Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sometimes you gotta accept the disappointments too.

I just finished another tatted motif...

 It really looks pretty with the pastel beads and pink/white threads. I have not blocked any of these from the book that I have done yet. I think I may make a tatting tree to keep all these motifs that are not Christmas snowflakes. Mr H has trimmed the Honeysuckle tree and he is saving me a branch that may work. Just have to figure how and where.
On my last post, I showed you what I sent to some one in the BBD Exchange group. Well, I am sure it arrived but it seems this person is not interested in responding to that. A few emails with the moderator of t[our group confirms she is a not contact/responder. In other words... well, never-the-mind. For the most part, I have always received my exchange piece and only a few times they have been a little less than neat. However, it is the thought that I look at. I will continue, for now to continue with exchange groups and will look to do private exchanges. I read a quote today on Facebook.... it said
So today I will have those good thoughts and I will spread sunbeams ...the look lovely part, well....anyway, that is it for today.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

yup, the sewing machine works

It is absolutely a beautiful morning....the  temp is reading only 69! Now that is what I call lovely after the high tempos we have had for early morning. However, it was still hot yesterday reaching 107 and expected again today. They say a cool down (high 90's) is expected for the beginning of next week. We shall see if the heat is finally going away. I read the instruction manual for the sewing machine. I figured out how to thread and wind a bobbin....
and finally completed the piece which was finished way back when. I was hesitant to make the pillow because the old machine was not always cooperative and I did not want to chance having to tear out stitches on the linen. I always loved the song Lavender Blue so this was a must for me to stitch. I used the soft green vine print on the back and hand stitched the cream cording around the edge. It sits on the rocker in my bedroom.
I participate in the Black Bird Design Exchange group and mailed out my piece in August. I know it had to travel to Australia, but I am sure it should have arrived by now. The partner I sent to does not have a blog, so I have no way to peek to see if she posted anything and do not have  an email to contact her. This is what I made for her
I have stitched this before and will probably stitch it again. I added pearl seed beads instead of stitches here and there and the tassels in all corners. I love the backing fabric....hopefully this did not get lost. I have contacted the moderator for the group so she can contact the recipient. I  love to exchange both privately and in groups.... always has gone well.  I did start another Alphabet doll, but put it aside for now to work on a southwest design. Why?? I have not a simple answer. My hands work with my mind on their own? Anyway, I took it to work on at Sweet Jeanne's place Wednesday morning We got together at 8 am! Her piece is almost finished and she has done a fine job too. We have such a good time chatting almost more than stitching.... I so enjoy visiting with her. We share stories, we share memories.  The Debra and I are going to try to start a tatting group. With her experience in tatting and teaching, she will be able to offer so much. So, any of you that may read this in Arizona (there are many bloggers here) and would like to join us, please let me know. I am off to work I must say move along. Thank you for spending time with me...and for the kind words.... have a wonderful day.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Calling the Geek Squad....

The computer has been running a little slow and wanted a clean-up, so I called my agents at the Geek Squad this morning. I have always had a good experience, until today. The agent kept getting disconnected, he never communicated with me... so I called back and found a nice agent who at least told me that they, the Geeks were having computer issues! Well, now. I will try later today to see if the geeks fix their problem.
In the meantime....about my blogger address book...
I decided to trim the stitching edge with cranberry bias tape...pops a little better now. As you can see, it is a 3 ring notebook that is about 7 1/2" by 9",1 1/2" wide. It uses simple loose leaf note paper and a tab system for the alphabet. I have all listed by first names, I also list the blog and on the reverse side of the page I list what contact we have had....i.e., BBD Exchange, RAK, etc. I list likes, wishes and any other info that I would help when sending something. I have collected many since I started my blog almost 3 years ago. I do it all in pencil so it is easy to add/delete information if necessary. I love having this resource handy. I have tried a few other ways to organize this, but this seems to work for me. The pages are inexpensive and can be re-written if need be.
Yesterday, The Debra and I went to one of the libraries near by, then to Dairy Queen...yum and finally back here where  The Debra showed me how to make a mock closed ring....of course I will need to really see it again.
I am behind with my Monday day off chores thanks to the Geeks! I finally have a wash on, only one cup of coffee! and the newspaper is finally brought in. And here I sit chatting with you...that is the best part of my day today. I must get a move on here....thanks for visiting, thank you for always leaving kind words...have a good day.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

And the Traveling Pattern goes--------

Slow start this morning morning.... blogger seems to be having a few issues from yesterday....and I think they are still here!  Photobucket was having problems this morning. I do think I am ready for my post today.
First, I have been having sewing issues with my faithful 30 year old Kenmore machine. Mr H suggested, again, that I look for a new machine rather than invest in this one. Kenmore does not appear to be in the sewing machine business anymore. Sears, does not carry very many choices. Mr H kept the car to run a few errands while I worked. When He came to pick me up, he was visiting with the Viking Center. That, if you do not know, is Jo Ann's sewing area.... there he was sitting with one of the ladies discussing
my situation. I looked over the machine they talked about and decided to get it... it is a nice simple machine suitable for my needs. Nothing really fancy.... has over 100 stitches, 7 button hole stitches and simple alphabet. I do not require a "quilter" machine or the fancy embroidery types.... so this will do nicely. I am scheduled for 2 classes with the Viking Center in a few weeks. In the meantime, I did play around a little this morning. Of course, at the moment I do not have anything needing sewing!
My co-worker Mara brought me....
yes, a tatting book and 2 shuttles. She bought these some time ago...the date on the shuttle still in the package is is the publication of the book, but never was able to really learn and lost interest. Lucky for me! My friends do encourage me...all the time. Mara and I have lots of laughs during our work shift.... always there to keep the spirits going. Yesterday was a very busy 3 hour shift felt like 8....I really need this weekend....speaking of which, The Debra and I will be getting together later today....always enjoyable.
Oh, that's right, you want to know where the pattern is going.....

Calamity JR.....I just checked my Blogger Address book and Mary Jane's address is there. She does not have a blog so I will include the other names and then she can draw from that for the next mailing. Speaking of the address book, I don't want to overload you today, so I will post about the book tomorrow and have an updated photo of a change I made to the cover. A visit with you is always a pleasure and reading your kind words and emails is great. Hope you have a marvelous day!

Technical difficulties....

Having some upload and post problems....please come back later....and I have so much to share today!!!