Saturday, July 5, 2014

Storm = stitching time

Yesterday my co-chair for the HOA and I walked the property to check for damage caused by the storm on Thursday evening.
We lost this lovely tree in one of the courtyards and we did find some roof damage here and there. Nothing too major. We did manage to get the tree cleared yesterday. One of our skylights has been lifted slightly due to the shingles around it being lifted. The dust from the dust storm which preceded the rain was still everywhere. It is a fine powder that is hard to sweep away. Today is starting out with clouds and the chance of more rain.... the garden will not need watering again. Speaking of the garden, we did loose one plant because of the 45 mile winds... our clay upside down pot with a rose bush. The miniature rose bush has been re-potted the broken pot now rests in the garden here and there. I am not sure we could even get another as the landscaping business where we found it closed a couple of years ago.
I have kept busy with stitching and finishing. My Round Robin piece is ready to be mailed, an embroidery for my sis Lynowl is ready to mail, and I have started a small project. Then I framed Clematis and Mr H hung it for me.......
I found a nice simple frame at Jo Ann's and voila.... I am pleased. I will gladly send this pattern to someone interested, just leave a comment on this post. Have you been following my Arizona Bound story. As I include it with my posts, I feel like it was just yesterday and not 10 years ago. If you missed any of it, just find it listed in the  sidebar on the left under Labels.
Thank you for the loving and kind words for Mr H and I... your friendship has been an important part of my life. Hope you have a grand day.
Arizona Bound
A realization; this will be our last 4th of July gathering with the family. The last birthday celebration with our lovely niece Tonya. Such mixed emotions. Happy and sad thoughts all at once. I can not help but feel excited with the thoughts of a new adventure, a new lifestyle. Will Dennis be able to accept retirement has come into my mind. June 30th was his last work day and he has been busy helping me get everything ready. My tasks are the organizing for the move, his are to continue to get the property and house ready for the new buyers. A couple who will be moving here to Rhode Island for a few years while she teaches at Brown Univversity. I have been preparing them a list of things; how to care for the Coi fish and the pond during the winter, how to use the heaters for the pond and birdbath  and just a few other things about the neighborhood. I am already missing my neighborhood...

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Stitching and Round Robin arrived

I really appreciate the kind words for Mr H. Today he is going for blood-work.... I hope they leave some in him. The lab slip is 1-1/2 pages long! Then I need to get an appointment with a cardiologist. They did 3 EKG's and there is a tests are needed. The doctor told him that she did not like his coloring and they had difficulty getting a good pulse. I have said this before, we are not religious people here in the Horton House, but I do ask that you keep us in your thoughts.
On a happier note, Cucki finally received Round Robin #2 piece and the threads she needed for a project .... her RR request was for Fall stitching and I found this leaf pattern and used DMC variegated threads for it. She had also posted that she was unable to obtain certain threads for a planned stitch in So Africa. What's a friend to do, send them of course. Out of 18 colors I could get only 15 so I reached out to the other Prim Stitchers in our group and Lisa Sener found the other colors and sent them. Looking forward to seeing what Cucki stitches with these lovely colors. I was busy stitching and my Hummingbird Garden is growing...
The colors are much nicer in person. The blue linen actually looks nice in this picture. I still have more of the top flowers to do and of course the outlining.  I am also working on my Round Robin #3 pieces and obviously I cannot show that to you yet.  It is a nice piece that I think I will have to make for myself. My chores are done...umbrellas up, plants watered, hummer feeders filled and thistle sack filled. You know what that means, time for stitching. I hope you have been enjoying the Arizona Bound story. What till we get going on the drive part! I am so thankful to count you as my friends.... your kind words always make my day brighter. Hope you have a great day.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Oh my aching back-----

I did hear from another "missing" happy they have taken time to respond. Three out of six is pretty good. Time just gets in the way some times. Just glad that this gals are okay. We here at the Horton House are back with issues. Mr H is not feeling well and we are off to the doctor today, and I think I twisted the wrong way yesterday lifting a full bolt of Warm and Natural at work. I did manage to get stitching done on the Hummingbird Garden ...Lavender is all planted. Wish my lavender in the garden looked as good! The heat is taking a toll on the garden. Mr H now has asked that I give the garden some water when I open the umbrellas.
Look how green this wall of plants looks. This is as you enter the yard from the back gate, and this is the garage wall. We have many potted plants in the yard. That way Mr H can move them about as the mood strikes him. I picked up more DMC floss yesterday for the projects that I will be doing as well as some Perle cotton for the embroidery project. I no longer plan to wrap the floss on the cards, instead, I will be using the floss bags and then keeping them on rings. Next I will come up with a way to store them.....always trying new ideas. Other than the doctor appointment, my plans are to relax and stitch. Much too hot to go anywhere. We are into our Monsoon season but so far there has been no rain.... just heat. Glad you dropped by today.... hope your day is great.
Arizona Bound
Well it is count down to move day. The Day is July 20. I printed out maps for the best drive from Rhode Island to Phoenix Arizona. Are they for real? Estimated drive time 40 hours and 32 minutes and distance 2668.45 miles! We will be picking up the truck on July 19 and then it will be pack it up time. The boxes are all ready in order. My neighbor Linc bought our dining room set so this room has not been the box room.  It is strange to move about the house and have so many empty places.... wall space that is bare. All the necessary paper work for the move is in the file box. The pooches are always sniffing around the boxes. I have a basket with their toys with the boxes so they will have that to poke around instead of scratching the boxes. A lovely neighbor stopped me the other day when i was walking one of the pooches. She and I have had some nice conversations. She was in concentration camp and often would share her thoughts. I will miss her and she gave me a hug and said she hoped I would never forget her or her stories. I will always remember. There are many things I will remember.....things I will miss, people and places. A new adventure will soon begin. New places and people and memories to be made.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Those pesky Quails

Spent yesterday stitching....
Oh, I know it does not look like much progress.... but building the fence was a chore.... and not I have the
foxgloves finished, I have started on the Lavender plants. I also organized the upcoming projects....
There are four ready to go projects on the craft table....I do need to pick up a few threads for 3 however. Tomorrow when I go to work I will get them. Laundry #2 in the dryer, and the umbrellas are open. Now I can return to the stitching chair and work on the Hummingbird Garden.
Remember our conversation yesterday about bloggers? I sent out 6 emails and 2 responded back. I just wanted them to know I was missing their posts. As I mention the work missing.... I sent my Round Robin exchange out to Cucki, South Africa, on June 3. It finally left departed LA on the 5th and she still has not received it! Sending packages through customs has been nerve racking. I do hope it arrives soon.
Recently the Quails have decided to relax in a pot of Hibiscus just about every afternoon which is not making Mr H happy....we now know why the plant is looking less than nice. They hop in and dig around the plant to make a nice rest stop, then the both of them (a pair) settle down for a rest.....
They do look me, not Mr H. This is out in front of our living room window. It has been so hot for them... and near by is the birdbath for a quick drink of water. The temps today are expected to be around 108. So I say, let them rest where ever they want. I am amazed at how critters survive these hot days.
Well, time for a tall cold drink... iced water and lemon slices...glad you were able to visit with me today and thank you for the kind words. You always make my day! Enjoy your day....
“If you smile when you are alone, then you really mean it.”
―Andy Rooney