Friday, February 5, 2016

A wonderful week

Warning: lots of pictures!
Oh my...a bit tired today and a bit sad....The Brother Alan returned home. We had a marvelous week (we always have a good time). It was special to have him celebrate my 69th birthday. First lets start with what we did. You already know about the horseback riding (Friday) that we did...Alan, Lisa and me. Mr H was not able to join us on the ride but did come along for the rest of the day. On the Thursday we went to see the Michelangelo exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum...wonderful drawings that are on tour the first time out of Italy.
just one of many. It was fascinating to see that he drew more than one sketch on a paper. Once even on the reverse side of a letter. I did purchase a book covering his works. On Saturday we left Mr H home as he was not feeling too well (he is fine, just one of the days) and after Lisa got her 2 pair of cowgirl boots...
we of course went for a Margarita Lunch at Arriba's!
Just look at the size of this drink....not to worry, I also had a delicious salad. Sunday was a quiet relaxing day. Monday was shopping at Scottsdale Old Town. Tuesday we took a ride to Luke Air Force Base ..and we were able to catch the F35's for take off and landing...quite a sight and sound!
We parked just at the landing is quite an experience to have them fly so low and right over you.

You can actually see the pilot! I always find it exciting. We could also see the take off across the field. It was a bit cold and windy but we enjoyed it nevertheless.  This brings us to Wednesday, my birthday. Alan and Lisa made arrangements for dinner at The Arrowhead Grill.... what a dinner. Just a perfect meal. Look at the size and lovely presentation of these shrimp!

They were the most delicious and oh so big! Our steaks were cooked to perfection and melted in our mouths. The wine was excellent. Then came my surprise...
A lovely birthday desert. They wrote my greetings in decadent chocolate! An unbelievable celebration. Alan and Lisa were leaving us at 1PM on Thursday, so it was a relaxing morning sitting out on the lanai. They certainly spoiled me and gave me a special evening. I did warn you there would be lots of pictures....hope you enjoyed sharing my week. I worked on a Hardanger project that will mark this birthday. That is about it. I will post the recipient of my Un-Birthday gift on Sunday. Thank you all for the birthday wishes and for your treasured friendship. Have a great day.