Monday, August 12, 2013

Help....just so many magazines

What a lovely morning... so far... not hot yet! Laundry done..... market done..... and craft stuff sorted... well, some of it. I just have so many magazines that I have no idea why I have them. You know how it is... it looks good on the magazine rack, you flip through and say OK then it sits in the basket... mine do... and never to be opened again! This morning I decided to see what was in the basket. A few I will keep as I will make think I might make something from them. As for the others, here is the list of must go:
Cross Stitcher:   #231/2010  #236/March 2011  #265/May 2013  #248/Jan 2012 and #246/Nov 2011
Cross Stitch Crazy:  #147/Feb 2011 and #144/Christmas 2010
World of Cross Stitch: #204/May 2013
Cross Stitch Gold: #26/Oct 2011
Cross Stitch & Needlework: March 2009, March 2011 and May 2011
Now, if you would like to have any of these, please comment with your choice/choices. I will draw if there is more than one request for a particular magazine. I really could use your help here! My basket is over flowing. I m sure you can look up what each has to offer...
I have been working on The Witch and she is coming along. I have not started another Tatting motif yet... can not decide which to attempt. I must say thank you for the kind words and encouragement.... really tingles my heart. I appreciate each and everyone of you.... glad you find time to visit and chat. Whatever your plans, have a great day.


Angela P said...

How thoughtful of you to offer to pass along your magazines :) I have so many too and I barely stitch from them that I have banned myself from buying any in the future. OK...except the ornament issue, LOL.

Hope you enjoy your day :)

butterfly said...

I have to many I rip out now what I want to stitch and pass on.

meggie said...

Hello Gracie

It's nice of you to offer your magazines. I never thought of that, I just recycled mine!
Have a good week (:

cucki said...

Hello dear,
Aww you so sweet that you offering magazine..
I truly love cross stitch and needlework magazine as I don't get them here..
I am interested in Cross Stitch & Needlework: March 2009, March 2011 and May 2011
If you can send any of these..I love them.
Thank you
Hugs x

Shelly said...

Hi Gracie!

I'm interested in the two issues of Cross Stitch Crazy, #147 and 144. Love those British magazines!


Shelly said...

Gracie, I like all the Cross Stitcher magazines too! I had gotten rid of a bunch of magazines a year or two ago. Like I said earlier I really like the British cross stitch magazines! You're the best!

Minnie said...

I love looking through older magazines. If no one else wants them, or what ever is left I'll take them off your hands.

Parsley said...

Oh fun! I think I would like to have the cross stitch crazy 147 and 144.

Julie said...

I hope your magazines enjoy their new owners.......

Carolyn said...

Oh noooo...I hope you don't mind getting the new 2013 JCS Halloween Ornament issue...You are the winner from the Random Act of Kindness blog. I will send you an email. Congrats and have a great day!

Anthea said...

Hi Gracie, I know that feeling of so many magazines... I am sure that you will have enough ladies want to take them off your hands... and then they can enjoy them too!! x