Saturday, October 3, 2015

Maybe it is Autumn

What a lovely start to this morning. The temperature is around 72 and a lovely cool air. Of course the sun is not shining yet and then it will be around 95, but it is still a nice morning. There were a few triple digit days last week so it really is not Autumn....yet. I started a new project from Niky Creations Christmas Contest.  I thought it would be fun. Each entry will receive a number and then there will be a drawing on November 30th. How about an update on mom results no idea what is the problem. You would think with all the tests and technology they could come up with a reason. EvaP tells me she is feeling fine but do to becoming dizzy often she has been advised to use her walker all the time. Gee, I thought that was decided long ago which is why I bought her one of those fancy models  so she would be more apt to use it. She had told me it is so nice that it does not make her feel old, this from someone who will be 89 in December! I had mentioned my Burger King Doll....
How about a Ronald McDonald Doll. Haven't located the Burger King guy yet....maybe one of the other boxes. Anyway, he was $1.00 purchased from McDonald's in the late 70s. I was always picking up specials. When I was a child we never got the cereal with the freebies in them...mostly had hot cereals or toast for breakfast. I am a Cheerios gal so now if there is a special it's mine. Mr H likes the Kellogg cereals so what they add in is also mine....still a kid sometimes. Why do we collect these things? Anyway....thought I would share McD doll.I need my second cup of coffee, second laundry in the washer and the newspaper is waiting to be read. So nice to have you stop by today. Thank you for the kind words and most of all your friendship. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

~~~the table is topped

Finally after all these years, the Star of the Orient squares are finished...
I decided on a blue bias trim and voila, it is on the table. I forgot just how much I enjoyed my learning to quilt....I wish Beatrice could see that what she began with me is finally completed. I plan to pursue more hand stitching and quilting ... not that I will abandon my cross stitch, but as a change.
There is something gratifying for me to hand stitch. Most relaxing. I would not mind making this pattern for a bed top..... well maybe not just yet to go into a project that big. I always wanted to do a Cathedral Quilt for my bed. Time will tell what I will accomplish. Mr H really likes how this looks which made me feel good.
Oh, I decided to straighten out the kitchen drawers...lots of time now that I am home full time. Anyway, way in the back of one of the draws things materialize from who knows where---I found
Mickey, Pluto and Donal came to lunch! These are from the seventies....just love that I found them ....I did not know what had become of them. I will be sure they do not get lost again. the things that I save.... do you remember the Burger King doll, Eskimo Pie doll? I have them, yes indeed. Somewhere I have coffee cups from Maxwell House's 25th anniversary. Also a set of Campbell Soup drinking mugs. I was always sending for special offers. Well, today I need to find a project to work on.... nothing at the ready yet even thought there is a basket of to do. So, glad you came to visit and thank you for your kind words and your friendship. I want to say thank you also for those who plan to send a surprise to Cindy....,thank you for extending friendship to her in this unsettling time. Have a wonderful day.