Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Mister Rabbit! Wait"

Called Alice.....
This curious hole is just one of a few where a family of rabbits live. They scurry in and out and some are so small, I have to wonder why with all the coyotes in my neighborhood, momma or papa is not keeping a better watch on them.
I love the older Disney movies....I will confess. I found this book at a sale for 50 cents many years ago. The published date inside is only 1977...a  paperback Wonder Book.
We all know the story of how Alice followed the Rabbit with the watch down into the hole.
They are smart...these bunnies.....look at what surrounds thier home..
and this is only half the stand of Prickly Pear Cactus! Some of the pricks are 2 inches long! Now having the experience of getting too too close a few on several occasions, I can tell you, no sane coyote or hawk is going in there for a meal.
Returned to the Pain Specialist yesterday for more injections. I must say, I feel so much better today. Of course I am off to work so time will tell how I return home tonight.
Well, that is my message today....oh except...
Why is it that I can have so much trouble trying to comment? I will tell you, because thsese secure codes are deiving me crazy! It took me 5 times to try to leave a comment last night when I finally gave up. I did return a while later and was able to prove that I am not a robot. So, please, if I visit and can not get through the security...it is not that I have not tried.
I enjoyed your visit and love your kind words....have a wonderful day my friends. Speaking of friends, my dear friend Lu is on my mind today.....I miss her.

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Just found this one...at Autumn's blog.


cucki said...

aww i love old disney movies too..they are so much fun watching..
keep well..
love for you xx

Michele said...

I also love the older Disney films. I remember, as a lil girl, listening to the records of them to go to sleep to. Robin Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow white, Bambi, Alice, The Jungle Book, Bedknobs and Broomsticks...Dumbo...it's funny, my kids can be watching them but I will tend to go off and do things while listening to them. LOL

Cardygirl said...

Love the rabbit perimeter...ouch! The new comment thing is driving me nuts too! Hope you have a good day.

Nicola said...

I have taken word verification of my blog. Such a pain.