Saturday, November 9, 2013

Can't believe it's not butter

I think it should be titled I can't believe it's Saturday, but what do I know at 3:53 AM! and I haven't even finished my coffee yet. I do know it has been a busy and long week at work...I do know that my stitching has little to show... but I have stitched and tatted....
These are the latest ornaments.... the same pattern but finished with different bead stitching. I really enjoy this pattern and the possibilities of adding pearls and beads in different order.
I have been off the computer for much of the time... just checking emails mostly, and I have missed visiting with you all. My intentions have been good, just not my attention! I will get there...I have today off and Mr H and I hope to go off for the day... providing he is feeling well enough for the long drive he has planned. If we do not go, I plan to stitch... what some of you call hermit stitching. I also have some of my packages ready for wrapping so they can be mailed for Christmas. Thought I would get them ready but alas, no wrapping paper, so that is a must get on the list of to do. My sewing area needs some attention.... my baskets of doing needs some doing. I have 3 that have the working projects and if I am to be honest, there are a couple more on the shelf in the craft closet waiting for attention. So if off we do not go, I have plenty to keep me busy. But if we are going, I best get a move on to gather a few essentials for the day. Glad you had the time to visit and I hope to visit at you place real soon. Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A bit of rain

There was thunder and lightening and just a bit of rain last night. This morning is cool and sunny bright. Hopefully we will remain in the comfortable temps from now on. No stitching yesterday...of any kind but I did get a book in the mail. More about that tomorrow. Back to Sunday and the Festival of Arts let me tell you about The Yellow Bird Dancers... there clothing was so colorful and the beading magnificent. How they managed to dance and smile while the temps were around 80 dressed as they were is beyond me. The lovely smiling lady in red is Violet Duncan who was Miss Indian World 2012. She represented all Indigenous people of North America. She is married to Tony Duncan who performed the hoop dancing..
Tony Duncan is a 5 time world champion from the Apache and Arikara Nations. He also is leader of Estun-Bah, who perform beautiful music with Tony playing the flute. His dancing in and out of the hoops is amazing. Tony and his group are based here in Arizona. Then there was a man who sat quietly on the sideline. I asked if I could take his picture and with a big smile he said yes and stood for me. His clothing was beautiful and then he danced...His name ( I think) is David...He has done all the beading on his clothing and even his moccasins. Such a nice man. It was a wonderful part of my Sunday afternoon. My regret is that I did not get back to their area to purchase a CD of the beautiful music....but, since they are based/live here in Arizona, I will be sure to find them.
That is about it for today my friends, glad you stopped by to chat with me. Thank you for the kind words and emails.... have a great day.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Out for the day and was Sunday!

Generally Sunday is a stay at home football day. This week, however, Mr H decided we should venture out to attend the festival held at Litchfield Park....Native American festival. It was wonderful weather only in the 70/80's. A wonderful day. I enjoyed meeting and chatting with some very wonderful artists....this Prayer feather caught my eye and it looks nice with my healing feather.
The artist, Anita explained how to use it and pointed out that it has a tuft of coyote in it. She lives here in Arizona when not traveling to fairs. Mr H and I enjoyed lunch at one of the cafes and sat out on the patio...too beautiful a day to sit indoors.

Then it was off to get some caramel popcorn and and these cuties
Not Native American made, but cute nevertheless. The one in the middle and star on the backside is on a bell... the other two are wood based. I think I will keep them all...I had thought of a few gifts, but I love them and can not part with any of them! Tomorrow I will share  the dancers that performed. I finished another tatted ornament, well actually 2 and those I will share tomorrow also.
Once we returned home it was football afternoon....We had a great day all in all. Today is market day for food and maybe the furniture store for a new sofa. For a few months we have been trying to decide and I think...key word is think, we have a decision. I knew 2 months ago, just Mr H making up his mind. I think I have it swung my way. I must remember to welcome some new followers. Glad to meet you ..... and to say how happy I am to have shared some time with all of you. I do hope you have a wonderful day.