Saturday, February 25, 2012


Aloha.....yes, I am learning Hawaiian Quilting. Dianna friend and co-worker loves everything Hawaiian and does quilting. She gave me a piece already cut and basted and showed me how to needle turn.
Now...don't look too close, because it is not perfect.... yet.
It will take some time to learn how to keep it all neat and not too tight. I love doing hand sewing so this is going to be fun. Dianna will also teach me the echo had quilting that will need to be done. I plan to tea dye it and then make a small table topper. Diana and hubby enjoy vacations in Hawaii and she takes lessons when she is there. On her bed is a glorious hand stitched quilt she purchased there.
It is a wonderful sunny day... well, it is everyday..... and I have the day off. I have emptied my craft closet out and will be going to Home Depot later to get a couple of shelving units and then put it all back together. Nothing fancy as they are in a closet already and the door is always closed. Function is what I am after.
thanks for visiting with me today. Have a wonderful weekend.....

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So early....

Shh....very early here.... Mr H and Zoe are still asleep.. .but I had to set the alarm for 5 am so I could remove Mr H's glass of iced tea from the room. He has what we hope will be a last test today .... at least for quite a while... and he has to fast for 4 hours before. Now he is not and  I repeat  not a morning person so it is going to be one of those mornings...really most of the day...but that is okay. By 1 pm I hope to be at my friend Diana Lynn's learning to Hawaiian Quilt. That is another story waiting....

 Yesterday I mentioned that I was missing My Lu....there will always be only one Lu.....
We worked together side by side for 5 years before I left Rhode Island. From the very first day that I sat in the office right to her right side I might add! we were sidekicks. We clicked and that is it.
Lu and Stan
We could just as easily laugh together as share a tear. We became sisters. Lu still is working there at the doctor's office part time. One day she will leave and then be a lady of leisure.  We keep in touch by email and occasional telephone call. But I know that I am in her thoughts as she in my all the time. I was so lucky the day I met her and her hubby Stan. Distance does not keep our hearts apart.

Mr H had been telling me that Doctor P was good...can find the pain and take care of it. Well, it seems Mr H was right. My back feels so much better. Work was pretty good yesterday...  off today to meet up with Dianna Lynn and quilt for a bit today. I hope you enjoyed meeting my Lu,  sometimes writing something down makes the missing feel better. Stitching?...I am going to make a cup of coffee and pick up my needles shortly. Thank you for stopping by and I will let you see and know how the quilt lesson goes. Enjoy your day.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Mister Rabbit! Wait"

Called Alice.....
This curious hole is just one of a few where a family of rabbits live. They scurry in and out and some are so small, I have to wonder why with all the coyotes in my neighborhood, momma or papa is not keeping a better watch on them.
I love the older Disney movies....I will confess. I found this book at a sale for 50 cents many years ago. The published date inside is only 1977...a  paperback Wonder Book.
We all know the story of how Alice followed the Rabbit with the watch down into the hole.
They are smart...these bunnies.....look at what surrounds thier home..
and this is only half the stand of Prickly Pear Cactus! Some of the pricks are 2 inches long! Now having the experience of getting too too close a few on several occasions, I can tell you, no sane coyote or hawk is going in there for a meal.
Returned to the Pain Specialist yesterday for more injections. I must say, I feel so much better today. Of course I am off to work so time will tell how I return home tonight.
Well, that is my message today....oh except...
Why is it that I can have so much trouble trying to comment? I will tell you, because thsese secure codes are deiving me crazy! It took me 5 times to try to leave a comment last night when I finally gave up. I did return a while later and was able to prove that I am not a robot. So, please, if I visit and can not get through the is not that I have not tried.
I enjoyed your visit and love your kind words....have a wonderful day my friends. Speaking of friends, my dear friend Lu is on my mind today.....I miss her.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

A beautiful Monday

The sun is bright and warm....Mr H baked Cranberry Orange scones and the kitchen smells fantastic.
Yesterday, Mr H gave our tomato garden a much needed tying to the supports.
We have several ready to pick later tonight for a small salad.  There are a few more string beans almost to the ready. The garden is 3 large pots and you can see just how big they are. Each is loaded with flowers and many tomatoes.
I am almost finished stitching my project for Jo's post....still no pictures that I can show you. I found some felt in my stash and may start a penny rug..... I have been wanting to for some time. Some day this week my kit to make a Japanese thimble will arrive. That too is something I have been eyeing for over a year. When Patty posted that she made one...I just had to finally send for it. They look so pretty....and you know I love my many thimbles.
Well my friends, time to get a bit more organized for my day. I have another doctor appointment for more injections to my back. So glad you had time to visit with me. Have a wonderful day.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A new bird~~~~

Today is starting out very cloudy... but still very nice. I do enjoy these days. It is the kind of day to sip tea or maybe a glass of wine...later that is... and stitch. I started to read Andy Rooney's My War.... that is a possibility for later. Last night we picked 5 tomatoes...remember they are small ones and made a nice salad adding cucumbers and fresh string beans from my plant. A little balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Yum.
A time back I bought two...With Thy Needle & Thread patterns. One of them is Berries & Blooms. I decided to make the Sewing Spool Bird pinkeep....
Instead of calico I used brown felt...I found just the beads I was looking for to give him eyes in one of my bead jars.
I added a feather stitch with soft peach beads for the wings...
made a few counting pins and there it is!.
I just loveBrenda's designs. I plan on making the Stitchers Purse...hopefully sooner than later. I have everything but the purse handles.
I will be working on my Easter/Spring project so there will be no pictures until Jo gives the word...
The sun is just popping maybe I will sit outside with my tea and listen to the Goldfinches at the thistle feeder. I hope you have a wonderful day. I enjoy your visits with me....and the kind words you send my way.