travelling Pattern~~Thankful for Ewe....and I finished beading the little Indian Maiden and .... well, tomorrow will be picture day.
So happy to chat with you today...hope your day is wonderful.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

A lovely day is beginning. The temps are in the 70's and just barefoot weather..... at least for me. Mr H... not so. He is forever telling me to put something on my feet!

Just before Christmas while doing some last minute shopping, I bought this~~~
It is the Healing Feather....  made here in Arizona....not sure if you can read the card, so...
This adorned feather is decorated with cyrstals of Agate, Coral, Amethyst, Quartz nad Turquoise to aid in the physical and emothional recovery & healing process. It is not Native American made, but it is modeled after one. I just had to have it. I may just start a collection as they have others that are equally nice.

My plans for today? Well, stitch and more stitch. If I do get out I will stop at one of the bead shops to pick up some Delicas for a project. The beads that I did buy are too large. 

Remember the strawberries? Yesterday I heard the call of a Northern Mockingbird in the yard and a short time later I went out to check on the plants and the rippened part was eaten! So, I am guessing it was him! I have a feeling I  am not going to get even 1 berry!
Hope you have a wonderful day. I am very glad to share some time with you.

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Frog Family

I first would like to tell you about The Frog Family. When I was growing up and visiting with my grandma aka Mama, she had these in her kitchen above the stove. The stove was an old fashion kind that burned wood.
Not exactly like this one but not too far off....  wish I had a real picture... only in my mind. We would roast orange and tangerine peals on the top and the house would smell fantastic....sorry...memories popping in! Anyway, I loved these frogs that were never used that I can remember. When she died, (1969) I asked if I could have them and I got them. While putting away Christmas and looking to see how the Garage Elves re-arranged things, I saw them! I must  need to take them out I yelled. Actually I was excited to remember and pictured them in Mama's house!
There is a tea/coffee pot and the sugar and creamer! Are they not just too much! They could never be used as they have all those old earth ware cracks running around the inside. Look at the face of the sugar bowl! When Mr H finally got up from sleep... I said "look" he just rolled his eyes.... but I am happy to see them again!
How about 2 more Glendale Glitters...

just before sunset.....
I have been stitching the travelling pattern...and hope to finish it real soon. I am almost finished with the SW pots piece ... just zipping along.
Thank you for taking the time to stop by. Have a wonderful day.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

First post of the new year!

Finally getting to post today. Mr H was on with the NE Patriots game. I usually try to get on early but I was involved. In what you ask? Well putting the last of the Christmas stuff away. I found that the Garage Elves visited me this year because everything that came out went back much better and some room to spare! And you know how it is, you start to do one thing and that leads to another and before I knew it time got away. I hate that! I need all the time I can find.
 I started my first new project for the new year. It is a travelling pattern and a delight to stitch. It will be ready to travel soon....
Last night we took a ride to Glendale for the Glendale Glitters. A million  lights adorning all the  trees at Murphy Park....

just before sunset

I love this tree

one of 4 horse drawn carriages for rides

so pretty
and last----
There is a give away over at Sarah's... be sure to check it out.
Must share with you~~~ My sis Lynowl has been giving me a mag subscription for the past few years....
I received the card saying she sent it again! This is the local magazine for Rhode Island. I love it--- keeps me informed of all the special happenings. Once again as I did post earlier, she gave me a gift certificate for Nordic Needle....what to buy?????
Then this came in the mail---- from
I love Leon Russell! Mr H ordered it for me. A very nice surprise. It is a younger Leon on the front cover.

Well, it is a beautiful day---temp around 78 and I did get to sit out for awhile earlier. Then Mr H made dinner. Chicken Parmesan and Angel Hair pasta..... yum!

I am so glad you had some time to visit with me. Enjoy the day.
Tomorrow I will introduce you to the Frog Family.