Thursday, August 15, 2013 is not Tuesday?!

It was one of thoses mornings... you know the kind, when you are not sure of anything for the first hours or so when you wake up. I got up at 3:30 AM and walked to the kitchen to make my coffee and thought it was Tuesday! I was thinking of getting my stuff together for work! No, I will not tell Mr H...he will satrt with that dedication to work mantra again. So what did I do? Well, I went to the sewing room, into the closet and took out a project that was started...
These pumpkin style pincushions were already sewn together, the beads/buttons already picked out and pearl cotton chosen. I sat down and finished them. I love pincushions and enjoy making them,... all sizes and all types. The fun is finding the right beads and buttons to match. I send some of them to sis Lynowl...she loves them and had them on display . Yeah, she pretty much thinks I am a creative person.
I had a nice visit with Dear Ziz yesterday morning... she is planning a cross stitch project and came to look at what I had for patterns. The Debra will be here on Sunday... with her working all week, that is pretty much the only day we can get together. I am excited to show her my last motif. I have learned so much from her. I will be joining The Lacy Ladies of Arizona this September.... it is a group of tatters that Debra belongs to and she asked me to be a guest at the next meeting. 
Mr H  is coming along with me this afternoon for a couple of medical tests and maybe while we are out we can take the round about way back home by way of a bead shop not too far away. they usually have some unique beads... like the ladybug on the  strawberry pincushion in the above collection. I happened to look at the list of followers yesterday...I looked twice! there are 259 friends!! When I began this jouney, I never expected to meet so many lovely people. Thank you all for your friendship, kind words, encouragement and hugs when needed. Thank you for sharing this time with me today. Hope your day is wonderful.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Thimble in the purse

Oh I won.... I won the JCS Halloween Magazine that Carolyn was giving away! What? I know, I did complain about my magazine basket... this is different. I do not have not one Halloween magazine and I need to make a few items. Yes, I could have bought it, but ..... I will be participating in a Halloween exchange and this will be just in time to find something to stitch.
Speaking about stitching.... I took Guinevere off the sewing machine today and completed my BBD Exchange piece and this

The blue fabric is the lining and the brown is the back piece. I decided not to use linen for the backing. The  cord is a simple silky cord that I found in the trim box. I am pleased with it....
I have heard from Cheryl that Madame Muriel has safely arrived back in DC.  I think she will be going out for a few excursions with Cheryl this week or so.
Well, I have so much to do... Dear Ziz is coming over shortly and I still need to get a few things done. Goodness, I have not even gone out to get the paper... and it is right out the garage door. So I hope you will excuse this quick post... I do hope you have a great day.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Help....just so many magazines

What a lovely morning... so far... not hot yet! Laundry done..... market done..... and craft stuff sorted... well, some of it. I just have so many magazines that I have no idea why I have them. You know how it is... it looks good on the magazine rack, you flip through and say OK then it sits in the basket... mine do... and never to be opened again! This morning I decided to see what was in the basket. A few I will keep as I will make think I might make something from them. As for the others, here is the list of must go:
Cross Stitcher:   #231/2010  #236/March 2011  #265/May 2013  #248/Jan 2012 and #246/Nov 2011
Cross Stitch Crazy:  #147/Feb 2011 and #144/Christmas 2010
World of Cross Stitch: #204/May 2013
Cross Stitch Gold: #26/Oct 2011
Cross Stitch & Needlework: March 2009, March 2011 and May 2011
Now, if you would like to have any of these, please comment with your choice/choices. I will draw if there is more than one request for a particular magazine. I really could use your help here! My basket is over flowing. I m sure you can look up what each has to offer...
I have been working on The Witch and she is coming along. I have not started another Tatting motif yet... can not decide which to attempt. I must say thank you for the kind words and encouragement.... really tingles my heart. I appreciate each and everyone of you.... glad you find time to visit and chat. Whatever your plans, have a great day.